Could She Really Be 12 Already?

Four years ago Christmas Eve Emma and I 
arrived at home in Colorado with our precious girl….
Jubilee Promise

Jubilee would turn 8 years old two days later 

{the day after Christmas}
 and weighed a whopping 27 pounds.

8 years old and 27 pounds
I still can hardly fathom how frail she was. 
Our girl had been had a ton of yukky stuff in her short life.  
For the first 2 years she never let me out of her sight 
and actually still hovers close.  
She’s usually the last to go out the door, 
making sure I’m right behind her.  
I affectionately call her My Shadow.
Quick Trip down Memory Lane
Meeting Mommy for the first time.
{Soooo glad I let my hair go silver.}
Emma doing Jubilee’s hair in the hotel in Tianjin.
Christmas Eve night, 
Daddy introducing Jubilee to the church we pastored.
{She looks adoringly at her daddy,
whom she had just met.}

Look what a family can do!

Jubilee’s special birthday treat alone with mom and dad 
{except for our sidekick, and Jubilee’s fellow-lifer, Ruby.}

Jubilee’s one of our ‘lifers’ and we will never thank the Lord 
enough for letting us bring her home.

Our precious Promise, whispered to me back in 1995….

“Your 7th will be a girl and you will name her Jubilee”
When Isaiah arrived home as number seven I thought 
I must have missed the Lord.  However, time would tell
that, indeed, I had heard Him whisper perfectly.

She’s our number seven in the birth order, 

but came home as number 10. 

So this day we honor our sweet girl
and celebrate her birth.
Grateful forever that she’s ours.
If you wanna’ wish Miss Jubilee a Happy Birthday,
she’d grin from ear to ear
and be tickled to pieces.

74 thoughts on “Could She Really Be 12 Already?

  1. Happy Birthday from St. Louis, MO. We LOVE your new haircut, it looks adorable on you!! Our daughter Mia, adopted from China in 2011, will be 12 in March….I didn't realize you girls were so close in age. Enjoy your day, Jubilee!!

  2. Happy Happy Happiest Birthday wishes to you miss Sweet Jubilee, I know God has great plans for you and you are one special girl. Many blessings to you and your family this year and always!

  3. oh Sweet Jubilee! What a privilege to watch you grow. You are such a beautiful gift from the Lord! Oh my, how your smile warms my heart whenever i see your picture! You are such a JOY! Happy Birthday, dear one! Praying for you every day! You are dearly loved! <3 cindy

  4. happy Birthday Miss Jubilee from the Hintz crew… We loved spending time with you last summer. Praying you had a super day with your wonderful family! Much love Jubilee… You are a gift from God!

  5. I don't comment frequently but do follow the blog and lift your family in prayer often.
    Dear sweet Jubliee – HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (from a fellow December birthday gal!) from our Missouri family to yours!! You look stunning, dear girl – the blue flower in your hair is beautiful!!

  6. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. Your smile screams joy and love. We love your new haircut it is so adorable. Have a great day and week celebrating. One day we want to give you a hug especially my daughter who talks about you and just knows you would be her forever friend.

  7. What a difference a family makes, Jubilee you have grown more beautiful with each passing year! I love your sweet smile and adore your name! Happy Birthday, Jubliee!

  8. Tell Jubilee I love the cute hair cut! I am not clued up on the terms, so I don't know what a 'lifer' is, but I am glad God brought you all together as a family.

    I have been praying through the 2013 World Watch list and Uganda is up for me this week as number 47. I will be praying that your ministry isn't affected by the various issues that cause it to go onto the list.
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Our son has been in America since summer and will arrive for a 2 week visit tomorrow. We have just been with my mother-in-law in a home in York (93 and still reading books about History and Art!) and saw my sister-in-law, whom God has brought through cancer this year. So it is a good end of year. Excited to see what His plans are for 2014!
    Sandy in the UK

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Jubilee! I love your name. LOVE IT! The song that your mom heard so much when she named you is sang by and was written by Judy Jacobs who I lived a few houses down for several years and who has a church here in my home town. It's one of my favorite songs as well and I can't help but sing it when I hear your name!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Miss Jubilee. I hope you had the most wonderful birthday!!!! I love Starbucks too 🙂

    Lots of love from Bec who lives in Sydney, Australia xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Jubilee!!! We love you here in the North Georgia Mountains! May God pour out His abundant blessings upon you, all the days of your life and may you dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

  12. I remember Jubilee's story as it was happening, and was so thankful for God bringing that Promise to pass!

    What a delight she is… I am totally going to squeeze her again next time we see you 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday, Jubilee!!! I can't believe that you are 12 years old! You are a sweet, special blessing from God. I love your new haircut – it looks amazing and beautiful! My granddaughter Julia is 8 years old and she remembers you from the River Church in Durango. She is sitting next to me right now and she wants me to tell you "Happy Birthday!" We hope that you had the most wonderful birthday!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Jubilee!! I've always thought your name was perfect for you because there's so much joy in your face and personality. Hope you have great fun on your special day as you celebrate with family and friends. Twelve is a fun year and your haircut is beautiful! Happy Birthday! 🙂

  15. I'm almost a week late, but wanted to wish Miss Jubilee a very Happy Birthday anyways! What a change – and she is so beautiful! love that smile!

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