The internet connection was out tonight but is back on..
Heading to bed, it’s after midnight,
but I was so frustrated that the internet was not working as I 
wanted to update all who have been praying.
The twins are both still alive – 
please continue to pray!
Rejoicing that the twins are still alive
and that the wifi came on so I could tell you…
Nite-nite from Uganda —-
going to climb under my mosquito net.
I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever;
 with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.   
Psalm 89:1

8 thoughts on “Twins

    1. Yes, it is the twin at the bottom who struggles so much. Breathing does not seem to be the problem, but rather malnourishment/preemie size…needing tiny amounts more often. However, too few workers and not enough to go around when special care is needed. Please keep praying!

  1. I keep coming back here looking for more information and updates about these sweet babes. Are they available for adoption? I just feel an unexplainable pull to these little ones. I'm praying for them every chance I get!

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