Jubilee Can Hear {Finally!}

Joy of joys!
Jubilee can finally{!} hear!
We praise the name of the Lord that
He gave man the idea for bone induction 
and wisdom for the technology
behind it…
because now our precious girl can hear.
Jubilee waited 12 years 
her smile says it all.

She was so excited she could hardly stand it.
Jubilee told everyone, 
{The name of the device.}
 Just before she got it. 
Jubilee with her new pink soft band BAHA.

This kind hearted woman is the Family Life advocate
who comes to Jubilee’s appointments/surgeries/procedures
and makes sure Jubilee feels comfortable.
Such a sweet blessing!
We rejoice in this long-awaited miracle.

24 thoughts on “Jubilee Can Hear {Finally!}

  1. Congratulations, Jubilee! God has given you ears to hear His wonderful creation (and how much your family loves you!). We praise Him for that and for you! Dear Lord, may this new experience only be a blessing for Jubilee and never a difficult or overwhelming thing.

  2. Oh wonderful! I can imagine a very little because I remember what it was like to get glasses for the first time…a long time after they found I needed them. It will be special to see her response to things like birdsong!
    you have had some special blessings for your treasures in the last week or so!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Been reading here a few weeks now! What a blessing you and your family are. One of my very best friends has one and it changed her life, so I can only imagine what this moment was like for her. Also that jacket looks awfully similar to the one she had on when you were still in China :). So excited to read more about your treasures and a big hello from here in Chandler!

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