A couple of weeks ago I received an
email notice
that someone I barely knew had placed some 
money in my Paypal account.
It was an extremely hectic day 
and all I could think was, 
“Wonder what that’s all about?”
An hour or so later I saw that there
were a couple more emails
saying the same thing from
other friends.
But life was especially crazy
that day and I went back to my tasks
perplexed, “What is up?”  
Totally weird.
I was unable to check my email
for a few more hours and when I did
I found several more emails like this:
So-n-so just deposited $5 in your Paypal Account
So-n-so just deposited $10 in your Paypal Account
and the list went on.
Dw was still in Africa
but Graham arrived home.
I asked him, 
“Do you know anything about this?”
He smirked.

Turns out that a sweet friend
wrote a Facebook status 
and blocked me
{had no idea you could do that – so very clever, 
but oh-so-wrong!}
mentioning that if anyone
wanted to donate to help Ruby 
get her own set of wheels…
I started to cry.
You guys are amazing
you *know* who you are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ruby is happy to report that the company who
adapted the little Tow-mater truck that 
she tried is coming to our home for a consult
in late March.
 Lord willing, sometime after that, 
our sweet little gem will have her own set of
wheels adapted just for her needs.
Until then, she has been able to 
use the Tow-Mater truck at therapy.
As you can tell from her grin –
she’s lovin’ it!
And Almighty God said,

“Really?  Now watch this!”

5 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. So honored to be able to help in such a small way. I follow your blog, but am only a lurker for the most part. I hope Ruby continues to prove all of those doctors wrong. God Bless You ALl!!

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