From This to This

 Three years ago Christmas Eve Emma and I drove down our long lane home.  Finally.  After 2 weeks in Ch*na we were finally home with our precious and long-awaited treasure

Jubilee Promise

Her middle name is Promise because she was the fulfillment of a Promise from Almighty God that He had whispered many years before….”your 7th will be a girl and you will name her Jubilee”….

Of course when Isaiah came home I thought to myself, “Weird.  I hear Him speak so clearly, I guess I missed it.”

Little did I understand that He was working behind the scenes, I had heard Him correctly….

Jubilee was our 10th coming home – but in the birth order, she was number 7.

How cool is that?

He had been speaking in mysteries to my heart….and I had heard Him clearly,

Our 7th was a girl!

And so her name:

Jubilee Promise

Isn’t it crazy what the love of family can do?

Here she is waiting for us in Ch*na….

And here’s Mommy {and Emma who was with me} meeting Jubilee for the first time….

And that beautiful teeny-tiny bundle of sweetness has gone from this to this:

And we are so thankful for her life…and the joy she exudes….

She’s just easy going and joyful, loves to help in the kitchen, adores Ruby {they have an extra special connection, like Ruby fully understands that Jubilee’s a lifer with her}

Pictured with her friend Philip, who was at the same home in Ch*na as she was {Shepherd’s Field}.  We were able to hug necks with his family on our cross-country road trip this summer…{Philip’s parents, Janet and Kevin are our “Ch*na Connection” over at International Voice of the Orphan and have become treasured friends….

Happy 11th Birthday Jubilee Promise!
We are so thankful that God’s keeps ALL of His promises!

 If you want to wish Jubilee a Happy Birthday, she’d be okay with that.

62 thoughts on “From This to This

  1. Happy Birthday Jubilee!! I hope you have an amazing day! It's so neat to hear you are from the same Children's home as my current sponsor child Luke (and Tristan who has been home in his forever family almost a year now!)


  2. I've been reading your blog since Jubilee was just a framed photograph in your family photo! Happy birthday to a girl who clearly is loved beyond words by many!

  3. happy birthday jubilee! I love all the numbers/promises! God is so awesome! I can hear Junior the Asparagus now: "I am a promise! I am a possibility! I am a promise, with a capital P…" google on YouTube and share the song with your sweet promise!

  4. How can I not stop to wish beautiful Jubilee a happy birthday?

    Happy Birthday, Jubilee! I love when your mama shares your beautiful story! Sweet blessings on your birthday!

  5. Happy birthday sweet Jubilee! You and Taeya share a birthday. She was born on your 6th birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day with your amazing family. Loved seeing your beautiful smile in all of the pictures above.

  6. Sweet Jubilee Promise, I hope your birthday has been the best one so far! I know with your family celebrating the gift of you, that it has been special! I am thankful God planned for you since the foundation of the world. God bless you! Love and hugs from Texas.

  7. Wow! She has grown so much since I started reading your blog (shortly after you we're home with her). She and my oldest Alexie are only two months apart! Wish they could be friends IRL 🙂 Happy Birthday Jubilee

  8. Jubilee Promise,
    You are such a joy! Happy Birthday to you sweet girl. My little girl loves to hear about you and see your sweet smile. Maybe one day we will meet and we can give you a big hug. Love your friends in Florida. Lori Jaden Jonah and Ethan.

  9. Happy Birthday Miss Jubilee Promise! You are such a blessing. You're a daughter of the King, the apple of your Daddy's eye! You are forever loved and wanted. Be Blessed beautiful, today and every day!
    Happy Birthday Hugs,

  10. Jubilee , you truly are a beautiful treasure, a princess daughter of the King! You have such light in your countenance!

    Happy Birthday hugs heading your way across the ocean from Ireland. xxx

    I hope you had a great day with your family!

  11. Happy birthday Jubilee! God's never wrong, but we often are when we interpret what He is telling us. He knew she was #7. I hope today is full of special blessing for all of you.

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