This Mimi is Tickled….

So many of you prayed for our Karl back in July 2011.

Those new to our Place Called Simplicity, 
our precious [now] son-in-love Karl 
{who was dating our daughter at the time} 
was in a horrific motorcycle accident on 
July 17, 2011.  

A traumatic brain injury left Karl in a coma for 15 days.

I will never forget when Carol, a bloggy friend in Texas
started a virtual prayer calendar and literally thousands
of people around the world covered Karl’s prayer calendar…

I would cry each time I would look at it, amazed at the
outpouring of our bloggy friends around the world.

And no matter the hour of the day OR night, there was
always at least one person praying for a full recovery 
for him.

Although many thought a full recovery was not possible
exactly one year, one month and one day after the accident
Karl married our only blue-eyed daughter, Autumn.  

As we celebrate several things in our home this week, 
we are thrilled to announce that Karl and Autumn have 
found out that the baby Autumn is carrying is a 


Everly Elizabeth

is due to make her grand appearance somewhere around 

June 24th.

The grandbaby boys were kind of ruling the roost
so we’re tickled pink to have another grandbaby girl 
heading our way!

To all who prayed, fasted and contended before Almighty
God’s throne of grace for Karl’s complete healing – you
are part of this miraculous celebration – 

thank you, 
thank you and 
thank you again!  

I will never stop praising the Lord for the love of 
friends around the world during that very real battle.

If you happened to miss Karl’s story – it’s an amazing testament
to not only the power of God, but the providence of God….

And to those who don’t believe 
miracles happen today. 
You couldn’t be more wrong!

If you are need of a boost of your faith….
I encourage you to read on…

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22 thoughts on “This Mimi is Tickled….

  1. I will never forget that time in your family's life. The outpouring of prayer was something to behold. I remember being a part of that 24 hr. a day prayer team. Congrats to your entire family on this fantastic news! Grandbabies are one of God's greatest gifts!

    1. After reading your comment Grandma Shelley, I am convinced that anyone who was a part of it will never forget, don't you think? It was too powerful to comprehend. Thank you so much for being a part of the prayer team!

  2. Congratulations, Linny, on this GOOD news!!! I was just thinking about Autumn and Karl today and wondering if there was any new news… Glad it's the "pink" kind!

    I will NEVER forget God's mighty work during the days following Karl's accident. As I would add each day to the prayer vigil, I would find myself weeping as each space would fill with another praying friend as quickly as it was added. It was UNBELIEVABLE in my human understanding, but God CAN DO ALL things. so blessed…..Carol from Texas

    1. Carol – Your ingenuity in putting together the virtual prayer clock was only from the heart of God. You were a valuable asset to the entire healing process. It was horrible to walk through, but His hand was so evident each step of the way. Thank you for being you and thank you for caring and thank you for reaching out and thank you for loving us!! xo

  3. This is soooo awesome….Congrats Karl and Autumn…..
    Grandgirlies are so much fun to dress…LOL…Grandbaby
    boys are fun too…This is a testament to the Grace and
    Faithfulness of God…
    Love you both
    Love from NC

  4. Oh sweet LInny ~ I will NEVER forget Karl's story and the many prayers that went up on his behalf. God is most certainly the God of miracles, and how humbling it was to watch as people prayed around the clock for him. Through their faithfulness, God was working miracles… and that new grandbaby-girl is living proof of the story and 'hope for a future' that He had in store for Karl and Autumn all along. HE IS FAITHFUL! Congratulations and God bless you all as you celebrate this great news and prepare for Baby Everly's arrival!♥

    Blessings & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya Thom

    1. As I mentioned to Grandma Shelley {above} I don't think anyone part of it will ever forget it. The body of Christ, through the power of prayer was a force to be reckoned with – thank you so much for being part of it all. We cannot ever thank you all enough. Miraculous joy! Only Almighty God!!

  5. Oh we will never forget this miracle and not just the miracle healing but how God brought us all together and all the little miracles that happened surrounding this journey. So many beautiful pieces surrounding it and reminding us to hope, to believe, stand on His word and faith. I am thankful my little ones even at their young age stormed day and night with prayers and that we learned so much. Thankful for who God is and that we could be a part of this. That little girl has such a story to begin her life, she is a miracle as well.

    1. YOu are soooo right Lori!! Everly's story has the most amazing start and she is truly a miracle! Well put! Please thank your little treasures for being an integral part of this whole big picture!

  6. Congratulations! We are celebrating our first granddaughter's 13th birthday today. She was born on her Poppa's 46th birthday, so she is extra special. 😉 Love everly's name, too. :)

  7. Oh, goodness! What a week filled brim full of good news for your family. Smiling and the joy and love for you all. I prayed for Karl during a few of those shifts, and it is truly a beautiful thing to see just some the plans God had back then coming to fruition now. Sweet Everly was in His mind even then! Celebrating with you, for Everly and for the upcoming wedding you will be celebrating, too! What a sweet, sweet season. So very happy for you, Linny. I read always and rarely comment, but this weeks news had me not just praying, but jumping for joy and commenting. :) To God be the glory.

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