The Little Enormous Things

True confession:

Telling Ruby stories are some of my favorite stories ever to tell.

To think that some medical professionals really, truly thought that her 
life would amount to sitting propped in a corner, unable to interact in 
any way, no facial expressions, no progress of any kind…just sit.

Seems pretty incredulous to the rest of us, especially when we know a 
powerful God who passionately loves the orphan and to our astonishment 
can accomplish above and beyond all that we could think or imagine!

And just for the record, with each accomplishment of our sweet Ruby-girl,
there is a whole lot of thanking the Lord, tons of whooping, intermingled with
crocodile tears, always hollering and
telling-everyone-we-see-whether-we-know-them-or-not kind
of commotion.

We are smitten with this little African chica and 
we’re kinda thinkin’ she pretty well knows it too.  
I’m actually thinkin’ she might be smitten with us as well.  

And crazy as it might be, this girl has been so busy stunning the medical
professionals and leaving them with their jaws on the floor, that it’s getting
crazy keeping up.

I almost feel like I need to put on a pair of roller skates to keep up with all
her record-breaking ninja accomplishments.  

And although I can’t imagine anyone who stops by our Place Called Simplicity
thinking this, but just in case some whether some think, “They’re celebrating that?”


When there is a “never gonna’ do anything” diagnosis,






So here’s one of the latest…a couple of weeks ago the girls and I were
going to go wedding dress shopping for Savannah.   Obviously Daddy and the
boys were staying home.

There was a little conversation and Dw mentioned,  “Leave Ruby with me.”
I felt in my heart that Ruby needed to be part of this girl’s evening fun – after all,
how often do we have the joy of going to shop for a wedding dress and she is,
indeed, one of the girls!!

Dw just wanted me to have a bit of a rest from the responsibility, but I just felt that
Ruby would love it – girly stuff seems to be her favorite thing!

So I decided I would ask her.  I have asked Ruby simple things before and only
because of the great grace of God, I am kind of a Ruby-whisper and can
kind of understand what she needs {most of the time}.

However, this time was profound!!


I had Ruby in our room where it was quiet.
She was sitting in her wheelchair and I leaned over
close and explained what we were going to do.
I told her who was going wedding dress shopping,
naming each one slowly.
Then I asked, “Ruby, do you want to go?”
I then told her who was staying home with Daddy.
She deliberately turned away and I was certain 
she was thinking this through.
She turned back after a couple of seconds and stared, 
so I started over one more time…
leaning close and looking her right in the eyes and 
going through exactly who was doing what 
and who was going.
I told her that I really wanted her to come too.
I then asked one more time,
“Ruby do you want to go with mommy and the girls?”
She looked me straight in the eye 
and deliberately blinked her eye while 
simultaneously Ruby nodded her head up and down 

I started squealing, whooping and hollering…
“She wants to go!!
Ruby wants to go!!
She told me so!!”
We went and Ruby had a blast…
she was animated and cheery 
and showed her preference to one of the dresses…
It was amazing!
Celebrating the Little Enormous Things of Ruby
where “She’ll Never Do Anything” 
meets our Almighty God
who upon hearing that nonsense


Watch this!”
He is truly the God of the Miraculous!

10 thoughts on “The Little Enormous Things

  1. I have been following you for so long but I must have missed the stories of you sharing that she can see??!!! So among this lovely post, is another wonderfully amazing miracle! CELEBRATING Ruby's milestones with you!!

  2. Seeing the look in Ruby's eyes…of course she knows what is going on. She sure has changed a lot in recent months. It might be harder to see when you see her every day but from seeing pictures and reading stories about her, it is pretty profound all the changes. The sparkle in her eyes and the easy smile. What a happy child. Only God…who gave miss Ruby her mommy and daddy and big brothers and sisters. What a gift for all of you.

  3. Beautiful and encouraging to hear the incredible grace of God! Wow, we so easily forget that our God is the healing God. Just His Word, and the Gospel can bring light into the darkest places and restore hope to the brokenhearted! Love hearing about this!

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