Ruby’s Little “Boyfriend”

We often wonder how to help our 
children understand just how much 
God loves them and how He longs 
for relationship with them.
One of the most effective and powerful ways
is simple:
To do life together….
This sounds so simple, but truly, 
I have met so many parents who don’t really 
talk to their kids.  
Like “really, truly talk”.
In our home we talk.
A lot.
We talk about everything.  We talk about needs,
about life, about past experiences, about God providing,
about God rescuing, about the future,
about our needs,
about our wants,
about expectations, 
about God’s faithfulness…
We spend our days talking, praying together, 
talking, praying together
talking and praying together some more.
And this is Memorial Box Monday
{thank you Gloria for the regular encouragement}
it is the first Monday in December.
And then I got to thinking…
 24 of you invited us
into your home for Thanksgiving.
And to those 24 – 
 I say a giant THANK YOU!
It was so fun to see how others celebrated…
I loved visiting your homes
across the globe 
And on that note,

I’ve been thinkin’ 
it would really be okay
with me, if the 24 of you who opened your
home for Thanksgiving
linked up and did a 
Memorial Box Monday post…
{subtle hint kinda’ intended}
It’s okay if you don’t,
but if you did, 
I wouldn’t object.
And I will come visit your homes again
{twice in one week!}
You even have 3 days to write it and 
post it…
just imagine…
sip coffee and write away…

back to our Memorial Box Monday story… 
as you know, 
a couple of months ago
Ruby was asked to be the 
Ambassador for the United Cerebral Palsy
Association of Arizona.
We were elated.
However, I instantly thought,
“What will her Royal Highness wear?”
I mentioned it to the kids 
during our morning Bible study
the next day.
And together we decided we would 
make it a matter of prayer….
asking the Lord to provide a beautiful dress
for her to wear.
We prayed regularly together
that He would graciously
provide a festive dress
for the
Belle of the Ball.
And no, 
we didn’t tell anyone 
{not one soul}
 about the need
for a dress for our sweet treasure girl.

Then one day,
several weeks after we started praying 
my sweet friend Shelby called…
she wanted to run over
and drop some stuff off…
When Shelby arrived she was carrying 
an all sparkly-fied party dress 
as this dear friend
 told me the
story behind the all glamour and glitz dress
for our little Lady Ambassador…
Shelby and her little guy Patrick
{Ruby’s ‘boyfriend’}
had been out shopping together
when Patrick happened upon the festive
party dress.

He told his mom they needed to get it
for his friend Ruby. 
Shelby acknowledged how pretty
the dress was and went on shopping,
at the end 
of their time in the store, 
Patrick would not let her leave without buying 
that beautiful girly-girl dress for Ruby.
Patrick was insistant
and he would not be deterred.
It was for Ruby and 
they weren’t leaving without it.
I giggle as I type.
Oh how Patrick 
loves his sweet friend Ruby
Ruby loves him too.
When Shelby showed us the
dress the kids and I knew immediately
what this dress was for.
After all,
we’d been praying regularly
that the Lord would provide a 
dress for the Belle of the Ball
sure enough,
Almighty God had done 
 above and beyond all that we could think or ask.
Not only was it sparkly, glitzy,
glamorous, girly,
princessy, belle-y and Ambassadorish, 
it was from her best 
We had a need.
And the God of the Universe was 
working behind the scenes –
 faithfully providing just what was needed.
We give Him thanks for His beautiful provision.
How about you?
What has the Lord done for you?
How has He miraculously provided?
How has He rescued you?
How has He healed?
Link below…
and let’s celebrate together…

For those new to our Place Called Simplicity,
 here’s an explanation of 
Memorial Box Monday.

13 thoughts on “Ruby’s Little “Boyfriend”

    1. Thank you, dear friend. every time I get down about it I am reminded that others are praying for it too. 🙂 In G-d's time. (Although I'd like to think that "yesterday, already" would suit ME just fine, I should remember that it will all work out as it should. 🙂 )

  1. Ha Ha…I think mr linkything has issue with my posts:) I was so excited to post TWICE within such a short time. Oh well, God is faithful and HIS goodness will be shared even if it is from me shouting it from the rooftops!! BTW, I would have NEVER thought to Skype while picking out a Christmas tree!! We may be trying that one next year as our oldest steps out for HIM.

    1. Skype worked – spotty at times – but hey, she *was* with us for a good part of it…and it was sooo fun to kind of have her there. Do it! And congratulations on the two links in one week. Very proud of you. You get an "A". =)

  2. I am loving this story and Miss Ruby's bright pink dress… you know Linny, I am partial to hot pink! :). I hope to get up a post for MBM involving my own hot pink item later today. God is faithful in providing…praise God for Rubys sweet friend and his listening heart.

  3. You are such an encouragement to me that God cares even about the little things in our lives. It is such a good example of how God provides. Sometimes I wish that I could allow myself to have that kind of faith or trust in God's provisions. I think it is a fear of not getting the answer we hope for. When I hear your story it encourages me to up my prayers about specific things.

  4. Hi Linny,
    Thanks so much for your hospitality at your place, and for visiting us here in WA. 🙂 (We're #7 this time, and #15 for Thanksgiving visit) And thanks so much for ALL your encouragement. I've commented and emailed you a time or two, and you are always so kind and gracious. We're former Phoenicians and fellow orphan lovers. We also lived in Flagstaff for four years before the Lord led us here, so your post about being cold in Flagstaff made me laugh. (So awesome that you were able to Skype with Emma!) We have so many special memories in Flagstaff, too!! One time when we were still living in Phoenix, we took our five very young kids (we had quadruplets that were probably 2 1/2 years old and our oldest was probably 4). After driving up to Flagstaff for some snow fun, and taking an hour : -) to bundle them all up from hats, mittens, jackets, snow boots, etc. we quickly positioned them all for a photo. As I was trying to take a picture, a really weird thing happened in my back when I repositioned myself, and I passed out from the pain. As my husband was trying to load me back up in to the van, the five kids scattered into the forest! After retrieving them all, and de-bundling them, we headed back down the mountain!! : -)

    Thanks again for all you do to encourage us!!!
    With love and gratefulness,

    1. Oh my gracious. Quadruplets? Whoooa. Having grown up in Buffalo and then living there till I was 31 and then on to Colorado for almost 8 years – I can strongly and emphatically state – I don't ever want to live in the cold again. No way. No how. If you come back to Phoenix for a visit…we will have to have coffee. xo

  5. I know this is not exactly the right place to post this, but I'm at work and don't have a lot of time to hunt for an email address! Could you possibly share this with the folks that read your blog? They are such prayer warriors, and these two chilldren need a Christmas miracle. I don't know them, they are the friends of a friend. But God does, and that's all I need to know.

    Victoria Koloff
    A friend needs prayers, as she's in the Congo waiting to hear word of whether she can bring her two small, adopted children home to the US. She's running out of money and has to get back for work, but can't bear to leave them behind. They are asking her "Mama, when do we get to go home?" She doesn't have the heart to tell them she may have to leave them again. The Congo Government is taking their time with giving her answers and getting proper paperwork done. We need a Christmas Miracle! Please pray for my friend, Michelle. Thank you!

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