A few months ago Abi called asking if we would be willing to babysit Finley after Autumn’s wedding for a week while they went on a 30th birthday adventure/vacation in central America.

Ummm, let me think about it.


We are elated to have our little treasure-grandson with us.

Mimi was playing with Finn this morning and he was laughing and laughing and so was Mimi.

Jaja loves snuggling and wrestling with him.

As far as Finn goes:

Finn adores the kids.  

Finn loves playing in the pool.

And Finn loves pizza.

He blends right in.

So grateful for this privilege.

8 thoughts on “Finn

  1. Aww my granddaughter calls me MiMi too! I had wanted her to call me MeMaw because I am a very young grandma and MeMaw just reminded me of an old lady rocking on a country porch so I thought it would be fun. Anyway when she was 1 1/2 she couldn't seem to say it so she started calling me MiMi. She's two now. Enjoy your beautiful grandson!

  2. He is so very cute! What a treasure! My oldest Grandson started to kindergarten on Monday! It seems like yesterday that this Granny was cutting his cord! Don't turn around MiMi they grow up fast! Janet

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