The Virus

The last few days I have noticed my computer running so unbearably slow.  It was weird, because it had been fine. 

Finally I texted Graham and asked him what he thought.  He asked me to send him the link to the new search engine that was coming up each time I wanted to search something.  Which I did. He wrote me immediately and said, “Mom!  That’s a virus!”

My computer might have had a virus, but I was definitely the one feeling sick!

Oh my gracious.

So being it was a virus I got my Essential Oils out and doused my laptop. 

Just kidding.
If only that would have worked!  They work for almost everything else!!

It was then that I remembered that over the week-end a screen had popped up when I was trying to open a file I had been in before.  I thought that was odd, since I had been in the file before and had viewed it just fine without ‘upgrading’ or whatever. 

Graham asked what I was trying to open, but I can’t remember for the life of me.  I keep praying that the Lord will remind me.    

I feel so dumb.

I know better!!  This silver hair didn’t happen overnight!!

Graham told me to shut it down immediately and not to use it.  He had googled it and found that this virus looks so legitimate that it is impossible to tell the difference.

The plan is that Graham’s going to work on it tonight.  

I will owe him big time.

Ever downloaded a virus, or am I the only one? 

Seriously, I know better!  

7 thoughts on “The Virus

  1. I have! Mine was ugly and did not want to come back off my computer! I now use Microsoft Security Essentials. It cleans it and watches for virus, and it's FREE!

  2. Oh yes. And just to make things worse, my husband works for Google…and the virus I downloaded changed my default search engine to Bing…the arch nemesis. Needless to say, he got that virus off of there as fast as he could! So easy to do, don't feel bad!

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