Angel’s Heartache

Semi-recently Ed Sheeran {a secular recording artist}
talked to a young prostitute named Angel in the UK.

Angel’s story greatly moved Ed.

In fact, Angel’s story impacted him so much that Ed
wrote a song about her and titled it “The A Team”.

After writing Angel’s song, Ed Sheeran did a concert
 and donated all the money to a place that helps get

 young prostitutes off the streets.  

I cry each time I listen to the song wondering what deep heartache and
gross pain led a person to end up on the streets selling their body.

It is seldom that a young musician tackles the difficult things in life.
Ya’ know the things that most would rather pretend don’t exist.
After all, most young musician’s are partying it up….not concerned about the
young prostitutes on the street.

Although I have no idea of Ed’s spiritual walk, I am very touched that
Angel’s story had such a profound impact on his life.

Graham just did the song as a cover.  I thought you might want to hear it.

15 thoughts on “Angel’s Heartache

  1. beautiful. i love this song. i went to an ed sheeran concert (I have a young teen daughter who wanted to go) – i don't think he's a christian – yet. however he lays his heart out in his music and he is very down to earth. and so. so. talented. i had no idea he donated an entire concerts earnings to help prostitutes. that is awesome.

    i loved hearing Graham do this. really beautiful!

    xo ellie

    1. I don't think he is…but somehow his heart must be sensitive in ways many others are not…we should pray that E would meet Christ in a real way…and wow. Just wow. That would be amazing.

    1. Thank you Tara Autumn. This song is so accurate. The heartache and pain and the desperate desire to escape….and so astounding that a young artist {ES} would first off care, let alone tackle such a message.

  2. Graham has an awesome voice! Has he considered going on American Idol? He can shine the light of Christ big! There have been a few Christian artists discovered there! He has been blessed with such a gift!!

    1. Graham has had several {who live around here in Phoenix} tell him that he should try because not only is his voice good, but it's very unusual. He's written a few songs…we'll just keep praying…one day, the Lord will open the door for him in music. Since he began lining up tupperware bowls perfectly at about 2 years old…spending hours a day playing, {} we all know music is where the Lord will use him…in His perfect timing…so we pray, and wait.

  3. Graham is very talented! I so wish my son was interested in making music like Graham does instead of being drawn into Screamo. (My son has Aspergers and is 19, going on 13.)

    So sad to think of the many kids out there selling their bodies to exist. The pain and loneliness I wish we could take away!

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