Mimi’s Giddy

This Mimi’s heart is nearly exploding…
It’s official….
Abigail and Ryan
together with Finn and Stone
Indio Wilde Gard
{6 lbs. 9 oz}
Isn’t Indio adorable?
So the other day Abi, Ryan and the boys
got the word it was “time”
and left in a couple of hours to 
drive from 
San Francisco to Phoenix 
to leave LexieLu, their boxer, with us.
They arrived sometime after midnight
and we all sat around laughing,
talking and playing with Finn and Stone.
Excitement was definitely in the air!

Another baby boy was coming!
Early the next morning everyone
was up to sip coffee, eat breakfast
and soak in some sweet time together.
Eventually Dw drove them to the airport
and they flew to the East coast
to meet their newest son…
And this Mimi and Jaja are both stinkin’ giddy!!
The enormous upside of ‘pet sitting’ Lexie
{besides loving her to pieces}
is that they have to come get her.

Definitely Win/Win.

{Indie makes 6 grandtreasures, so far.}

11 thoughts on “Mimi’s Giddy

  1. Congratulations!! What a beautiful new treasure!! Linny, I have to tell you, I was instructed by my Dr to go grain free/gluten free to help with the symptoms of my thyroid disease and have not done it because it has seemed so daunting and overwhelming. Reading about your gluten free process and how it helped you feel so much better, and then your reaction when ingesting it again, has given me the jump start I needed. Thank you!! Also, in my research I have found that gluten is in a great number of strange products that are surprising, such as deodorant and toothpaste. I found this list and thought I would pass it along to you. http://www.glutenfree-lifestyle.com/glutenfreeproductsbytype.html

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