Look Who’s On The “Road”

Ruby’s been up to some crazy stuff these days.


We may just have to put on roller skates to keep up with it all.

I am committed to getting pictures to chronicle each accomplishment for the world to see. 
I know many of you, sweet friends, pray regularly 
for our Ruby and even more cheer her on from afar.  

Every bit of Ruby’s life 
is a miracle 
you are part of it!  

Thank you all so much!

We are overjoyed at how her healing progress 
has begun to almost seem like it’s accelerating.

Today Ruby’s Occupational Therapist, Valarie came
for Ruby’s OT.  Valarie brought a car modified for special treasures to see if it would be something that Ruby could 
enjoy and benefit from.

Valarie had told me in the past about the car and I could
not wait for it to be Ruby’s turn to try it. 

Not long after Ruby was done this morning 
with OT Daddy called from Africa.  
I started to cry as I was telling
Dw about the car…
I absolutely could not contain myself.   
Watching Ruby was a monumental moment.   

Ruby was doing just what every other
3-1/2 year old little girl loves to do – 
drive a motorized little car.  

I can hardly grasp the reality – faithful God.


We were told by medical professionals…

She’ll never do anything.  
Discard her.
Forget about her.
Don’t waste your time.

And clearly,

Almighty God’s voice boomed in response to their words, 

“Oh really?  Now watch this.” 

34 thoughts on “Look Who’s On The “Road”

  1. you got my eye faucets pouring out water over here!!!!! She is soooo normal Linny! You know how in Jewish weddings the crowd lifts the bride and groom up in their chair and bounces them across the room? Well thats how I see Gods people doing to Jesus when we get to heaven……honoring Him and celebrating what He has done for us. Ruby will be right there in the mix, thanking Jesus for COMPLETELY healing her while she was on earth.

    1. I totally agree. And on a sidenote, many, many years ago Dw and I had the opportunity to attend a true Jewish wedding. It was amazing. I have a special love for God's chosen people and it was one of the highlights of my life – being in attendance. I loved watching all the traditions! And I believe all of heaven celebrates with each of Ruby's accomplishments!

  2. So uplifting and amazing to see Ruby in that little car. What can I say other than Thank you God. What an amazing God we have. Thank him that he brought Ruby to a family that could help her and country that has the people with the expertise to become the best that she can be. Many countries wouldn't be able to provide the help that Ruby gets. Praise God for his forever faithfulness.

    1. Her fan club wouldn't have it any other way….the second they knew she was heading out to try the car, they ditched their school and ran for the door – they *adore* their baby sis!

  3. You GO, Ruby-girl!!! I wish I had one of those things! šŸ™‚ Ruby, you are a life-changer…and not just your own life, but everyone who watches, because we see GOD at work in YOU!! Love you, my little friend!!! Give your family hugs from the Johnsons for us!
    Nancy & ShaoXi

  4. Crying.

    What. A. Joy.


    I am thrilled. If her driving wasn't awesome enough- all those sweet siblings walking along with her… That really did me in. My computer may be water damaged after all those tears of joy I just pouuurred over the keyboard! wow. Just wow. šŸ™‚ praise Him!

  5. Linny, I am advocating for a set of twin girls in China, one of whom has hydrocephalus, and they are a bit younger than Ruby. May I share this post on KidsWait.org, linking back to your blog, of course? I think this would encourage families to consider BOTH of the little girls. They've been waiting a while now. ~Rose

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