And then He said, “Now Watch This….”

Some days I can start a post without any struggle, and then there are others.

Like today.
Where there are so many thoughts rumbling around my head and I have begun, back spaced, begun again, back spaced…and on and on.  
There are certain topics that are just far too important to not articulate all that’s on my heart.  
So let’s try again….
Today I had Ruby at the pediatrician’s office.  
He’s definitely a top favorite of all the doctors we’ve ever had…
kind-hearted, gentle, fun and he genuinely loves Ruby.   
He takes his time and enjoys the visit.  
I love doctors like that, don’t you?
While there suddenly I remembered that I had not told him about Ruby’s eyes
 and all that the Lord is doing with them.  
Her doc truly was giddy {my words, not his – but you get the idea!}   
And Ruby adores him – such a fun visit.  
It is times like these that I feel like not only do I want to 
shout it from the mountaintops about what God is doing in Ruby’s life 
but also to implore friends to consider special needs adoptions. 
Could I ever imagine our lives without our precious Ruby?  
Deemed medically fragile – but a treasure beyond words.  
We would be completely missing out on these up close miracles 
if we had been too busy or thought, “I can’t do that.”  
Yesterday I was talking to Ruby’s care coordinator who will 
oversee Ruby’s therapists and I said, 
“We didn’t know anything about hydrocephalus when we said ‘yes’ to Ruby….”   
When I said that a light bulb kind of went off. 
It’s true, we didn’t even research it.  And if you did research a child’s diagnosis, 
it’s okay, cause we totally researched and talked to our pediatrician 
about our oldest son’s medical situation back in the day.  
We found that the prognosis was kind of up in the air…and we just said, 
Experts have no idea what it means, 
he’s ours, 
no matter what.   
Which dotted line do we need to sign on?”   
Between the care coordinator yesterday and the pediatrician today,
there all these thoughts moseying around my noggin which have
 made me realize suddenly – 
that a diagnosis and prognosis is not the end 
when we have a mighty God.   
Our oldest son has championed his ‘job’ and serves our country as a hero.  

The prognosis back in 1985?


That’s what I mean. 
Almighty God is bigger than every diagnosis and prognosis.
Each of our treasures who have or have had a medical ‘label’ next to their name 
have surpassed any definition next to their label.  
Because God is bigger than all of it.  
So today when I was at the pediatrician’s office and I was telling him about Ruby’s eyes 
and what she can do, I reminded him of the medical professionals 
who said she would never do anything, he was shaking his head and laughing with me.  
That’s what I mean.  
If we’d believed the diagnoses and prognoses 
and let them dictate our lives, 
we’d have missed out 
some of the greatest treasures in the entire world…
Instead we just said, “Yes”
And then Almighty God said, 

“Now watch this.”  


46 thoughts on “And then He said, “Now Watch This….”

  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I would have never said yes to Kendall with her cognitive delays. God knew that I needed this child and that she needed me! I truly would have missed out on one of my greatest treasures! I love this child beyond words! I am blessed!

  2. Thank you so much for this reminder of God's faithfulness. I needed to read this today. Reminds me that no matter what trials I may think I am facing and no matter how little I know of how I am going to get through them, that HE is going before me and nothing can stand in the way. Sitting here in tears because all too often I put my own thoughts first and then suffer for it. Going to bookmark this post as one to come back to when I am trying to do life on my own so that I can be reminded of just how great HIS faithfulness is. And now that I have talked your ear off so to speak, how amazing little Ruby is. She is truly a blessing and absolutely amazing.

    1. Oh sweet friend, whatever you are struggling with – He is bigger than it all. He has a plan. Take it to Him. Memorize Isaiah 26:3…then repeat it over and over and over and over until it sinks into your soul….He will keep you in perfect peace when your heart and mind rests on Him {and Him alone}. He is faithful. He will meet every need you have. Promise.

  3. Thank you for sharing of God's faithfulness, I am excited every time in my reader that a new post has been shared. In a current season of trials, it is such an encouragement to hear of the amazing ways God is moving. Thank you!

  4. Move over on that mountain ladies I am shouting with you. I remember people and their "what ifs" when I had chosen to adopt my treasures and I said I can't worry about what ifs I am just going to trust and obey. I didn't have all the info, sometimes I was clearly in the dark, yet I know God grew my faith tremendously through this time and to see my kids through the what ifs….. Priceless. Just say yes and he will deal with the what ifs. I love this place!

  5. Yes, yes, yes! We just brought home two princesses from China in May and I can so identify! I simply cannot imagine life without them. Going back for an older boy soon. They all have their health needs, but for sure God is bigger. Just say YES! Love Ruby! Thank you for your vision and for being faithful.

  6. Holding onto that today for my students. My first day with these precious immigrant kiddos from poverty and broken homes. They aren't diagnosed medically, but socially, as the world assumes these kids will be dropouts and criminals. Trusting instead that Almighty God will move mountains.


    What beautiful photos of your sweet girl!

    Had a job interview today with the special education teachers at an elementary school. The teachers were incredible and I am praying this is where God wants me. Working everyday with His special treasures!


    1. Linny THIS IS THE JOB!!! I received a job offer to be a special education para professional at an elementary school. I was so impressed with the principal and assistant principal and the two special ed teachers that I interviewed with. They had such passion for their jobs. Walking into the school you could just feel the love and dedication these people have for the kids.

      I am so excited that I said "God, your will not mine. Where you want me I will go." It wasn't the fast paced assistant positions I interviewed for, it is working with the special little lovies!


  8. This hit home for me. We are sending our son to kindergarten next week, he has speech and language delays and I am just not very confident about this. Your post helped me remember that Eli isn't defined by the label. Our "special needs" child is one of my greatest blessings and I can't imagine my life without him.

  9. Thanks for this remnder. Our little guy has a pretty scary diagnosis, and in this waiting season we have moments of sheer terror. :o). But it isn't about us. And we are so thankful to be His hands and feet and are just doing one day at a time. It was helpful seeing your little guy and hearing how he did the day you got him, and to know how joyful he is now

  10. Ruby's eyes are a delight for sure. I scrolled back and forth looking at them. She's full of happiness and you all made that happen because you love her! And God loves her as well. She's come a long way, baby! Hugs!

  11. Ruby looks like such a big girl sitting up in that chair! So grown up! And that last photo–gracious sakes–she's got something up her sleeve, doesn't she? Can't wait for Ruby to say, "Now watch this, Momma!" What a great GOD we serve!

    1. Haha. That last picture was totally her smirking. She's been a real stinker sometimes…and makes us laugh our heads off – #theysaidshedneverdoanything Yippee Jesus!

  12. Thank you for writing this and sharing it. I can't even go into why I'm so grateful, but know that it is PERFECT and the timing is amazing. It's like God is saying, "I hear the cries of your heart. I see what's going on. Watch me. And be excited about it, 'cause it's more amazing than that big old imagination I gave you could dream up." I don't know what He has in store, but my attitude does need to be one that waits in hopeful expectation that it's going to be a "now watch this" moment. Thank you, Linny, for sharing where God is leading you.

  13. We are working on a special needs adoption right now–not quite what we planned, but God seemed to place one particular little boy in front of us. We really do not have much experience with special needs, but are stepping out in faith that He will equip us with all we need to love and care for this little boy. Thanks for this post.

    1. I am so excited for you all. It's okay that you "do not have much experience with special needs". God's got your back and He is whispering, "Watch this!" Keep me posted, okay?

  14. When we decided to adopt a child with unknown issues a family member said to me, "Well it's your life!" I'm so glad it is! Thank you for sharing yours so openly! You are an inspiration.

  15. Ya know – you really captured my "image" of our Father – I can just see this "grandpa looking guy" playing with the grand kids – maybe doing "magic tricks" for them – or some other feat of physical prowess – and as the kids giggle and laugh at Grandpa's antics He turns and looks at them and says – "If you think THAT was cool – well now watch this!" (Except when the Father does it – well – it doesn't end in some kind of pratfall!)

    That's part of the joy in Believing –

    great stuff – hugs –

    aus and co.

  16. Love this!!! Our daughter came home in 2011 from China and was diagnosed with a severe form of Muscular Dystrophy 4 months later. Almost 2 years later, we are watching her get STRONGER…God is amazing!! I am so thankful that we are on this journey with our Lily. God opened our hearts to another miracle in China who also has Muscular Dystrophy. We started LOI yesterday 🙂 Can't wait for God to use our girls to set the world on fire for Him!

    1. Look what God does. He stirs your heart for one…then the diagnosis…then the progress from Him…then your heart is drawn to others with the same diagnosis…OH I LOVE IT!! Rock it friend, rock it!

  17. Needed to read this last night! Two months ago we brought home our little treasure from China. We adopted from the Waiting Child Program. Our son had a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Yesterday he went in for palate surgery. It was the widest cleft they have ever worked on. 5 hours later we thought everything had gone okay. Within an hour or two my son was quickly rushed back into the OR to be intubated. His tongue mouth and neck swelled to a level they had never seen before (they even took pictures to use in teaching because it was so unusual). We were told that had they not taken him in exactly when they did, they would NOT have been able to get the tube in (and remember, this was post palate surgery). We didn't learn just how critical he was until after the fact. He is now indefinitely in the ICU, heavily sedated so as to not move. He is critical airway… if the tube comes out they will not be able to get it in again. Swelling remains the same after 24 hours. All that to say, I NEEDED to read that last night as I remembered why we chose to adopt a child with special needs…. I never wanted a child to have to go through something like this without a mommy and daddy there to walk it with them, hold them, whisper in their ears and tell them everything would be okay. A child DESERVES to have a mommy there when going through such trials. I watched my baby struggle all through the night. However, I feel so very blessed to hold my sweet treasures hand, wipe his tears and comfort him through the fear and then to lay my sweet baby at the feet of Jesus and watch the Great Physician unfold his beautiful plans. Never had to trust him more than I do right now. Please keep my little Caleb in your prayers.

    1. I am so sorry your little Caleb is struggling. I am so grateful that he knows his mommy loves him and that she can minister to him in his pain. I pray that the Lord heals him quickly. Please update when you are able. You have no blog linked to your blogger profile so I can't peek in to see how Caleb is doing??

    2. What started off as a routine palate surgery on August 8 has now become a life altering event. Yesterday we shattered to learn that Caleb cannot breath on his own due to several obstructions in his upper airway as a result of having a cleft lip and palate. This resulted in tracheotomy surgery earlier today. Caleb will be in the hospital for several months still, and will now live with a trach for years. Once home, he will require a full time home care Aid and we face many other lifestyle changes. We are absolutely resting in the peace of knowing that this was God's plan all along and that His Grace is sufficient. We are so grateful for your thoughts and prayers and feel absolutely beyond blessed with the amazing little boy God has given us. Caleb truly remains our "blessing from Heaven" (the meaning of the Chinese name we gave him). My baby's needs have gone from correctable to fragile. However, when we began our adoption we told God we were simply open to the "least of these." He has always called me to be a voice for the voiceless. Never thought this would one day be literal, at least for the time being! However, I just feel so honoured that He would trust me with Caleb's precious life. It breaks my heart to know that so many children go through these things alone. I rest peacefully tonight knowing Caleb never has to know that loneliness again, especially in his greatest time of need. His mama and daddy are going to walk this entire journey with him, surrounding him with love.

      PS – my blog is however, I have not had a chance to update it recently.

  18. What a beautifully worded post Linny! So true, so true. I truly don't know that I would be as close to God, hear His voice as often or witness so many miracles as I have with out having the privileged of adopting and raising all our special treasures. God has shone time and time again that there is nothing HE can not or will not do. So faithful. So supporting. Always with us. I am so humbled that God has trusted me to raise them and enjoy them. Blessings

  19. So inspiring! I love your faith! It stirs us all on towards good works! I hold my little fostered one, the one they said would be disabled/brain dead/handicapped because of an abusive dad & a fractured skull, broken ribs etc. They said she was blind. But now she tracks, smiles, and responds like any other child her age! It is true…God heals! He is good! He is faithful! I see His hand on Ruby, this little one…all His children. His love so overwhelming! I will continue to find A Place Called Simplicity as a source of strength and faith building for as long as we have her! Rejoicing and continued prayers for little Ruby! She is a jewel beyond words…

    1. Look what God has done for your little one -and the healing continues…He is so faithful and He is *not* a deadbeat dad – He is watching out for these precious treasures and we get a front row seat on all He does for them! Love *that*!

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