An Itty-Bitty Request…

As with each team we bring to Uganda, we spend time at different types of ministries to 
expose each team member to different types of ministry here in Uganda.
Our team’s path crossed a teenie-tiny newborn set of twins. 
We have been praying and loving on them.
They are so tiny and today we noticed that one is not doing well.
At. all.
Two years ago after loving on Elianah Treasure
{who passed away the very next day} I promised myself 
that I would advocate for care anytime I was even a little bit 
concerned about a tender treasure.
Today it was one of these little twins who drew such concern
from Jody and I that I went immediately to advocate for special care.
We spent time today, as a team, interceding for this life.
We are fervently praying that this little one {on the right} 
will make it through the night.
Please pray with us for S.
The weight when they arrived was 1.4 kilos and, clearly,
more weight has been lost.
The cheeks are more sunken then ever.

Pray with us, please.

30 thoughts on “An Itty-Bitty Request…

  1. praying with you! I'll get my teen girls at church to pray as well tonight! This brings so much emotion, as I'm a twin (was the smaller and frailer one when we were born, I was a miracle). I can't imagine having been born where great medical care is almost non-existent. Praying for the team and I know my God can heal this precious baby! He is greater! *And praying for Emma's heart, because I remember.

  2. Linnie–Just saw an article the other day about tiny twins and one was struggling. As a last ditch effort, the healthier twin was put skin to skin with the one who was suffering and the sick twin got better!! Could they be swaddled together??? Is "S" being fed little bits with a dropper every few minutes?????

  3. So many little ones with no forever family just yet have been so very sick lately. Breaks my heart, and yet I know they are not outside of His hand of healing. We will add this precious tiny one to our prayers for healing!

  4. Linny, you've just broken this neonatal ICU nurse's heart. How simple it would be to give her the care she needs and nurse her back to health… *here*. Praying…

  5. Will be praying! Love the idea of placing both babies skin to skin. I have also heard that adult to baby skin to skin contact also works wonders.

  6. Ok this is interesting…after I hit publish the usual security stuff popped up with the numbers 911…in Canada that is our universal emergency number…you think God is trying to tell me something?

  7. Be still my heart. A little side story…we recently found out that we were expecting twins and were very excited. However, it was a complicated pregnancy to begin with and we ended up losing both twins 🙁 that aside, these sweet ones that need prayer have stolen my heart. I am praying.

    1. Andee and Dave,
      I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious treasures. May God continue to comfort your hearts and may He, who is more than able, fill your hearts and home with treasures from His heart. Love from Uganda…

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