Honoring 19 Fallen Heroes

Today the hearses carrying the 19 hotshots from Granite Mountain, Arizona
were moved from the Phoenix coroner’s office 
to their home near Prescott {northwest of Phoenix}.  
 The kids and I had the privilege 
of standing on the roadside and 
honoring these fallen heroes.
As we drove the I-17 highway looking for a spot to pull over,
there were literally thousands already lined up 
along the sides, all across each overpass,
and on the mountains that line the I-17. 
Couldn’t be more proud of the show of support
from thousands and thousands of Phoenicians.
American flags were waved by many.
The emotions were powerful. 
I am not a professional videographer
but was merely using my cell phone.
Emotions wracked my being and
I was shaking terribly
please forgive.  
I set the video to music as best I could
to cover the flood of tears as I talked to the 
kids about these heroes.
Having lost our home to a fire, 
we have probably more than normal respect for the 
firefighters who selflessly serve their community,  
besides having some very close 
friends who are firefighters.
If you have a loved one who is a firefighter
[or police officer]
please thank them for us.
And should you think of it,
please pray for the family and friends of 
these fallen heroes.  
Their names were on the sides of each hearse as it passed.
A helicopter circled as they approached.
A large police motorcycle escort led the processional.
Our local news station here in Phoenix has footage as well,
which can be seen here.
“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted…”
Psalm 34:18a

15 thoughts on “Honoring 19 Fallen Heroes

    1. My heart has been so broken for them. The thousands of people lining the highway, overpasses, etc…was truly dumbfounding. There is no doubt that tons and tons care!

    2. I saw that small glimpse of how many people where lined up. I cried through the whole video and couldn't even read your post to Patrick without stopping lots to compose myself.

    3. Your heart is precious my sweet friend. Another bloggy turned real life friend, shared the blog link on FB and said she wept through the whole thing. My heart gets to emotional at times like this..I don't have to know anyone…it just hurts…and then I wonder "am I weird?" So glad to know that there are a few really weird together. Couldn't think of sweeter company. xo

  1. I did see this on the news. Our son is a police officer and we are so grateful and sobered by what he does every day. This was such a tragedy.

    1. So important to honor. And yes, you're welcome. It was my pleasure. Maybe it's because of the firefighters who risked their lives when our home burned, but I took these 19 lost in a sudden wind shift very hard. I can't imagine their small community – it is reeling, no doubt.

  2. I am so glad you and your family were there to pay them respect and honor. I'll admit that it broke my heart to see all those other vehicles in the other lanes not pulling over and stopping, as I was taught that's what you do with a funeral procession. Their courage and sacrifice has made my heart just ache. We live in an area that also deals with forest fires, and the respect I have for the men and women who serve tirelessly grew even more as this story helped me understand so much better about what their jobs entail. May Jesus hold their families close, be their Provision, Comforter, Guide, Protector, and Helper in the months and years to come.

  3. Reminds me of our neighboring town of West TX losing so many in the fertilizer plant explosion. The streets were lined solidly with people paying their respects as our volunteer firefighters and one civilian were carried to a memorial service at Baylor U. Heart breaking and yet it made me so proud of these men who sacrificed their lives.

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