She Did It!

As our hearts still celebrate
the resurrection day…
wanna hear some news worth a 
continual party? 
So the other day Ruby was at therapy where
both her OT and PT were doing a session together.  
Artemis and Valerie are good friends
which makes it even more fun.
Together they talked and decided it was
time to see if Ruby would 
with ‘a little help from her friends’.  
Well the proof is in the pudding
{and the pictures}…
check this little chica out! 
Together they gave Miss Ruby a gentle hoist and
up, up, up she went…
Yes, they had to balance her, 
support her and
yes, her legs only held her briefly…
but for 15 seconds of joyful bliss
stood her ground 
several times!

And to think – 
Some said she’d never do anything!!  
But by the power of Almighty God
and His miraculous ways….
we are witnessing miracle 
upon miracle upon miracle…
He has been so good to us!!
Thank you to all who pray for Ruby…
we are so grateful for all your prayers. 

19 thoughts on “She Did It!

  1. Nothing surprises me when it comes to Miss Ruby! She has done far more than I ever thought possible! I have loved watching her grow and reveal God's hand on her precious little body! I look forward to the day she is standing totally on her own. Yes, I'll be watching for this next accomplishment! Nothing is impossible with God!

  2. I love to hear what Ruby is up to. What a delight. God is so good and put her in the right place for her. So happy she is defying the odds of the medical community. As a RN, I love to be wrong in times like this. You go little Girl!

  3. Have you heard about the use of fish oil for brain injury? Our thirteen year old daughter has epilepsy which she takes meds for which only helped partially but didn't completely stop the seizures, since she started on 1 fish oil pill per day she has no more seizures and there is hope that she may eventually be able to come off the meds completely. Ruby looks awesome what a transformation Iv'e seen in your photos.
    Fish oil is inexpensive over the counter is being used for coma patients it has the omega fatty acids that our brains are made of it though not yet proven it is thought to aid brain recovery. Since Ruby's arrival in your home she has developed brightened truly lite up a miracle in the making.

  4. I don't comment very often, but have been following your blog since before Ruby was part of your family … thank you for sharing her story. Amazing to see all that God has done! All power to our mighty Father!! Praising Him for His hand in your precious daughter's life.

  5. Yay Ruby! God has His hand on you little one and He's not finished doing mighty and marvelous things in you! Linny, I saw this product called "Upsee" not sure if you've heard of it before, but it's a new product where you can put your child up right and they can "walk" with you as you do. It is specifically made for children who do not walk yet. It's something to talk about with Ruby's therapists. Don't know if it's the right product for her or not, but had it on my heart to share. Google: "Upsee" to check it out!

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