As much as I would love to tell you that I never struggle with worry or fear,
I can’t.
that wouldn’t be true.

No doubt,
 I’m not the only one who can find themselves camping in worry or fear.
We’ve been doing an awful lot of swimming lately.
I usually sit on the step and let Ruby’s legs dangle in the water
while the kids splash about.
I haven’t figured out the water depth as I am usually holding Ruby
while the kids swim…
so the step was pretty much as far as I wanted to venture
with little Miss Ruby.
Besides I don’t have confidence in deep water
while holding Ruby’s fragile and limp body,
unless I’m right near the edge.
Yesterday we were hanging out in the pool
I was feeling kind of brave about the water.
Gathering Ruby up close I ventured off the step.
Ruby was lovin’ it. 
Gingerly I took a couple of steps further into the pool.
Ruby was relaxed and smiling as I slowly 
reached the other side of the pool.  
I was kind of talking to the Lord out loud, 
expressing my thankfulness that we have a pool
and that Ruby is doing so well.
And suddenly, out of nowhere He whispered,
“You need to trust Me just like Ruby’s trusting you
at this moment.
She can’t really see you holding her, yet you are.
She doesn’t understand how it all works,
Ruby just trusts you.
You have to do the same with me.” 
My heart stood still.
I could not believe His powerful whisper.
Camping in worry and fear and 
clearly forgetting all His previous works,
Remembering the circumstances,
until He whispered,
“You need to trust Me, just like Ruby’s trusting you.”
And peace flooded my soul.
I willfully choose to trust your promises, Lord. 
Trust in the Lord forever,
    for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.
Isaiah 26:4

33 thoughts on “trust

  1. Oh Linny, what a beautiful conversation with your Papa God! One I needed to hear today too….trust. Trust and enter into His rest….hugs, friend!

  2. I've just begun reading a book called "Absolute Surrender" by Andrew Murray………….have you ever read it? It deals with the same…… just putting your hands, worries, thoughts of control and thougts of fear all down and just doing what the Lord says……. its intense. I sure appreciate your stance on "if God said it, He'll do it". What a pleasure it is to read your blog… thank you.


  3. Amazing how God calms your fears! I'm thankful to hear your story and I have a worry bucket on occasion. 🙂 at the moment it is filled with children. We were just ok'd as foster parents 6 weeks ago. We attended our first class 2 1/2 weeks ago and DURING our first class we were pulled out to ask if we would take three siblings that night! It has been great!, so hard, but in a good God growing way!! And just plain scary at times. But as I call on The Lord in different situations, he calms my fears. Really! The joy returns and I can focus on the task at hand. Thank you for your story! Love reading them!!

    1. Wow. They pulled you out of your first class – seriously huge God-assignment…bless you my friend. May He continue to give you every single thing you all need to minister to these three. You guys rock!

    1. Awww sweet friend, I am so thankful His precious words ministered to you as well. He is trustworthy. It was kind of a gentle 'whack upside the head' for me. And truly, peace flooded my soul. Isn't it so cool that His promises are for you, her, him, them, me…all of us. xo

    2. I love it! It was funny because as I was reading what you wrote I felt that same 'whack upside the head'. His promises are for all of us. xo

  4. Thank you for such honest truth, Linny. I am struggling so with this exact thing. Have been for a long time. Leave it to her Rubiness to help God's word to be made clear me.
    God's Blessing on your precious family,

  5. Thank you for such honest truth, Linny. I am struggling so with this exact thing. Have been for a long time. Leave it to her Rubiness to help God's word to be made clear me.
    God's Blessing on your precious family,

  6. Thank you for always faithfully posting what the Lord shares with you. I needed to hear this one thing again today. I will hear something like this and be built up and go on it for a while and then over time start to have issues with trust in one area or another. Not really not trust but struggle. I know to trust. I have read scripture and see we need to trust. But sometimes life just throws a lot of high waves our way and I get distracted and a bit of doubt creeps in. Thats why I always look forward to your Memorial Box Monday. At least monthly I can read not only your testamonies of Gods miracles in your life. But others all over the world as well. Now that is a great faith and trust builder. And when you have a call to fast and pray. I can fast and pour over the needs of others and know that God is faithful and will take care of all those needs. Because many of those needs he has met for me in my past. He cares for His own. What a great big strong, amazing, awesome God we serve. Why do I ever loose sight of the trust. He is my rock. He is faithful. Thank you again for sharing what He told you. Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Thank you so much for all your sweet reminders that we need to trust and believe in the Lord. "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength"….Is 40:31

  8. Thank you for sharing this Linny, it made my heart smile on the inside, thinking of His tender ways. So happy for you too that you can take the kiddies in the pool, sure it will be great for Ruby too xoxox

  9. Oh Linny! Thank you for the sweet picture. Much needed in my house right now as we love on and care for a 2 month old boy who is a ward of the state. His dad is wanting him back and is entitled to reunification services…but all I see is darkness. I so want for this little guy to be a man who loves The Lord with all his heart, mind and strength. Not sure how God is going to work this one out but trusting that He will make this journey beautiful…not only for my family, but for our little guy as well.

    Thank you,

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