I’m sitting here in a darkened hotel room on the other side of the ocean.  My body actually can’t decide if it’s supposed to be sleeping or awake and my brain seems to be equally confused!  

Our flights were booked with an extra long layover so we found a hotel to sleep for a bit. 
The flowers outside our hotel are absolutely lovely.
Slowly, the March 2014 GO team is making it’s way to serve in Uganda…and we are expectant at how the Lord is going to work.   
As I was preparing to leave our home I was praying…this concern, that concern, what about this going on…the list was long…and suddenly I felt like the Lord said, “Pray with expectancy!  Pray like you are expecting me to provide, to move, to meet, to protect!”  
Although I usually pray with expectancy, there had been some struggles in my heart and I was not coming from an all-powerful-God-working-for-our-best-vantage-point!

 So I immediately changed my prayers.

When we are walking in obedience He is moving and we can expect it!  Isn’t is easy to get derailed?  Oh!!  Our Memorial Box needs to be super-glued to my head some days!  {ha}
Here we are half way into our trip and there have been three things that have come up that needed remedy.  Immediately I thanked Him that He would take care of it and make it better than the original plan, and guess what?  
Each was miraculously provided for “above and beyond”.  
He is faithful.
We can expect Him to be working….
So I ask….
Are you praying expectantly?
Can you believe that He is working on your behalf?
Because He is.  
Even when it doesn’t look like it. 
And maybe today your prayers need an adjustment, just like mine did.  
Expect His goodness…He loves us oh-so-much!

5 thoughts on “Expectancy

  1. Linny, your post could not have come at a better time, in fact I know it can in God's timing! For the past now 5 months we have had some kind of water crisis in our home. Sewer, toilet flooding, washer pipe flooding, and today ? Frozen water pipes. For 6 weeks we have watched our neighbors succumb to frozen pipes and as we commanded and prayed over the pipes and ground, we held up here with running water 24/7 and prayerngi…..then it warmed up a lot and we thought we were safe……. and our pipes froze! Ha…..Before I even knew this, I reached for my morning Daily Light book and the first scripture I read was THE LORD WILL PROVIDE……After hearing from Joel the news of no water, I reached for my iPad to see what faithful bloggers would share with me today ….and there was your post coming from God of course. I wrote a post of my own on it, but the provision has been amazing with neighbors reaching out and God providing water for our HOUSE from one next door neighbor who called and offered for us to link up a hose to his house…WATER! Above and beyond what we could have asked or thought. Isn't God amazing???? Keeping you in prayer, friend, and praising God for your provisions and ours today….and HIS GOODNESS…..

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