Being a Friend of the Orphan

I humbly and tearfully report 
that all four of the Gem showers have 
achieved their goals –
dressing the Gems in their “care” and blessing them
And for that I say an enormous 
Thank You for being a friend of the orphan,
sweet bloggy friends – 
You guys are amazing!!
I confess I was a bit wary of posting the
virtual Gem Shower on Friday,
because Fridays are just not the most
trafficked day
for people to stop by
our Place Called Simplicity 
to see what was going on.
Of course I knew that if most stopped by,
they would want to help –
because you my friends have been
so generous to the orphan in the past!
All praise to Almighty God – 
He has done great things!!
With a team of some amazing women,
all the needs were met, even a few unexpected
and the Gems will be having a party to beat all parties
in a couple of weeks!!
Thank you so much for your kindheartedness 
and outpouring of love!
Special thanks to 
for being His hands and feet
and blessing me personally with such
wonderful help – you guys are the best!!
Almighty God used these precious women
and their teams in a huge way and 
I cannot thank them enough.

The suitcases will soon be filled
and speeding toward the precious Gems
Thank you again.

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