Autumn and Karl’s Wedding in Pictures

The bride was beside herself with joy
{Autumn has wanted to get married since she could barely talk…
to think how close this day came to not happening
just one year, one month and one day before…}
For those who have not read the story of God’s miracles in sparing Karl’s life,
it can be found on the header under “Life” at “Our Holy Ground”…
there are three parts to the story which can be found on that page…
If you are a doubter of God or His miracles,
trust me, you will see that God is very real and He is still in the 
miracle working business…
even on rural roads at 9:40 on a Sunday morning…
{Yes, those would be hot pink cowboy boots}

I have been to many weddings in my 53 years and
I am always curious as to how 
the bride and groom’s facial expressions will be
as the bride walks down the aisle.
Karl cried as she came down the aisle and Autumn was crying too.
I think everyone was.

There is something so powerful
about the love felt between Autumn and Karl.
authentic and raw,
no doubt, much of it due to realizing how close this was to never happening –
Only by the grace and healing power of Almighty God.
Overflowing emotion….
The wedding was held at Williams Lake Reservoir and it was 
about 45 minutes down a dirt road.  
The scenery on the road to Williams Lake is spectacular as the road winds up the mountains.
But once you get to the lake, the view is completely breathtaking…
it is at 11,600 ft elevation
we were waaaaay up there!
One day when Karl was about 8 he was camping with his family 
and he said, “Someday I’m going to get married here.”
Little did Karl know that was a very prophetic word.

During the wedding, they played the song, 
“Angels among us”
…and everyone lost it…
had it not been for four WILLING individuals
who instead of worrying about what they were on their way to do,
chose to be ‘inconvenienced’, 
opting to be God’s hands and feet to minister to Karl’s lifeless body…
{Liz the ER nurse on her way to the only shift the entire month, 
Denise the former EMT, 
 the anesthesiologist from Texas,
our personal friend and neurologist 
visiting for the week-end from Phoenix}
we would not have our precious Karl today….
and that thought was ever present the entire day!

On Graham’s arm is the ER nurse: Liz 
{who recognized Karl’s tattoo and started the chain of 
events that ultimately spared his life}

The cake made by our precious friend Jessica {who I have to say, 
she and her husband Sean just got the referral for the most darling 
little boy from Ch*na – how fun is that?}   
The topper was a moose figurine Dw and I had found while Karl was in ICU
…a male and female moose…snuggled together…
and his nickname has always been “Moose”…}

Karl adores Ruby and had a special dance with her…
And Ruby loves him so much…
{Autumn and Graham dancing in the background}
All praise, honor and glory go to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – 
He ALONE is worthy of praise – 
Yippee Jesus
Karl and Autumn are married!!

71 thoughts on “Autumn and Karl’s Wedding in Pictures

    1. Angels Among Us has become one of my favorite songs. The day before the accident, Karl sat at our island in Durango and was talking about that song and how it was his favorite. No doubt, that was God's way of showing us something very important. And truly Liz, Denise, Mike and Stuart were all operating as "angels" among us that horrible day…

  1. You posted this just in time.. i was just about to get some sleep before my shift tonight… I have been loving the pictures of the wedding!! It honestly has made me just wanna hop on a plane & head to AZ & spend some time with you guys going over these pics!! LOL.. I will say this.. the picture of Karl & Ruby made me bawl!! GOD has amazing plans ahead of Karl & Autumn!! I can just sense that by looking at some of these pictures!!!
    SO SO thankful that Karl is alive & well all because of people who stepped out in obedience that day to minister to his needs the day of the accident but also to those who obeyed the call to pray & interceed for him!!… GOD IS SO GOOD… I can't wait to see what adventures that Karl & Autumn have ahead of them!!!

    1. Rissa should your travels ever bring you to Phoenix, please let me know so we can meet up. Isn't it precious how Karl loves our Ruby even? He is one amazing young man. You all are such a part of this miracle story.

  2. I love this story, I can't ever read it enough! She is beautiful, as are each of you. :) This morning I saw Abi's picture of the family on FB and I told Micah, my 2 1/2 year old, "Look, baby, at this beautiful family." Inside and out. Thank you for your testimony of faith!

  3. Love, love, love the pictures!! Everything is so beautiful. I love how they personalized the wedding to their likes so much. Looks like an awesome day! What a great group photo at the end. Linny, your new hairstyle looks awesome! Wish I could have been there.

    1. I totally wish you could have been there too. And IF Phil had been transferred to ABQ you could've . Grrrr. Well Lord willing you will come see your grandma soon..and besides I want to skype now that the hoorah is over and have you teach me how to…..

  4. I am choked up with tears of joy over the Lord's faithfulness and how He has worked such amazing miracles over the past year +… Ahhh! He is an amazing, ever present God… beautiful pictures…Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Oh my, what wonderful pictures. No dry eyes here either for the miracles that have taken place and the fun of sharing in their celebration. Praise God!!

    1. You precious friend are part of it all, as are all who prayed. It was kind of surreal to remember and see in true life. Amazing. The day was absolutely amazing and the Knee Team did a beautiful job praying for each part and each and every prayer was answered. Love you and Joel so much!

  6. Oh my gracious! What makes me more than happy that Karl is married into your family is that picture of him dancing with Ruby. Autumn is a very lucky woman. Beautiful day with a beautiful family celebrating a beautiful love. Thank you for sharing, Linny.

    1. The thing about Karl dancing with Ruby was not that he did, although that alone was beautiful…was that he did it TENDERLY and you can tell from the pics, he ENJOYED it. One miracle dancing with another miracle. Only.Faithful.God.

    1. Nugget, shame on you!! So glad something spectacular finally drew you out. haha. The hair didn't look quite like it did the day Victoria did it, because I didn't do anything to it, but that day I came home from getting it cut, it was poking out everywhere and super short…I honestly wasn't try to be "hiding" it for fun from you all, but just was mentioning it in the big scheme of things…but there you go. Short, kind of sticky-outy and I love it.

  7. Just got chills reading this as I dis when first ready Karl's miraculous story and began praying earnestly every night in the wee hours when I couldn't sleep for Karl,for Autumn,for the families,the doctors,nurses,etc…what a sweet sweet happy ending,or I should say what a sweet beginning to the next chapter of their lives.HALLELUJAH!!! Just have to shout over the miracles,love you all though we have never met!!

  8. Gorgeous! Such happy photos! Love the whole family shot with the pretty flowers. Love the shots of Karl dancing with his new sister-in-law. Love beautiful Autumn in her beautiful dress. Love your off-shoulder dress and energetic new 'do! :-) Blessings to you on a wonderful weekend!

  9. Yippee Jesus! Congrats Karl and Autumn! I was hoping they would play Angles Among Us! love the pictures! Sadly the cross at Christs Kitchen is no longer their! Janet

  10. Such a beautiful wedding for an amazing couple. Can't wait to hear what blessings God showers their marriage with. Congratulations Karl and Autumn xxxxxx

  11. what a gorgeous, wonderful day. i have to say, one of the best parts was seeing what a lovely little chub ruby has become. you can tell she is very well taken care of :)

  12. So very excited for the entire family!!! What a day of blessing and a testimony of God's faithfulness!!!

    And…Love the new hair Miss Linny!!!!

  13. Look at that beautiful family of yours!!!
    Congratulations and Blessings to Autumn and Karl!! Thank you, Lord, for all your gifts, especially the gift of love.

  14. All the pictures–especially of the beautiful bride–are beautiful. But the last picture of the family is absolutely stunning. I am sure you were missing those who could not be in it, but that picture should make you very proud. Congratulations to Autumn and Karl!

  15. beautiful, beautiful photos… when you shared that Karl and Autumn cried, it teared me up too! :)And everything looks so beautiful, the colours too and the colour of the flowers really stood out.

    So beautiful! :)

  16. Beautiful! So beautiful! Autumn and Karl look so happy and their awesome personalities really shone in all the little details. You looked stunning with a dress that matched your hair! And on a side note: Has Ruby's sight been checked since her diagnosis, because she sure looks like she is looking at the camera. I keep thinking that in all of her pictures lately. Lovely photos and congratulations on your third kid married.

  17. Oh Linny, what a beautiful wedding. I know you guys are beside yourselves with how it all turned out. We do serve an awesome GOD! Thanks for writing the post and getting some pictures uploaded for us. We love Autumn and Karl too and are so very happy for them.

  18. Absolutely love the pictures, especially the last one of your family. What a picture perfect wedding! So very happy for Karl & Autumn. Linny, you look like one hot momma 😉

  19. Words cannot adequately describe the beauty of the day….Thank you God for watching out for this young couple and their family and making this day happen!

  20. I LOVE the family photo at the end- GORGEOUS. Praise the Lord that this day was made possible!! It does not seem long ago that so many were on their knees for Karl.

    1. Seriously, the knowledge of 'not that long ago' was ever present. To really think that one year, one month and one day before Karl lay in a coma, fighting for his life…not expected to live by most in the medical community…WOW, that's not that long ago…and here he was walking, talking, laughing, driving, marrying! ONLY God. A true life miracle. I know I keep saying it over and over, but we watched it unfold and in every.single.way. it's a total and complete miracle. Thank you for being on your knees for Karl. We all, no doubt, learned that prayer does change things by the power of God. xo

  21. Beautiful pictures!! I love the hot pink accents! And I LOVE your hair! You look gorgeous! I hope you frame that last family photo, it's such a great one!! I'm so happy for you all!

    1. Karl wanted camo and Autumn is a zebra/hot pink girl. The three things together wouldn't work. {haha} BUT the camo and hot pink was a perfect compromise. We will definitely be framing the last one…just wish Tyler, Sarah and Charlotte could have come as well.

    1. It was hard to not have them with us. It came down to having Aunt Lisa {the Aunt Lisa whose idea it was for the blind date} or have Tyler there. Ty's deployment and Lisa and her family's furlough from serving in Kenya didn't coincide…so they had to choose – and they knew they wanted to get married in the mountains {and that season of warm weather in the mountains is SHORT}…so it was what it was and it was perfect. I guess it is just another reminder of the things our military misses because of their service to our country. Sarah had just been home, her dad has terminal cancer…so she couldn't come back for the wedding.

  22. Breathtakingly beautiful, in EVERY way! I just LOVE the picture of the two of them hugging with the mountains in the background… their marriage is such an incredibly testimony to God's goodness and His absolute LOVE for them! How awesome is that!?!
    So happy for your entire family, what a JOY it is to see those two married at last :)
    P.S. Yes, you DO look like one hot mama!

  23. So blessed to be able and see your sweet family celebrating such a joyous time! You have such a beautiful way of making each person you touch feel important and close to you. It is quite a gift. When my daughters and I speak of your family, it is with the same assumptions and enthusiasm as our other friends in the states. Thank you for sharing yourselves with all of us. Congratulations to Autumn and Karl!!!!! Blessings ~ (and if you find yourself this way, please know you have a place to stay!)

  24. Oh. My. Word!!! How beautiful! I'm nearly in tears. What a lovely family, too. (I can't help but notice there's 3 missing. Oh! Make that 4. Sorry they couldn't be there.) Congrats to Autumn & Karl. And congrats on a new son to you! haha! What a joyous occasion!

  25. Wow, I love love LOVE the last picture. You have such a beautiful family. Congrats to Karl and Autumn!!

    Also, I love the ties that all the boys have on! So cute.

  26. Precious, precious, precious! So beautiful, so moving – all praise to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Your whole family is gorgeous, as always, but I was struck at how beautiful and grown-up Liberty looks!!! :)

  27. I SOOO teared up reading this…and I am not at all the type to cry about happy things (I usually just grin like crazy!). I did both!!! I am so incredibly happy for your entire family, and especially Karl and Autumn. I've been following for years and this is yet one more thing on your blog that just utterly inspires me. Your entire family has had such an incredible impact on my life, and I just want you to know that. I actually gave a speech about you in my speech class (topic was someone who has inspired you).
    Many, many, MANY congratulations to the joyous couple! 😀

  28. I was really looking forward to the wedding pictures…just now got time to check to see if you had posted them! What a miracle! Autumn was gorgeous! Everyone looked awesome and I loved the family picture! I look forward to many years reading about their marriage and your entire family! I love the place where it happened as well…beautiful!

  29. Amazing pictures Linny! I was so excited to see your hair! Love it! I had to laugh when you commented about the zebra print and the camo. My oldest son just proposed on Monday to his girlfriend of 3 years and they are zebra and camo also. I loved how Autumn and Karl blended it for their wedding. I'm so happy for them! Praising Jesus for healing and for love and for marriages!

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