Update Again

Sol and Christine have been released from prison on bail.  Their biological children have also been released.   Their bio children were released to the US Embassy custody, but at least they are together.

Please pray for their emotional healing from the last 40 hours of trauma.

This has only happened because of Almighty God’s movement on behalf of those on bended knee for Sol and Christine.

The children they went to adopt in Ghana are still in the orphanage.

There is still much prayer needed.  Please don’t stop!

But for tonight, we rejoice at the faithfulness of God!

12 thoughts on “Update Again

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated on this family. I pray that they can be a family of 8 soon and that the little ones suffer no negative outcomes from this frightening experience.

  2. Any word on the charges? I've seen this story reposted on a few blogs, and there seem to be substantial holes in it. It seems that we're being asked to believe that the Ghanaian police locked up innocent Americans for absolutely NO reason. Really? That sounds a bit far-fetched to me. Trafficking in international adoption is a serious issue. It's a good thing that it's being taken seriously. I'm reminded of the story of the missionaries who kidnapped children for adoption after the earthquake — they too (rightly) served time in prison. I don't know whether this family's circumstances are similar, but it seems as though the assumption among the blogs I've read is that because these people seem nice and are Christian, there is no way they could be in any way complicit with adoption fraud. Again, really? Nice Christian people commit atrocities every day, regardless of their intentions. I think the adoption community needs to be very careful in leaping so quickly to the defense of this couple. We don't know what's going to come to light about their activities in Ghana.

    1. Lzzz,
      I choose to jump to prayer {and rally those who would desire to join me} first and foremost.

      I am reminded of story after story in the Bible where Christ-followers {and Christ himself} was thrown into prison on unjust and illegal charges.

      Sol and Christine are adopting through Dillon International which happens to be an agency that has been doing international adoptions since 1972 – 40 years! Dillon's reputation as an adoption agency is long-trusted. Dillon's application process is rigorous {we have been in their adoption program in the past}. There is no way Sol and Christine would have jumped through all the hoops of Dillon and be child trafficking.

      And yes, in foreign countries where corruption reigns freely, there are innocent people thrown into prison.

      As far as nice Christian people committing atrocities every day, I would beg to differ on that. True Christ-followers live above reproach and obey the laws of the land – because God calls each of us to obey the authority of those placed over us.

      There is no such thing as Christians committing atrocities and those who would commit atrocities are not true Christ-followers {but merely throwing His name around in lip service}. God's standard is righteousness and holiness and always, always, always to obey governing authorities. There is nothing in between. If His name is not honored, including obeying those in authority over you, then they are not true Christians.

    2. Lzzz,

      Trafficking in international adoption is a VERY SERIOUS problem and should never be ignored! BUT, this family's situation is nothing at all like the case of the so-called missionaries who went to Haiti to "rescue" children.

      I have followed this family's blog for years and they have been in the process of adopting these four particular children for quite some time. Blog readers have rejoiced with them when each step of the legal adoption process has been completed. We have cheered them on when each piece of official paperwork and each document has been sent or received. They are working with Dillon (one of the most respected agencies in the country) and have clearly gone through all of the hoops and hurdles that every international adoption requires. This family has waited patiently for the time when they could go meet their new children. As for the new children, they knew their parents were coming. They have pictures and letters and gifts from them. This was nothing but a "by-the-book" adoption.

      It is not far-fetched at all that the Ghananian govt. arrested innocent Americans for no reason. This is one reason that the family has been able to be released so quickly – there has been no compelling legal reason to detain them. I am in touch with close friends of this family and supposedly they had some pieces of their legal adoption paperwork with them at the time of arrest. I'm sure the entire story will come out, and in the meantime this wonderful family could use our prayers and support – not doubts about their motives, particularly when their adoption journey has been publicly documented on their blog.

      As Linny has so beautifully said, true Christians live above reproach and obey the laws – and clearly this family has done that. I think the adoption community has responded wonderfully in coming to this family's defense and supporting them on bended knees. Those of us who have adopted know the realities (and dangers) involved in the process and we are here to love and support those who take risks (and suffer criticism) in the name of the orphan.

  3. I can't thank you enough for these updates. This family is heavy on my heart, and I have been praying for them since I found out. The first place I saw their story was on facebook, and I wasn't sure if it was true, or not. You are the first person I thought about…. "Linny will know something", and sure enough, I came here and you had just posted your first post about the situation. Thank you for all you do in the adoption community, and for being a place that we can come to, to find the truth! Gonna keep praying for this sweet family… I just can't even begin to imagine all that has gone on, but thankfully, God is with them through it all! Thanks Linny!

  4. I am a bit confused. Who put them in prison? The US Embassy or Ghana?

    We've been praying for this family. I was under the assumption that it was our Embassy not Ghana, but I might be wrong.

  5. It is really sad that people can think ill of others. Whether people believe in adoption or not, it is not for us to judge the motives of others. Let God make those decisions on if we are doing the right thing or not. A true Christian will attempt to follow God's ways and plans for us. Will we fail Him from time to time? Absolutely. But a true Christian will keep trying to do good. These people, from reading their blog, are trying to follow His ways and plans. I remember being in China with my then 8 year old biological son. He was so frightened as he could not read the Chinese words. He was in complete cultural shock. It took him a couple days to feel ok. What must these two children have felt, being taken away from their parents and put in a place they did not know? And the 4 children, waiting to be adopted, what must they have felt and feel right now? And the parents, being placed in a situation creating complete helplessness and fear. These are who we must pray for. It is not for us to speculate about what happened but pray for their safety and that everything gets worked out soon and they are able to continue the adoption process. If one just wants to think ill of others, maybe reading blogs is not such a good idea for you. You taint the good of others.

  6. I am so sorry. I did not mean "you should not read blogs. I meant the people who read blogs and then add terrible comments. I hit send and then realized I wrote "you" and should have specified the people who read the blogs and then negatively comment.

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