It’s Isaiah’s Turn

Yup, it’s true.

Elijah, Isaiah and Graham all have birthdays in just a little over two weeks.

Today we celebrate Isaiah’s birthday.

This little guy is the one who stole our hearts when we first saw his picture on the internet.   In fact I remember gasping when I saw his expression which seemed to say:  “Would you be willing to overlook my special need and just love me?”

We were in love!   He came home at almost 4 years old.

Breakfast in bed

Isaiah’s story is a miracle…and as I’ve mentioned before, if you were to ask Isaiah, “What can God do?”  Without hesitation, he will reply:  He can move the mountains!

Yes, indeed.

Almighty God moved a ginormous bureaucratic mountain to bring our dimpled treasure home!

We cannot ever praise His name enough.

And for the record, don’t let those adorable dimples and innocent smile trick you.

This little guy is up for fun!

While Dw was in Africa the boys, whose room is right above the kitchen, supposedly getting into bed for the night.  Before I could get upstairs to tuck them in, I heard the ruckus start up.  And the peels of laughter ensuing.  Then I began to hear a rhythmic, very loud ‘boom, boom, boom’.   It sounded like the house was going to fall down!   I snuck upstairs to see exactly what was going on.

The noises only grew louder.

I threw open their door and found Nehemiah and Elijah jumping from bed to bed and Isaiah on his top bunk, jump roping with his sheet as a rolled up rope.

I began to laugh and laugh.

My boys!!

They are so much fun together.

{Graham has actually said on occasion how bummed he is that he didn’t have a couple of brothers the same age as him.}

To be perfectly honest though, the ring leaders for anything rowdy are usually Elizabeth and Isaiah, working in tandem.  They are a total hoot together and their antics make me giggle almost daily.  There is a connection between those two that makes me wonder if they aren’t twins separated by continents.

Anyway, no doubt, Isaiah would be totally bummed if Momma didn’t honor him on his birthday and allow our bloggy friends to wish him a happy day.

Lastly, at this moment, Isaiah hopes to grow up to be a forensic scientist.   So very cool. and well, ummm, maybe he could start by helping me by solving the mystery of who ate the hidden stash of candy in my closet?

Of course, there is always a chance that if he dusted for finger prints, he and Elizabeth just might have some ‘splainin’ to do.  

Happy 9th Birthday Isaiah Samuel 
{now he and Nehemiah are both 9, how amazingly cool is that??}

27 thoughts on “It’s Isaiah’s Turn

  1. Happy 9th Birthday Isaiah!!!!! Hope you had a super birthday filled with lots of fun, love, and a few presents too :)….oh yeah and don't forget the cake!

  2. I love that you "know" they are twins just seperated by land. God gave you them to be raised as twins. I love that you often dress the girls in the same outfits, they are all so close. Mr Isaiah you make me smile. I hope you have the best birthday ever!!! Happy Happy Day to you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Isaiah! 😀 I hope you have a lovely time on your birthday with heaps of fun 🙂 May the Lord bless you and take care of you every day for the rest of your life! 😀

  4. Happy, HAPPY birf-day, Isaiah! You are such a special creation of our dear heavenly Father. He is going to do incredible things through you! Hold tight to His hand so you can be all He wants you to be. God bless and happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Isaiah! It sounds like you are the life of the party, or at least part of the team! I hope you have had a wonderful, wonderful day. God bless you as you grow.
    Sonya in TX

  6. Happy Birthday Isaiah!! I'm a digital forensic guy – actually run a high tech crime unit – a worthy goal and not nearly as "messy" as the more "mainstream" forensic disciplines! You'll love it if you settle into it!

    hugs – aus and co.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, Mr. Isaiah! We have a son with a name like yours–Samuel–for this child, we have prayed. Hope you have a fantastic year being 9 and isn't it great to have a brother who's 9 too? Happy Happy Day Mr. 9 Year Old!

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