So Here’s The Plan…

We have made a conscious effort to Selah some today.
In years past we have hurried and scurried and
it has been a very, very much needed change in our home….
Aren’t churches in the snow the most beautiful?
And just in case you’re wondering if 
I am missing the snow…
that would be a firm “no”…

I absolutely love that my veranda door 
is wide open
at this very moment and 
the air feels spectacular
the country churches in the snow are all spectacular
{to look at and only look at in this chick’s book}.
So here’s the plan…
on Thanksgiving I invited you all to open your 
homes for bloggy friends
to come in and have a visit…
I had a lovely time visiting with each of you
{thank you again for allowing me to}
and tomorrow we will do the same….
We will welcome you into our home
and you will have the opportunity to invite us all…
And if you don’t have a blog,
please Instagram a picture and tag
so I can pop in for a bit of a visit…

The Linky will be up in the morning
and will remain open for a few days…

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