Finally! Finally! Finally!

Remember back in February of this year {2012} when we announced how God had been moving on our family’s life and that we were launching International Voice of the Orphan {IVO}?   It was such an exciting day for us and so many of you rejoiced with us.   We were ‘officially’ going to Be The Voice!

If you missed that post, I’m linking to it {here} as it is a story that only God could write, and He began over 50 years ago when I was just a bite-size little girl.

Since February, it has been an amazing adventure and the journey has brought us oh-so-much joy.  So many of you have partnered with us:
 to feed 9,000+ meals to the street orphans through our Front Lines+ program,
 others have helped build a basketball court for the orphans at API, 
others have adopted orphans in prayer through Elijah’s Hope, 
others have gone with the GO Teams, 
others have donated to the clean water system at House of Praise 
others have given to serve and train the pastors at the Legacy Conferences,
others have donated items to Orphan Wares,
and still others have shopped at Orphan Wares.  
Many, many, many of you have prayed for the orphans, our team and our family. 
 And some have even given for our support.

Truly, we could not be doing this without each of you!

But we knew we needed to better convey what’s going on.  Because frankly, one could think, looking at the web site:  Exactly what in the world are they doing over there at IVO?

So we have been working for months with many, many, many long days {and some seriously long nights} behind the scenes to revamp, tweak and elaborate on what exactly IVO does by launching a brand new web site.  

There are so many exciting things on there now!

For starters:

The pages rotate!  I love that part – cause then anyone can pause for just a few seconds and easily see our ministry highlights and how they can be the Voice of the Orphan…

We are super giddy {okay, so my hubby wouldn’t probably be described as ‘giddy’ but he is pretty stoked} to announce that we now have a “China Connection” headed up by our precious friends, Janet and Kevin Bourke.  They have three Chinese treasures adopted fairly recently from China {and Janet and Kevin are just about our age – how cool is that?}  In the last few years, Janet and Kevin have had their hearts broken for the orphan and now we are super excited to announce that they have joined the IVO team.  

The first thing we are going to do in China is to do a special project for the orphans with Brittle Bone disease at an orphan home near Beijing.  These fragile treasures need new ramps before the cold, snowy winter sets in…maybe you would be willing to help with that project?  Remember 100% of each donation goes directly to the project!

One of my favoritest parts of the new web site is a section called “Adoption Stories”….a place where YOU {my sweet bloggy friends and your friends and their friends} can tell your story…we will be adding stories regularly, so get a move-on writing yours and get it submitted!  The first story is one of my most favorite stories I have ever heard!

No doubt, by sharing adoption stories, hearts will be encouraged!  By God’s grace, those who are teetering about adoption will be encouraged to move forward.  Those who are in the midst and struggling will read of others struggles and be cheered on!  And those who never would have guessed that adoption could be something they would consider, will read the stories and have a change of heart – because that’s just how Almighty God works!

There is an amazingly cool announcement buried in the pages of the site…which I will elaborate on in the next few days…but if you want to find it on your own, that’s okay too….

There is an IVO Knee Team beginning….which will be praying, specifically for the needs of the orphan….many of you will want to be part of that!

There is a place where you can share your ideas on how to better serve the orphan because IVO is always looking and asking the Lord how we can better Be the Voice……

And this is the coolest part of it all – the site will be changing almost daily as we add adoption stories, add GO Team trip dates {because there are five GO Team trips planned for next year!}, update the total number of street orphans meals, prayer requests are shared, etc…and you, will have the opportunity to see it all first hand as together we serve the orphan…because we cannot possibly do this without each of you!

Let’s Be the Voice Together,
because there are millions of orphans
that desperately need each of us to do something!!

Introducing the new:

International Voice of the Orphan

And on this very special day, with tears in my eyes I finish this post….ahhh, faithful God.  Personally speaking, who would have guessed 50 plus years ago, through so much pain and heartache, you, oh God, would bring such beauty out of the ashes?  You alone are worthy!  All praise to you, faithful God!  

*Faithful God, may our voices join together as one, 
as we care, comfort and advocate
 for the orphans of the world*

26 thoughts on “Finally! Finally! Finally!

  1. OH YAY!! Praise God!! I did visit the old site and thought exactly what you said! Now I am excited to visit the new site and hopefully get involved!!

    I will be honest- bringing home 8 treasures in 4.5 years has kept me busy! I barely know my name!! My head is spinning sometimes!

    Now we are bringing home 11 treasures in 5.5 years!

    AND we still hear him calling us…

    I know in the future we will not be bringing them home to our house but instead will be helping others bring their treasures home!

    I am very excited for IVO!!

    YAY Linny!! Praise God!!

    1. Please get involved Jean – we need you and Jim!! xoxo And now we are in China – how cool is that? Elijah's Hope has been for awhile, but now we are really a little presence there – yippee Jesus!!

  2. Love the new website! You might want to check into this… The entire left side of the web page is cut off on my screen. I use an ipad. Even if I change the size or move it around half the words and pictures on the left column are completely cut off. Love ways to easily get involved!

  3. It only takes a spark, to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in it's flowing, that's how it is with God's love. May all your endeavours be truly blessed and may the spark in your hearts ignite a world wide fire for the orphan. Much blessings!! Carey

    1. We are thankful for your powerful words over this ministry – we pray with you that God uses our humble beginnings and sees our hearts and moves in mighty big ways – because HE LOVES THE ORPHAN!

  4. Awesome news! Thanks for all you are doing to get the word out about the orphan situation and what people can do. So excited to check out your new website! Congratulations to you and your family – Julie

  5. Awesome news!! Praise God for this. Can't wait to see how things unfold in ALL of our lives as we partner together with you in prayer, giving and going! Glory to God! Thank you for all of your hard work, to speak on behalf of these children and to educate us, who wouldn't otherwise know or hear of God's heart in this way. You are so loved, Dwight and Linny.

    1. When you wrote "You are so loved, Dwight and Linny" can I just say – I needed that at this moment. I needed it alot. Thank you for being His voice to my inner soul. Bless you so much for those words!

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