Welcome to Our Christmas

 Selah together Christmas Eve day…

Resting up for our annual night of 
undeniable laughter and crazy fun…


Uno has been a
 Christmas Eve tradition in our home
for as long as I can remember…
Although the ‘rules’ have changed a bit over the years,
the last one holding any cards has to put their bathing suit
on and jump on the trampoline for 2 minutes
and they also get to pick someone to do it with them.
This Phoenix weather is da’ bomb, because
in years gone by, last one ‘standing’
has had to don bathing suits and
run around the outside of the house in
the snow….but since we have a trampoline,
this version is way more fun
and there’s no snow!
Silent yee-haw echoes from our hearts – NO SNOW.

Isaiah was the last one ‘standing’ last night
and he picked….

to jump with him.
Presents from Emma opened over Skype…

 We always have lined up for a picture
Christmas morning…
Emma joined in over Skype again.
{We miss them sooooo much.}
Crazy that almost 10 of our kids, spouses and 
grandkids are missing.
*That* would be one wildly awesome line-up.

A new recipe for cinnamon rolls…

Ruby crashed on my lap…

And the kids ‘big present’….
a sweet friend shared her “we-have-too-many-and-so-do
you-want-our-extra-legos” and so unbeknownst to the
littles…each of the 
five pack was given a container with their own legos. 
Thank you very thoughtful and generous friend!
The kids went nuts!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Please share your family Christmas with us….
Link in your post to this post…
and welcome friends around the world into your home…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Christmas

  1. Linny… Merry Christmas to your precious family… Love how you included your sweet Emma! Love the line up picture!:) So Sweet! How did the cinnamon rolls turn out with the new recipe? Been thinking of you all! Praying for you lin!

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