Back on the Home Front

I appreciate all of you who have been praying for things on
the home front, as well as here, 
while I have the privilege of
spending time with some of the sweetest
treasures on earth over here on the other side of 
the world.
Sincerely, thank you.
Graham wrote me this morning and sent along a picture.
He wanted to tell me that 
he was sitting on the floor working on his laptop 
and talking to Ruby…
when suddenly she rolled to him,
reached her arm around his leg,
raised her head up 
started to laugh.
He was able to snap a quick picture.
She has ‘talked’ to me when I have
had the chance to Skype home
and she got all excited when she heard my voice.
Sweet baby girl.
The others are all doing well.
The only exception was the first email I got 
from Graham, right after we landed. 
It was short and read:
“Everything’s going great.  
You took the dogs with you, right?”
My seemingly quiet son definitely has
 a great sense of humor and knows 
how to make his mama laugh.  

6 thoughts on “Back on the Home Front

  1. Love this picture of a sweet girl who "will do nothing". I bet it does your heart so good to get these bits of information while being a mama to so many others who need it.

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