Need a Bit of a Grin?

Driving in traffic today, 
and have a little looky at the eye candy the Lord allowed me 
in the middle of 
a city that boasts over a million people…
I mean, come on, what are the odds?

Only God.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed him 
for a few brief moments…
I bet he is 
one of the best cock-a-doodle-dooers 
this side of the Nile!
Then a few blocks down the street 
and hey,
we happened upon this poor lady…

 I’m just wondering if someone can please,
please, please give her a hand 
at least give her her ladder back?
In all seriousness, 
it’s been an amazing, amazing, amazing day…
this team has been so designed by God for such a time as this…
Will share more soon…
But hey, 
in the meantime, 
could someone please come with a ladder?

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