Family Photos – Saunders Style

Given the official announcement yesterday
I joyfully share our family photo taken 
over Christmas.
Missing twelve of us:

Abigail, Ryan, Finn, Stone, 
Baby #3 [due any day], 
Ty, Sarah, Charlotte & Will,
Emma & LM
Baby #1 for Karl and Autumn – 
although sort of pictured

Ruby’s thinkin’, 
“Is that the best scary face ya’ got Nehemiah?”

Turning toward Jubilee, Ruby’s wondering, 
“Jubilee, they said ‘scary face’ not smiley face!” 

[It’s true.  Little brothers take a beating.  Isaiah’s face is totally saying, “How hard can we squeeze Elijah’s head?”
and Nehemiah’s knuckles are asking the same question.]
Of course, Elijah’s still laughing. 
[glutton for punishment] 

Elizabeth decided to be the 
statute of Liberty
Jubilee joined her.
Isaiah immediately posed as well.
We asked, “What are you, Isaiah?”
He giggled, “The Lincoln Memorial!”
Of course.  
Silly us.
While Nehemiah undoubtedly wondered, 
“Lincoln who?” 
“What are you talking about?
Liberty’s not a statute!” 

17 thoughts on “Family Photos – Saunders Style

  1. Great photos… love love to see how they have grown…and to see their faces shining with the love of family and Jesus!!! Congrats to the couple and the family….what a fun time for all of you.

  2. Wonderful photos! Everyone looks so special. I love the one of the boys.
    and Jubilee looks so pretty in her grown up hair cut – especially in the 'scary' photo.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. I KNEW IT!!!! I am like a super-sleuth when tv shows try to hide that an actress is pregnant (covering up her belly with black shirts and bags of groceries) and I had noticed for a while that all of Abi's photos had her belly strategically hidden. But I thought it would be too weird of me to ask her (seeing as how I'm a total stranger) so I just lurked like a crazy person. I knew it!! I am so happy for them, and you with all these blessings abounding!

  4. I just realized what a dork I am and you're welcome to delete my previous comment! Oh boy! I forgot they were adopting a baby and THAT is what you meant when you said baby #3 is due any day! Right? My spidey senses have failed me….

  5. Just LOVE those loving brother photos! Nehemiah's face in the "Smush Elijah's Head" photo is great. His face says, "Isaiah are you sure this is ok? Well, then, ok–I'm gonna do my part!" And Liberty's face in the scary faces photo is another great one "Really, mom? Scary? I don't think so. I'll just stand here and hold sweet Ruby." Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Can't wait to see one with everyone someday! Congrats to Graham and Savannah–she's already been a member of the family for a while–this just makes it officially official!

    1. Oh dear friend, I *cannot* wait to have my entire family together. Pray with me that it *will* happen this summer. Please? It is heavy on my heart – fasting and praying regularly for it to happen!! xo

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