It’s the Little Things…

How often do we stop to be thankful for a crayon?
For little ones who have nothing,
there is an inexplicable joy that overtakes 
when given a simple crayon and piece of construction paper.
At today at the feeding program we brought
pipe cleaners, beads, crayons, paper,
and face painting –
truly, it’s the little things 
that were such a giant hit!
Neighborhood children came and played as well…
and we had enough crayons for everyone to take a little 
box home besides the crafts that they made…
many neighborhood children were able to eat as well – beautiful! 
One little one went to hand her box back and when
told that she could keep it she emphatically said,
“OH!  God bless you!”
How beautiful to experience such thankfulness.

Do you love his pipe cleaner glasses?

Marissa, Meghan, Megan, Molly and Liberty…
and incredible team of women…

Called together for such a time as this…
for a very specific purpose…
Boys lining up….

Thank you to all who help sustain International Voice of the Orphan’s
Frontlines Feeding program. 
You each are such an incredible blessing!  

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