No Way!!!

A few months back I was spending time with the Lord
and suddenly an idea came screeching to a halt in my 
mind.  Most of the time I do hear His voice clearly, but this 
particular time it was such a random, crazy, out-of-the-box
idea of something that I was supposed to do…that I was actually kind of stunned, and actually a bit giddy – 

I loved this wild idea! 

Graham happened to be home that day and I told 
him what I felt like the Lord had whispered.  
Graham is a deep thinker and I wanted to know 
what he thought.   He had never heard of it either
and he really liked it. 

Dw was in Africa at the time so it was much later that I 
mentioned what I felt like the Lord was whispering.  

Time passed and every now and then I would pray
about the idea, but I knew the time wasn’t right.

Then early yesterday morning I was spending time talking 
to the Lord and, once again, the crazy, wild, out-of-the-box 
idea popped into my head again, totally out of the blue.  

This time I prayed,

“Okay Lord, the idea that popped in my head several
months ago sounds like a really crazy, wild, and 
out-of-the-box idea, and since it is so crazy and unheard of
 I’m pretty sure it’s you.  But I want to get this right.  I’m okay 
if it’s not from you, 

I just really want to be obedient.
Yet I just need to be sure that it really is your idea 
and not mine.  Is this really what you want me to do??  
So how about this?  If this is from you, would you please have someone who knows nothing about what 
you whispered bring up the idea to me, like totally out of the blue? 

Then I will *know* it’s from you.”

I’ll be honest, when I prayed that yesterday morning
I really didn’t know what to expect.  The idea was so wild,
crazy and unheard of {I’ve never heard of it before},  that
it would only be the Lord if someone mentioned it to me.
Because, truly, it was not something that would 
likely ever be on someone’s radar.  

I went about the morning and forgot completely about 
my very specific prayer.  With Dw still in Africa, the kids 
and I hung around Sabbathing…we had a very sweet morning together {we had gone to Saturday service this week}.  

Sometime in the afternoon I checked my email.  
I opened the top email and began to read….

The first email I opened was from a sweet 
bloggy friend, who I do not know at all, but she said she
stops by at our Place Called Simplicity regularly….
and I continued reading…. 

Suddenly my eyes stared in disbelief and were
 soon welling with tears as I started to giggle,   
the words tumbled out from my lips were, 

“No way!  
No way!  
No way!  
I cannot believe this!
Lord, you are so crazy good!”

Even as I type this I am giggling and welling with tears.

Only Almighty God could arrange this.  
Only Him.

Not even six hours had passed since my simple prayer 
and here He was sending the answer.  

This sweet bloggy friend was asking 
me to do the very thing I had petitioned 
the Lord about earlier in the morning.  
Not even a speck different.  
It was the wild, crazy, out-of-the-box idea to a “T”.  

Liberty and Nehemiah were in the kitchen as I was 
almost jumping for joy…I explained briefly and Nehemiah
in his broken English said, “So cool what God do.”  
Liberty was giggling with me.  

So what’s my point in sharing this today?

Well first to chronicle the events of our family for 
my children and children’s children to know how
life went…

However, it is also to remind those waiting to hear 
God speak, that He does!  

My own personal experience is that His answers 
are not always quite as fast as that {rarely actually}
but He *does* move mountains, whisper 
secrets and apparently in some cases He even sends
emails through unknowing sweet bloggy friends. 

When we are obedient He will lead – 
even in crazy, unchartered, wild water and  
our job is just to follow in obedience.  

So if you are asking Him for direction, hang on,
He will direct.  Just keep trusting that the plan
is going to come and it will be very good.

And then go check your email.  

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;

he’s the one who will keep you on track.”  
Proverbs 3: 5,6 tm

19 thoughts on “No Way!!!

  1. Nehemiah is so right – So cool what God do!! Yes He does send email – several times actually…and when He speaks…You will know it's Him! I LOVE when He does that!

  2. Yes – we know He answers in His time. We have been praying about how to finance our adoption since Mom's house is still not selling, and God had it all along! Can hardly wait to hear your idea that was God's whispering.

  3. I wish you can share what the crazy idea was, haha πŸ™‚

    He did whisper something to me, so very lightly that I wondered if I did hear from Him. Or maybe it was my mind. I have yet to find out… I would love for Him to speak to me directly like He did for you… please pray that He does? πŸ™‚ thank you! πŸ˜€

  4. Oh, Linny! God is good, all the time. I've been in the place over the past week of being afraid to ask because I was even more scared to hear the answer. This post, like so many of your posts, is about trust. Something we all desperately need in this fallen world. I will looking for answers and listening for whispers today. Thank you.

    1. You already know this J, but He is trustworthy. Fear makes us think otherwise. He's got your {and J's} back, even when we question and He *is* working the nightshift on yours and his behalf. xo

  5. This is EXACTLY what I needed to be reminded of today. My word for this year is "Trust," so I love the Proverbs verse you shared. God spoke something crazy to me last week in one of my prayer times, I wrote it down in my journal to have it documented, but still keep questioning if it was really Him or just my wild imagination πŸ™‚ I'm continuing to trust though. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I have read your blog regularly without commenting but wanted to stop by and say it was encouraging for me to read this last night. My husband and I are talking about something and praying, seeking answers. I told him Sunday I wish He'd just send us a letter in the mail or an email telling us what to do about this. I said it somewhat jokingly, but then I read your post about the email and felt that God was reminding me He can answer our prayers any way or fashion. I ask you to pray for an answer for us too. Thank you!

  7. So excited for you! And excited for me, too! You see, God told me something VERY specific but very easily shifted to the flesh. I actually fought Him on it for a bit, but then surrendered. As soon as the surrender happened I wanted it to happen "right now" but of course His timing is perfect, but rarely "right now." As time has rolled by (feels like a lot of time, but has actually only been three months), I have sometimes wondered if it was really Him or just me. Every time I wonder that, He brings me a reminder of how He speaks to me. Often the reminder has been straight from the Word, but other times He has used other things, like your beautiful and encouraging blog post, complete with gorgeous flower pictures (how did you know I am pining away for flowers this winter and the something He told me actually has to do with flowers?) God is good! Thank you for writing this!

    1. I just love flowers too! These are great pictures! My favorite is the one with the red tulips and blue and yellow flowers. Makes me happy! I pinned it one at least two of my Pinterest boards. πŸ™‚

    2. You pinned it on your Pinterest board?? I feel honored. I took the picture in London on a layover, when Liberty and I went and explored the city before catching our next flight home last April. I am addicted to flowers. The bottom picture was in London as well {with the partial sign}…two of the others were taken in our backyard here and the pink/purple daisy one was the basket Emma sent last year for Mother's day {I'm a daisy lover!}…so grateful for pictures that preserve the memories!!

  8. Wow! This encourages my heart tonight! I have been asking God very specifically about something I'm doing as a job, asking Him to let me know if it's really the way He has for me or if I need to let it go before it gets to be too big. And I've asked Him to show me without using a measure of success or failure. Crazy, I know. So I'll keep asking, knowing that He will show me the way He has for me in His time. His perfect timing.

    And the part about checking your email made me giggle and remember an Ebenezer in my own life. I'd read the book "The Shack" a few years back and had blogged about reading it and having the author over for dinner. I'd written how the book had helped me find a deeper intimacy with my Papa God. Weeks later, I got an email telling me to go check my post office box across the border. It was signed "Papa", and the email was untraceable. Well, I crossed the border and checked my box and began to cry. Papa God had provided us with a significant gift, but the perfection if it was that it was 110% more than we had given to someone else when they needed it. It was like He was giving back, with interest! I still have NO idea who Papa God used to send that amazing gift, but it still makes me smile wide over five years later.

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