Actually We Would Call *That* a Win/Win/Win/Win

Who can resist a Special Sale? 

or a “Red Line” sign?

or how about the rack that says “Clearance”?

Personally speaking, I’m not a big shopper gal.  Would rather be taking
a walk or bike ride in the neighborhood, however, when I do go to a store,

the very first place I head is to the Clearance Rack…

It is utterly crazy how the Clearance Rack screams
my name every time I enter a store.

I always whisper: “Be Quiet” so as not to freak out people around me,
but really, it just keeps screaming…

Well speaking of Sales….
 remember when I’ve talked about a ministry of International Voice of the Orphan called

Orphan Wares?

It’s the Win/Win/Win ministry and here’s why….

It gives everyone an opportunity to serve the orphan….

how stinkin’ cool is that?

Orphan Wares enables crafters and artisans to create, make
and donate anything their beautiful creations
{we also take vintage items}
and ship them to our warehouse in California…which is the first “Win”

{If you peek at the site you will find all kinds of items for sale whether an apron,
a little girls dress, jewelry, one-of-a-kind toys or household treasures.
Trust me, there really is something for everyone.}

But the second “Win” is that anyone can go on the site and purchase
one of these special items….

But the last and biggest “Win” of all is that 
with each purchase, every bit of the proceeds
go to feed the street orphans of Uganda
through our Frontlines Feeding+ program

*How amazingly spectacular is that?*

It truly is a Win/Win/Win

Beginning today 
{for a limited time} 
{because a very generous donation} 
*when you purchase three items* 
is completely 

And really, we just have gotta’ call that a 


If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet,  

Orphan Wares
please do…

Because it encourages the hearts of those who serve
the Orphan Wares ministry…special shout out to Kala and Leah and the rest of the team – you guys totally rock!! 

And the generous donation enabling Free Shipping – thank you so much!

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