Happy Monday Giggles!!

This morning, in need of a bit of lightheartedness I was remembering a story that I shared a some two and a half years ago.  It was one of my favorites ever and it still makes me giggle.

I love when life just gives some unexpected joy.

Real life.  Unedited.

If you need something to giggle about today, this will certainly not disappoint.

From April 2012

Something happened the other day that has left me still giggling.  Dw mentioned that
I ought to tell you guys….cause no doubt, some of you could use a sweet laugh too.

The rental we’re in includes access to the several gyms and pools {which are heated all winter!}
in our community.   Most mornings Dw and I take turns going to work out, shower
and come back home.  Such a sweet blessing from the Lord!

This past week I have been rather groggy.  So this particular morning I had gone to work out at the same gym I have been going to for months now.  After doing 40 minutes on the elliptical I went to shower.  But as I was heading to shower I thought I would stop to get a drink of water.  As I stood sipping the cool water an idea occurred to me.  I had never been in to see the pool connected to this gym that I frequent almost daily.

For some reason, we have just always gone to a different pool in the community.  Since I was standing smack dab next to the door leading to the pool I thought, “Hmmm, why not just see what is going on in the pool these early hours of the morning?”

I opened the door and looked.  But there is kind of a ledge and I couldn’t really see the pool.  Standing up on my tip toes I tried to peek.  Nope.  So I let go of the locker room door and ventured a few steps over.  Still couldn’t really see it.  Moseying slowly, I climbed the steps up to the lounging area around the pool and looked.

“How nice is that?”  I thought, seeing a group of senior citizens working out in the pool under the instruction of a woman on the side.   I watched for a moment and decided I’d better get a move on to  shower and get home.

I went back down the steps and headed to the locker room door thinking, “Okay Linny, make sure you get the right door.”   As I went toward the closest door, I saw a large sign that said,


Convincing myself in my head that this was indeed the Women’s Locker room I thrust
open the door and hustled inside.  Later I realized the “Girls…” sign was one of those
“Girls over the age of 5 are not permitted inside the men’s locker room.”

But who knew at a glance?

That doggone sign started with the word “Girls”… {Ooopsie!}

Entering the locker room, I glanced to my left and saw a woman in the complete buff standing at the row of sinks.  Stark naked.  Although my eyes merely darted toward her, all I can say is that gravity was no stranger and I’m guessing she was part of the swim class outside.

Now can I just back up here for a minute?  I am not sure why some ladies stand at sinks or around locker rooms in the buff, but as a woman, I find it extremely awkward.

So the second I saw all of her, I turned to the right and my eyes spotted straight ahead of me a younger man had just entered the locker room and was reaching for his pool towel {he was fully clothed}!


And in that fleeting moment, even with my overly groggy head, suddenly, I thought, “Wait a minute, the sinks are normally on my right and the door is on my left!!

OH.MY.STINKIN’.GRACIOUS!  I am in the MENS locker room.”

As my heels turned to do a 180, there they were.

The urinals.

Gasping not all that quietly, I practically ran outside the door and seriously, I could not get out of there fast enough.

But one question remained:

Why was there a naked lady in the Men’s room?

So I ran giggling from embarrassment out and into the Women’s Locker room and out to the gym where I found a young woman employee who I have spoken to before.

Giggling and hardly able to talk I explained what had just happened, including the fact that there was a naked lady in the mens room standing at the sink across from the urinals!

The 30-something woman employee started laughing and shaking her head with me and she wondered aloud what she should do?  Clearly, she couldn’t go barging into the Men’s locker room to inform the naked lady that she was in the wrong place cause after all, there had been a man in there as well, probably heading to change himself.

We stood together giggling for probably 2 minutes.  Seriously, I could not stop and neither could she.  You know how it is when you are embarrassed, you giggle all the more?

Suddenly the Men’s locker room door burst opened.  Instantly we both turned to see who would be coming out that door?

Would it be the once naked lady? 


Instead the same man came walking out, chuckling to no one in particular and grinning from ear to ear.

He walked right passed us, laughing the entire way out the front door.

The young employee looked at me and we both nodded in unison,

“Yup, he totally saw her.”

I can only imagine the story he told all day long as well.

4 thoughts on “Happy Monday Giggles!!

  1. I needed to laugh…Thanks, friend. I have to say, as one who has been affected by that gravity situation, I can't imagine standing at theer sink naked…nope. nada. At home, sure, but in public? Yikes. Not ever. Not when young, not when old. Poor lady!!! Poor guy!!! Poor Linny. Laughter is such good medicine!

  2. Hahahaha! I remember that story and I just laughed so hard again. Seriously funny. Maybe we should do a series for laughs called funny and awkward gym moments. I have many to contribute. Hey don't know if your back and know you are busy, but is there any way you could contact me? I lost your number. Love you and thanks for the laugh!

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