The “It” – Part 3

The links here: Part 1 and Part 2 of the “It” story would 
be a great place to start before reading this post.  

If you aren’t into going back and reading them, no biggie.

Please do me a favor and just skip this one too,
or likely you will be very confused by it all.

The last part of this story is just as important as
the middle part of the story.   Because this part 3
was the tell tale convincing that my heart apparently
needed – ha!

So here’s the ‘rest of the story’…


Once I decided to go Gluten-Free {after the confirming
words of that man in the DIY store} I did not cheat.

Not even once. 

I had no desire to.

I’m one of those “do it all or don’t do it at all” kind of chicks.
Not too much ‘middle of the road’ with me.  So in keeping 
with who I am, I dove in hook, line and sinker.

I felt so much better within two days that I was astounded.
It was such a significant difference in my noggin’s fog
that I was totally convinced that I would not go back to the 
“old way” – no matter what!

About two weeks into eating Gluten-Free, it was early,
early, early morning and my cell phone rang.  Dw was still in Africa and Savannah had already left for work.  

Our home had that early morning quiet as everyone was just starting to stir.  Well, except for Ruby-girlfriend who was up keeping mommy company.  Ruby and I had hugged Savannah good-bye before work and sent her on her way.  

About 25 minutes later the sound of my cell ringing jolted me.  
Kind of weird such an early morning call.  I was surprised 
to see Savannah’s number come up and got a bit of a panic 
in me.  She was in route and definitely shouldn’t be calling.  

I answered with, “What’s wrong?  Are you okay?”  
She was crying.  She’d been in a car accident on the
freeway.  I found out where and ran with my cell to 
Graham who was now sitting at the counter eating breakfast.  

On an interesting note:  It turns out that the young man who 
hit her was hurrying to court where he was to appear for, of all things – 

a traffic violation. 

Of course he was.   

I grabbed Ruby, put Liberty in charge and threw a couple of 
things in Ruby’s diaper bag as she had not had breakfast yet.  

Graham, Ruby and I hurried to where the accident was.  
As I waited for Graham, Savannah, the police and the
young man to sort through stuff I was able to climb in 
the back to sit and feed Ruby a bite to eat. 

One of the things I had thrown in the diaper bag was those
little “Puffs” {kind of like Cheerios} that melt in a little 
one’s mouth.  Although I had given them once to Ruby 
before I had never tasted them.  It was just such a joy to
see her trying this new mouth sensation {Remember they 
said she’d never do anything?} 

Since I had not eaten anything yet that morning, I popped one in my mouth.  In the next couple of minutes I ate approximately 
2 or 3 more.  

Suddenly Savannah panicked, 

Those have wheat in them!”

Oh my goodness! I hadn’t known they had wheat. It had
never even crossed my mind that they might.  I had been
completely distracted by the accident, the situation,  what 
it all meant besides thinking of getting ahold of Dw over 
in Africa, and had never even thought that perhaps they 
had wheat in them.  

I answered back to Savannah,
“Well at least I only had maybe 3 or 4.”  

In my mind I thought,  

“Whew! Whew! Whew! Since I’ve only been Gluten-Free 
for 2 weeks it’s probably not even all out of my system.”

I was actually a bit annoyed at myself for not even thinking 
about whether they contained gluten or not.  Ugh. 

Although I had removed all the gluten stuff from the pantry,
it had never even crossed my mind about these little things.

I went back to feeding Ruby and got lost in all the 
preoccupation of the accident and all that entailed.

Within minutes we were heading toward home. This time though Graham was driving Savannah in her frame-bent, 
badly damaged car and I was alone with Ruby.   

There was so much on my mind as Ruby and I made our way 
toward home…..and not one fiber of my being remembered that I had eaten the 3 or 4 little “puffs”.  

About 10 minutes into the drive toward home I began to feel horrible.  I can’t even adequately put into words how horribly
yukky I started to feel.   

I remember thinking to myself:  

This is so weird.  What is wrong with me? I woke up feeling so good!  I am suddenly feeling absolutely horrible.  I can’t even describe it.

Now dear friends, if you were an up-close person in my life
you would know that not only do I never complain about the
constant pain I am in, I never, ever, ever tell anyone when I
feel yukky.  It is Dw who will occasionally say, “You’re not
feeling good, are you?”  

Even in the privacy of our own lives, I just keep my pain,
discomfort and yukky stuff to myself.  

But rest assured, in all my years, I had never, ever, ever,
ever, ever felt this way or this horrible before.  

Not ever.  

As I drove a bit more down the freeway I began to think,
“When I get home I need to have Graham take me to the ER.
I think I am actually not going to make it.” 

I know that sounds terribly dramatic, but I later questioned Dw,

“Babe, you have been with me for 37 years.  
Have you ever heard me say that I thought I wasn’t 
going to make it?”

He shook his head ‘no’ and said, “Not even close.”  

True enough, in 37 years there had never been a time.  

And whether it surprises anyone or not, not even for a 
nanosecond did the 3 or 4 little Puffs come to mind.  I never
thought one thing about them.  They were so tiny, 
inconsequential in my opinion that I gave them no 
thought whatsoever – not even a speck!!  My mind was
so preoccupied with all that had just transpired and now
wondering if I was in the midst of some medical emergency
that needed immediate emergency attention.

When we all reached home I opted not to say anything
to Graham {told ya!} and I went to the kitchen to find 
something to pamper our sweet Savannah!

I felt horrible, but got busy serving her.  When she was 
settled on the couch and pampered a bit I went back to thinking about whatever in the world was going on with me.

I was so perplexed and feeling horrific.  I debated.  Should 
I tell Graham to take me to the ER? I waited reasoning that he wouldn’t want to leave because Savannah had just had 
the accident.

As the Lord would have it, before long Abigail called me
about Savannah’s accident.  And because I was so concerned
with how I felt, I fessed up to her and just said, “I’m not 
really feeling very good.”  

Abigail questioned, “What’s wrong mom?”  

“I’m not sure.  I just feel horrible.  I woke up feeling so great this morning too!  I don’t know what went wrong.”  [Still didn’t think
about the Puffs at all.]

Her next question:  

“Did you have any wheat?”

I gasped!

“No way!  I had 3 or 4 of those little tiny melt-in-your
mouth Puff-things of Ruby’s.  Completely by accident.
It couldn’t be that.  No way!”

I was finding the whole thought incredulous.

She told me she thought that’s precisely what it was.

I couldn’t argue with her.  It made perfect sense.  

The timing.  The innocence of it all.  I never had even 
given it one thought.  And surprisingly, my head had 
become very foggy, but I hadn’t even correlated the two.

There is no doubt that Abi’s phone call was 
God’s perfect timing. 

Hence, there is 
no way, 
no how, 
not a chance, 
that I will ever eat gluten for any reason.  


I am gluten-free.   Period.  For the rest of my life.

I will never knowingly take gluten again.  

The thought freaks me out.  

And if that means never eating anywhere out again, so be it.

And that my friends, is how I have begun to get “it” back.
I feel better than I’ve felt in years.  I still have pain throughout 
my body every day, but I am trusting that that will also continue 
to heal, by God’s amazing grace.  

If you have struggled with some of the things I’ve mentioned,
I encourage you to just try for 30 days being gluten-free. 

16 thoughts on “The “It” – Part 3

  1. I find your testimony quite intriguing. I have thought for sometime that going glutton free was just a gimmick. But the more I research it the more promising it looks. But it is a scary transition and all or nothing commitment. I just LOVE carbs and eating out. I joke that it is one of my love languages.

    But my pain is so debilitating. I fight an auto-immune arthritis, degenerate disc disease and several other diseases. No cure available. I just might need to find the courage to commit to going gf.

    On a side note… Many times I have tried to keep my suffering to myself, and my husband and family have told me how selfish that is. They desire to know how I am and what I am dealing with. Otherwise how could they support me, comfort me and pray for me?

    Being a PollyAnna isn't healthy for anyone.

  2. I went GF years ago for the same reasons. Just be aware that gluten is used as a stabilizer in a lot of foods. It's hidden everywhere. BUT you are picking a good time to go GF because there is soooo much more to choose from these days. And prices have dropped a lot. Make Amazon your best friend. I find the best prices on things like GF pretzels and pasta there. I don't eat many prepared things but it's nice to have some crackers (new favorite is on the shelf next to Wheat Thins but are called Rice Thins- they are delish and really reasonably priced for GF foods), pretzels and pasta in the pantry. As far as going out to eat, it's so easy to do these days. It's awesome. Always ask because a LOT of restaurants have GF menus to give you if you just ask for them. I can't even tell you how fantastic this is after some really miserable experiences when I first started five years ago. Oh and in general you do best at Asian (just ask for GF soy sauce) and Hispanic/Mexican restaurants. They tend to use rice and corn instead of wheat and you don't even need things to be specially made GF- they just are naturally.

    Also, be prepared to eat bad baked goods. It just takes a while to find the flours you like best (again…cozy up to Amazon for the best prices) and understand that they will never taste exactly the same. Pinterest will be your best friend to find recipes though.

    Have fun. Getting rid of the "gluten fog" and "gluten gut" is amazing!!

  3. I have been right where you were, I know how that feels! I am super sensitive to gluten as well, it is amazing what teensy tiny bit of gluten will do to me. I am so thrilled that God showed you what your body needs! For me, there were marked improvements in many areas of my health for six months after I went gluten free, I really think the longer a person that should be gluten free consumes gluten, the longer it takes the body to heal from all the damage done. I can't wait to hear more about how your life improves!

  4. Talk about great timing! I just recently a friend to check out your blog because she was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago and I was hoping she could be encouraged by your healing. She is a new Christian and just starting to see how awesome god is and how he hears and answers our prayers. I can't wait to tell her about this post! "Yippee Jesus". :). Thanks for posting. For whatever reason I can't seem to fall asleep tonight and so I decided to catch up on your blog because it's even awhile. Gods timing is always perfect.

  5. Yes that's exactly what happens after you get "glutenized" after being of the poison for an extended period of time.Think about trying sour cherry juice for joint pain a 2 or 3 ounces a day will make a difference if you miss a day or two you will no it .

  6. I have read that potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant can cause joint pain. I read about it somewhere and didn't give it much thought. I have found that when I eat potatoes my joints do hurt. It isn't something I think about while eating them but realize later when my joints hurt that I ate a potato. Now I try to stay away from them as much as possible.

  7. It is pretty amazing. I, too, am gluten-free. I do like to bake and just bake for others and not eat what I bake. Well, last year I had a party for my son and had made several desserts. Everyone was raving about one in particular. I tried it. That was later in the evening. I went to bed that night and woke up with swollen hands and feet and I thought I was in congestive heart failure. I was miserable. It was the wheat. It is worse when you don't have it and then have a speck. I totally get where you are coming from. Glad you were able to find the source and happy you feel so much better. Gluten is a dangerous additive that really affects about 80% of people.

  8. We have 2 children with multiple food allergies and our lives are not dominated by it…it, honestly, becomes part of life and no big deal. We deal with soy, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts, egg, rice and sunflower seeds. We are grateful its not worse and I actually find baking without eggs easier than with! Funny how that works out!

  9. amazing! One of my co-workers in gluten intolerant. He's much better now that he's eating right. On our pizza days, they order him one that's gluten free. I eat a few gluten free items and it makes me feel good. Glad you are feeling better and hope it will make some of your other problems fade, not more piggybacking!

  10. I have wrestled back and forth with the decision to go gluten-free since reading an article about it in Prevention magazine last year. I have so many of the symptoms, but just never made that final decision to just do it. Your personal experience and insight into how it is to live gluten-free has given me the courage to go for it. Thank you for being God's voice to me.

  11. Isn't God amazing?! How He can suddenly show us so clearly (even in a scary situation) what the answer is?? I have been off and on being gluten free for a couple years (I will admit, I fall off the wagon way too much- those sugar cookies I made at Christmas are just TOO good and once you have a little, it opens the gate for more!) because I was suffering from severe stomach cramps and bloating every time I'd have it. But over time the cramps no longer plagued me so I'd convince myself that it was okay to have gluten, at least in moderation, until a few weeks later when I'd start feeling bloated again and would have to quit again.

    Thankfully there are so many more GF options in restaurants than there even were a couple years ago. Gluten free pizza, hamburger buns (not my favorite, by the way), corn tortillas so you can have Mexican food ;), etc. And of course salads until they come out your ears. I am so thankful that though GF seems like a fad, that it has opened the doors to so many options we might have not had otherwise.

    I am so thankful you have an answer and that you feel better without it!!

  12. hi linny,
    i am gluten free too, bc i was diagnosed with celiac disease 10 years ago. I know that horrible, horrible feeling!!! If i accidentally eat gluten (maybe once a year) ACCIDENTALLY…I will be on death's doorstep! GUT wrenching. It is enough to keep me happily to my diet! And praise the Lord for how easy it is. I eat like a queen! God bless u! so glad you are feeling better, Linny. the photos of ruby and her big brother made me cry. Praise God.

  13. My daughter (8) is very gluten sensitive. After stumping many specialist and being diagnosed with things like periodic fever syndrome she still had no relief. She was not growing, complaining it hurt to eat, inflamed joints and lymph nodes with 104 fevers. I took her off gluten. Thinking I have to try. It is amazing. She has grown 4" in the last year finally getting on the growth charts. She has accidentally ate wheat twice. Both times within an hour she has spiked a fever and been sick for a couple days. People think it's sad that she can't eat gluten but she doesn't mind she knows how much better she feels not eating it. Thank you so much for sharing! God is great! It is great to see my daughter not in so much pain.

  14. My daughter (8) is very gluten sensitive. After stumping many specialist and being diagnosed with things like periodic fever syndrome she still had no relief. She was not growing, complaining it hurt to eat, inflamed joints and lymph nodes with 104 fevers. I took her off gluten. Thinking I have to try. It is amazing. She has grown 4" in the last year finally getting on the growth charts. She has accidentally ate wheat twice. Both times within an hour she has spiked a fever and been sick for a couple days. People think it's sad that she can't eat gluten but she doesn't mind she knows how much better she feels not eating it. Thank you so much for sharing! God is great! It is great to see my daughter not in so much pain.

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