There are a bazillion nameable perks to being a Mom of Many…
and then there are infinity blessings to being 
Ruby’s mommy.
I was thinking just yesterday 
how much I would long for a camera to observe
an average day in our home with Ruby.
I just have a feeling that there would be
many, many, many whose hearts would
be stirred to have the privilege of their own
sweet Gem.  
Anyway, we’ll have to pray on that
and see what God can do. 
In the meantime, another beautiful benefit of 
having Ruby part of our family is…
Ruby is part of Hope Kids…
a ministry that blesses families who have a child 
with a life-threatening illness…
Saturday Hope Kids had a Pampering Day 
for Moms and Daughters
We could each have our hair done…
our nails polished
and make-up put on…
Lunch was provided….
We had a beautiful time…
Just us girls hanging out with about 114 others 
moms and daughters….
several in wheelchairs like Ruby…
such an amazing time of making precious memories.
Elizabeth wanted her hair straightened.
The first hair tech she went to said,
“I have no clue what to do.”
I looked around at the options and saw this kind hearted
hair tech named Kenneth.
I went to him and explained what had been told and laughingly 
joked, “I bet you’re not intimated by her hair!”
He shyly smiled and responded, 
“No, not at all.”
So for almost 2 hours he took a hot comb and
straightened her hair.
She was over the moon tickled.

Jubilee was giddy to have her hair curled,
we’re gonna’ start curling her hair more often!
Savannah loved being pampered…
Ruby loved her new hairband which was 
given to her as part of her day…

 I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; 
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 9:1b

6 thoughts on “Pampering

  1. Oh! Everyone is sooo lovely! and I am glad for the girls day out wedding dress adventure. If I lived anywhere near you I would volunteer to make Savannah's dress. Or even yours! I make wearable art and have City and Guild's Fashion Qualifications (Have taught it til recently as well.) Now and then I do special occasion gowns – but mostly for friends. I haven't the health for doing it as a business.

    But God knows and maybe sometime I can make something to bless your hearts.
    Lots of love in Him,
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Love, love, love, that your Girlie Treasures were pampered! Each girl is absolutely Beautiful! Did Jubilee get her hair cut? She is a Jem!

    Blessings, hollym.

  3. You guys all look awesome! Please tell Jubilee and Elizabeth they look very glamorous and grown-up! And Ruby is totally rocking that headband. She is a living miracle, and I love reading about her and seeing her pictures bursting with life!

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