We Could Lose It All…

How was your week-end sweet friends?

Can you believe it is already December?

I have not been sleeping well lately.  I wake up and my very first thought in the middle of the night is this:  How many more days until Emma moves to Africa?

It’s kind of funny to think that there is one less than the middle of the night on the day before, but every day I re-do the math.  Perhaps I am longing for my math skills to be way off!!

Anyway, there is a pressing matter that I need everyone to listen up to.

You who’ve been hanging around our Place Called Simplicity know that our hearts are for the orphan.  We spend our free {and no-so-free} moments praying, advocating and caring for the orphans around the world.

But every now and then there are situations here in the homeland that necessitate our attention.

And so it is why I am writing to you today.

Before you guess what I’m about to say and move on to another blog, 
please, please, please, 
stop and hear my heart for just a moment.

Mike Farris, the founder of HSLDA sat in our kitchen on July 21, 1993.  I remember the date so well because it was the night before I had Miss Emma.  My belly was swollen with our precious baby girl{whose sex had not yet been determined} and I had been on bed rest, dilated the entire 3 weeks to “4” trying to stall labor.  I had finally been allowed up on July 21st.  {I ended up having her the very next day as labor kicked in almost immediately after getting up.}

Dw and I had long respected Mike Farris and his pro-family, pro-home schooling persistence on Capitol Hill.   That evening Dw, Mike and I sat and talked about all kinds of things.  Dw and I had always thought Mike to be a man of integrity, kind-hearted and Christ-like.  Having him visit at our kitchen table only confirmed our long-held thoughts of him – we felt so honored to have this Godly man in our home.

We have been members of HSLDA for almost 25 years.  We have received many emails from them alerting us to situations around the world.  However, never in the 25 years have I read an email from HSLDA that sent shivers up my spine.  Until recently.

I mentioned it last week, and friends, I would be remiss to not bring the truth yet one more time.  There is a very real threat to parents looming on Capitol Hill this moment.  Here is the entire email I just received:

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends: 

 The final vote on whether or not to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is scheduled for noon on Tuesday, December 4. 

Whether our nation will continue to preserve the principles of parental rights and American self-government, or hand over the care of children with special needs to foreign diplomats and federal officials will be decided at that time. 

 We are optimistic that we will have the votes—34 or more—to defeat the treaty. But there is too much at stake to trust to speculation.

So please remember to call your senators today, and then call them again tomorrow morning (before noon). 

If Senator Toomey (PA), DeMint (SC), Lee (UT), or Paul (KY) are one of your senators please give them a special thanks for leading the charge on this issue.

You can ask for your Senate office through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or find phone numbers by clicking on your state in HSLDA’s Congressional Directory. 

Please give the Senate staff some or all of this message:

“I would urge the senator to oppose giving consent to ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This treaty would surrender the rights of parents whose children are disabled by establishing the ‘best interests of the child’ legal standard. We already have excellent American-made law to protect persons with disabilities, and the world is already not following our example. It would be foolish to adopt a vehicle of international law in hopes that some foreign governments will suddenly change their minds. This treaty also redefines entitlements as ‘economic, social, and cultural rights,’ which would have a tremendous impact on a host of domestic law issues. 

“Protect parental rights and American self-government, and reject this giant step toward socialism and government control of our families. Vote no on the CRPD.”

For more information on the dangers of this treaty please visit our CRPD page.
We will be at the Capitol tomorrow watching the Senate proceedings, and we will alert you to the results of the vote tomorrow as quickly as we are able. We are hopeful that the news will be good—but we must all remain diligent between now and then.
Thank you for taking a moment right now and again tomorrow to call your senators and ask them to oppose this dangerous treaty!

I am not one who blows a trumpet every other day friends…but this is extremely serious.  I would urge you to call/tweet/email your Senator today.  Look them up by clicking here.  Even if you did it last week, please join me in bringing this to their attention again today and again tomorrow.  It’s that important!

There is too much at risk.

Please pray with me, fast if possible and spread the word today.  I have attached the links below.  And spread the word…Facebook, emails, twitter, phone calls to friends….

Please Act Today 
{and tomorrow}
We Could Lose It ALL
{Please don’t falsely think that ‘you took care of this last week’ or ‘this doesn’t affect me’…because it could affect you and your children and grandchildren at any moment.}

Find out who is represents you in Congress here and how to contact them. 
Go here to find a few of the hidden dangers. 

16 thoughts on “We Could Lose It All…

  1. hello Linny, I am not familar with what you posted, could you provide examples of changes that could affect the child and family? I think if examples were shared, more would realise the urgency of the matter and act upon it?

    1. To Susan A.– I know your question was directed at Linny, and I'm sorry if it's out of line for me to respond. What approval of the CRPD would have done (and would do should it come to the table again) is give the UN jurisdiction over U.S. parents. Let's say you have a child with Down syndrome, autism, or another learning difference, and you decide to homeschool your child. If the U.N. decides that homeschooling is not in the best interest of children with special needs, they would have the authority to force you to put your child in public school, and if you refused they would have every authority that the U.S. court system has— they could prosecute you, penalize you, and remove your children from your custody. The international community is NOT homeschool friendly. Several years ago, a family in Germany lost custody of their children because they chose to homeschool. And the UN isn't just seeking this kind of authority over children with disabilities: they have also drafted a convention on the rights of the child, which seeks to make them sovereign over ALL parent/child matters!
      And it wouldn't be limited to homeschooling. It would give the United Nations (an organization that appointed one of the worst abusers of human rights in history to oversee the Human Rights Council) authority over our children on any issue that they deemed a matter of "the best interests of the child". So not only would it apply to homeschooling, but to health care (immunizations, holistic treatments vs. invasive, etc.), and matters of the exercise of religion. The world stage is becoming increasingly hostile toward Christianity. In a world dominated by Islam, do we want to give a foreign power the authority to say that raising our children in our Christian faith is not in their best interest? The potential ramifications are mind boggling! But in the end, the specific examples aren't nearly as important as understanding that we do NOT want to allow the UN to usurp the authority of parents over their children.
      Linny– hope I didn't overstep by responding. 🙂

  2. Scary to think about all this happening in our country. They think they know best…but parents know what's best for their children. This is a free state. Thanks for the update. We homeschooled as well and respect what the HSLDA has done for home schooling families. Will be praying and will do something about this issue as well. Thanks for the heads up! Will be praying as well!

    1. Yes, GB, scary to think that some bureaucrat sitting in a UN office somewhere knows best for your family and mine…frightenly scary…Keep praying, {fervently} cause it will be back…inform others…and lobby your senators….it was what this country was founded on – a government FOR the people, not against families!

  3. I'm calling, emailing and telling friends. And doing lots of praying. This isn't even just about those with special needs. It opens up the door to passing the rest of the treaties the UN wants us under. Giving the UN sovereignty above the United States constitution is pretty scary. thanks for getting the word out.

    God bless,

    1. Keep spreading the word – because it WILL be back…pray for HSLDA and others like them on Capitol Hill who keep watch for us here at home…and keep yourself informed on the issues…because, one day, if we choose to shut our eyes, we will not even recognize the America of long ago…

  4. This treaty is so very concerning to me. I really appreciate you spreading the word. I've called my senators twice, and will call again tomorrow morning as I wait and PRAY for God to move upon our senators.

  5. When I read through the language of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, I could find nowhere any statement that said, directly or indirectly, that anyone, here in the US, or any other country that ratified this treaty, would have to "hand over the care of children with special needs to foreign diplomats and federal officials," as you state above in your post. I would be interested in knowing on what basis you drew that conclusion. As I read through the language of the treaty (http://www.un.org/disabilities/convention/conventionfull.shtml) I instead found language like this:

    "…the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State, and that persons with disabilities and their family members should receive the necessary protection and assistance to enable families to contribute towards the full and equal enjoyment of the rights of persons with disabilities,"


    Les Horning

    1. Thank you Les for your comment, but after following closely HSLDA for just about 25 years, I will defer to their concerns. They have NEVER {and I mean NEVER} issued such a strong warning.

      I take that real seriously.

      HSLDA is not made up of a bunch of alarmists or ban-wagon jumpers! They are God-honoring men and women who believe that the less government we have the better off we are….and they watch on Capitol Hill day in and day out…in order to preserve the rights of the hundreds of thousands of families they serve each year.

      I also know that, as with any law adopted, there are potential loopholes depending on the verbage and you can read the loopholes that were of a concern on the HSLDA web site.

      Lastly, for the record, I refuse to sit idly by when my God-given parental rights are being threatened in ANY way…through blind loopholes or anything else…{or even just the possibility of being threatened}…..

      And thankfully, at this moment in history I am still free to voice my concerns on my personal blog. And for that, I thank Almighty God and my bloggy friends, who for the most part, share with me the love of God and family!

  6. I second this post. We are at grave risk to lose our parent rights through this treaty. I phoned our senators again from Indiana. Sen. Lugar is planning on voting for it! I expressed our opposition. Others need to flood his office with calls before the 12 noon vote. It isn't too late yet.

    Sen. Coats voted against it last week but is still considering what to do today! We also need to flood his office with calls. His office was very nice and polite and said that he was still considering what his constituents are saying. Our voices do count!

    1. Go meet with Sen Lugar…take your treasures Janet…go informed and take people with you…we are going to do that here in Arizona…Senator McCain who was PRO UN treaty needs to meet my Ruby…and hear her story and see the pictures from Africa…yes, he does…

  7. Linny, I am shaking right now. I just called my Senator AGAIN and the woman who was to take my comment started to almost yell at me for opposing it. She was so condesending and said "do you know why you want to oppose it?" PRAISE GOD I had my HSLDA page up with the exact words to say. She was just arguing and arguing with me. I want to cry. I said "is it normal that when a person calls to give there stance on a vote that you are will fight with them?" she said usually people want to discuss the issue. I said, "No, YOU wanted to change my mind, and decided to be inappropriate." I said, "You need to let the Senator know that a woman at 92656 opposes the treaty, thank you." I want to cry it was so unbelievable. I KNOW that obviously the enemy does NOT want our voices heard. I have the chills right now just thinking about the opposition the enemy has placed against us. BUT GOD!!! Praying praying praying that GOD is heard! Love you Linny, sorry for venting.

    1. What I have found is that liberals are all about "free speech" and "open mindedness" UNLESS you oppose them. Then you, exercising your right to free speech {or in this case lobbying YOUR state representative} are free territory to be badgered, belittled and intimidated. Christians have sat {for the most part} idly by, not wanting to 'offend' anyone while our rights are slowly ebbing away…

      NO MORE.

      Not on my watch!!

      It is time to pray {fast} and come before the throne of grace to preserve what little rights we have left. Think about it – in a TV or movie…who is the 'baffoon' or 'geeky idiot'? It's always the Christian. Yet another point in the liberal agenda…

      And as much as anyone does not want to believe it, there is an agenda and it is to destroy the American family, as we know it. Of course when good people raise up and call, email, tweet, etc…and they are defeated, they will try again…

      The ultimate goal? One world government, one world leader, one world religion {and it's not JESUS!}….

      So thank you for being vigilant with me. Pray with me that the senators who oppose parents and home schoolers and private schools will leave office and Godly men and women will replace them….If this does not happen, I shudder what will be of my children raising kids then! Bless you my friend – and don't let their scare tactics and badgering allow you to shrink back – there is TOO much to lose!! xo

    2. Thank you for speaking so clearly and firmly about the liberal agenda and its attack on the family. I know it is difficult when you want to be careful not to offend your readers, but I for one appreciate your frank words and standing for truth even when it may not be popular. I have so much admiration for you, not only for the way you care for every child, but also the way you are vigilant in informing your readers.

  8. Linny,
    I called both state representatives in TN this morning. Thank you for passing this information along….I am happy to speak up when I know what the issue is and who to contact. Thanks for providing the links…Have a wonderful day!

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