Two Ten Year Olds…

Birthdays are definitely not in short supply 
in our home
during the winter months.
And today we celebrate
the miraculous working of Almighty God
in bringing Isaiah Samuel home.
For those who know Isaiah’s story,
you remember how God moved
the enormous mountains…
If you ask Isaiah what God can do
he quips without hesitation:
“He can move mountains.”
Yes, indeed.
He can and does move mountains.
Isaiah Samuel
Isaiah is wise beyond his 10 years,
remembers well the days he spent in the orphanage
and has a tender heart for the orphan.
He has said he has been feeling called to share 
Christ with a very specific people group.
When Isaiah matter-of-factly mentioned it,  
completely out of the blue,
 I almost fell over.  
This is definitely not a people group 
that has been on our radar. 
God must have some very specific plans with that
and that’s why I make mention of it today…
cause once upon a time we had a little girl
who we videoed at 8 saying she was going to
grow up in and be a missionary to the orphans
of Uganda…and well, you where that girl is today!

Lunch at Chino Bandido – 
the only Chinese/Mexican restaurant
I’ve ever heard of!  
Apparently Ruby thought the name alone
was a hoot.

It’s okay to wish him a Happy 10th.
His sweet ol’ dimples will surely show 
as he grins and reads through them.

38 thoughts on “Two Ten Year Olds…

  1. Wow! you are such a big boy now! I am so glad you have a heart for doing things for God. Don't let that go away.

    From about the time I was 6, I wanted to be a missionary. Not a specific place in mind, but God brought me to England…permanently!(my husband is British). Some people thought England wasn't a place that needed missionaries. But you know what? They do. and besides, I meet more people from other parts of the world here than I ever would in any of the places people thought God would put me. God knows best!
    Your friend in the United Kingdom.

  2. Happy Birthday Isaiah! You are an amazing boy….in double digits now….#10! yay……Have a super birthday…..and I look forward to hearing more about you as God guides your life. Hugs from cold Iowa…… Renee and Joel

  3. Wishing a VERY HAPPY BLESSED Birthday to your Isaiah! We have a sweet Hunan China "baby no more" who just turned 10 too and also just celebrated 9 years as our forever baby. She too is wiser beyond her years. She was sharing Jesus, the plan of Salvation & God's love for all with her friends @ the young age of 3 and then gave her life to Christ @ 7. So excited to see what these "orphan no more" babes will do for the Kingdom of God!!! Have a Marvelous Year Being 10 Isaiah Samuel!!

  4. Happy Birthday to a precious child of God! Your sweet spirit shines through your smile:) Praying God will lead you in His plans with the people group on your heart.

  5. Happy Birthday from Alaska, Isaiah! I look forward to seeing God's continuing and WoNdErFuL plan for your life as you continue to grow in Him.

  6. Dear Isaiah, wishing you the most WONDERFUL birthday. I loved your birthday breakfast, I would have had the same thing.

    God Bless and may all your amazing dreams come true.

    Love Bec who lives in Sydney, Australia.

  7. Isaiah, YOU are a very special young man, and it is so exciting to think about all God is going to do in this world through you! Hope you have (had?) a wonderful , terrific, fantastic day!

  8. Happy Birthday dear Isaiah! It was your remarkable story that first led me to this Place Called Simplicity. It was your story that introduced me to this community of people who not only believed in the miraculous power of Almighty God– but they LIVED IT OUT! It was your story that led me to search out a Jesus I did not know very well before this. And it is your story I can't wait to see play out on God's global stage! But the coolest thing is, it is YOUR story– and YOU are made so perfectly, so beautifully, and so remarkably JUST AS YOU ARE!
    I hope you have a blast on your birthday doing crazy, fun, adventurous 10-year old stuff— enjoy!

  9. Isaiah~ DUDE! Are you really ten now?!?! That means you're in double digits! Sending you lots of happy happy wishes from Texas. And, about that restaurant, can we come with you next time? Because if I had to choose my family's favorite foods, I think Chinese Mexican would just about fit us perfect! Have a great day, Mr. 10!

  10. Happy birthday Isaiah Samuel!!! You're in the double digits now. I can't wait to read your moms blog for years to come and see where God leads you. I bet you will be amazing.

  11. A belated birthday to your wonderful miracle boy, Isaiah! I can't believe he's 10 years old!! I still remember seeing him for the first time, even back then his smile would light up a room. What a precious boy!!

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