From My Heart

Two years ago today we experienced one of the most profound touches
 from our Heavenly Father that we have ever had.

Our now son-in-love, Karl, was on his way to pick up our Autumn for church
and an 87 year old man pulled in front of him.

Karl was going 55-60 mph on that rural road in Colorado and had only feet to stop.
He hit the 87 year old man’s car and was thrown 55 feet.
Karl’s motorcycle helmet came off on impact.

As the events unfolded that day 2 years ago, we saw God’s loving fingertips at every turn.

Within no time, Carol in Texas {whom I have never hugged necks with} sped into action –
setting up a round-the-clock prayer site where hundreds of you signed up to pray, fast and
intercede as Karl lay in a coma for the next 15 days.

If you have never read the story or haven’t read it in a long time or want
your kids to know just how big God is –
please read the little series I wrote about the events of that day.

It was titled appropriately…

Our Holy Ground – Part 1

Our Holy Ground – Part 2

Our Holy Ground – Part 3

And with deep emotion I say this: 

I am eternally grateful to all of you who prayed for Karl and all of us {his parents, Autumn, his siblings, us} during the weeks that followed.   It was one of the most horrific times in our lives
and it was also one of the most profound spiritually.  

When I say, “Words cannot convey” that’s not a cliche or something I write because it sounds good.  
It comes from the depths of my soul.   I know I could not have stood strong without each one of you and 
the prayers you offered.   
Truly, I could not have done it without you, my bloggy friends.

I remember sitting in the ICU waiting room and looking at the Prayer Clock 
and seeing the number of people signed on to it…
and I would be overcome with great emotion…

You guys and your families were crazily loving us from afar and 
I am forever grateful to each and every one of you.
Great is your reward in eternity for ministering to our weary and grieving 
souls during that season.   You guys are my favorite and you are my forever friends.

Lastly –

To all who prayed this morning –

Ruby did well considering she was pretty sleepy by “show time”.

We had an extra special and extremely wonderful treat – the woman who came out and did the interview that aired over a year ago – Susan Casper – was the one who also interviewed us today – we had no idea and were so tickled.

That interview I’m referring to {at our first home in Phoenix} can still be seen here.

Susan Casper has a very genuine love for the people she serves and her joy at seeing Ruby today immediately turned emotional – she kept starting to tear up.

No doubt, Ruby’s story has touched lives and continues to touch lives.

One of those on the set said that Ruby’s picture had been passed around “the back” and people were in disbelief that this could be the same girl.  A little crowd had gathered to watch the interview.  It was really sweet.

The show will actually air on Monday and later that day I will be able to imbed it on our Place Called Simplicity –  so thankful for that privilege.

Thank you again for your prayers – I knew you were praying!

7 thoughts on “From My Heart

  1. Anniversaries of "those times" those amazingly hard but fruitful times. Those times that God did move in amazing ways that can not be explained are so powerful. They need to be celebrated and remembered. They build our faith for the next mountain we have to climb. Remind us of His faithfulness. That He cares about the tiniest details. How humbling. God is so good. My husband almost died once and was on life support. God did a miracle for us. He is here and fine and alive. I wrote about it in a book I will maybe one day publish. You are so faithful to share. You and others encouraged me to do so as well. God deserves all the glory we can share in this world. Pointing others to Him. By the way. I was praying for Ruby yesterday. My internet was messed up and would not let me comment. But I was praying. Glad all went so well. Blessings!

  2. Oh Linny, I just read thru all three posts about Karl…..WOW!! These posts have blessed me and confirmed the great hope I have in our healing Father/Brother/Friend. Thank you for sharing the very private details, they speak volumes. many blessings.

    " the Lord bless you and keep you
    The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you:
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace"
    Numbers 6: 24-26

    1. His story is amazing. I'm so grateful you read it – totally and only God…those three on a rural road in Colorado? Only God. Stuart visiting. Only God. Each circumstance. Only God.

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