The Disclaimer…

Well it sounds like many of you, after reading 
your comments here and on FB have been in 
the same boat and are waiting for answers.

I’m so very grateful that my situation encouraged 
your heart and ministered to your souls. 

God’s word is clear that we comfort or encourage
each other by the same way we’ve been comforted
or encouraged….

We also have our faith built by telling each other
stories of God’s faithfulness.  When I hear what He did
for you, then I know He is able to do the same for me.

And here’s the heads up, the “for the record”,
or perhaps we could call it the “disclaimer”
when I speak with vagueness I am not, 
in any way,
trying to bait you in.   There are some
things that just have to remain
{for the time being} between the 
Lord and I…

{The vague things I mention, 
like yesterday’s post, 
are merely used as an illustration
to encourage others of you who are also in
the ‘waiting’ phase.}

If I am teasing, baiting or
provoking you, 
you will know it.

Kind of like the time I put this baby rattle 

on this post and merely wrote,

“We told Him we’d do anything
and we meant it.”  

Yes, that was a tease, a bait  – such wonderfully,
giggly fun {for me anyway!} and of course,  
it was the beginning of announcing our
sweet little love-bug Ruby….

Lastly, I wrote back to everyone about the curriculum
over the week-end.  If, by chance, you didn’t hear from 
me, then I likely never got your email requesting information.
Please resend to

Today we all went for a picnic at lunch at 
a neighborhood park, largely in part to the ease 
of our new curriculum….
and this mama and her sweet pile are
so very grateful for that….


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