Not Gonna’ Pretend, We’re Pretty Giddy

Remember back when I mentioned that I was
writing Ruby’s story?
Well, I *have* been working on it.
all of life I have snuck time here and there
to write.
There are probably four chapters done.
My heart’s cry to the Lord has been, “Please 
help me to find the time to finish”.
Ruby’s story is one that the world needs to hear – 
how God rescues and cares for emaciated,
dying, discarded treasures
and how He wants to use their
lives to draw even the biggest skeptic to Him
through His miraculous healing of each life.

There is no doubt that our Almighty God
wants Ruby’s story told – after all,
all praise and honor and glory will go to Him.
I have been presenting the need to Him.
He has responded generously.
The Lord prompted someone who loves me very much, yet unaware of the need, 
to give me, personally 
a beautiful monetary gift to go do something.
Hence allowing me to go away to finish the Ruby’s book. 
Graham is going with me.
Mom and son.
8 days.
We’re both giddy.
We can’t wait!
Graham will be writing songs.
I will be writing Ruby’s story.
And we will have some fun exploring the area and
spending precious moments together.
We’ll make lots of memories together.  
I am so thankful Graham was up for it.
My prayer is that it will be published before Christmas…
Your prayers would be appreciated.  

14 thoughts on “Not Gonna’ Pretend, We’re Pretty Giddy

  1. I can't wait to read it and expecting God to do great things through your experiences. I truly appreciate your vulnerability and willingness to share your life with me.

  2. You two will be exhausted with all that uninterrupted thinking, but that probably is the only way to get it done. Sometimes I go to the library just to fill out adoption forms, I can't imagine what I would do if I had to write.

    1. Okay, totally laughed out loud when I read your comment. Yes, we will probably be exhausted from all that uninterrupted thinking…seriously, some days I get up in the middle of the night to just pray and think…because it's the only quiet time with my beautiful pile of treasures.

  3. Praise the Lord! He is so good…all the time and I am thrilling with at the opportunity to write…not just anything, but God's incredible working through Ruby!
    Keep up the God work

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