It’s The Crazy Little Things….

I love sharing stories of God’s faithfulness.
He is just sooooo good!!
I’ve been sharing these stories off and on for just
over six years now. 
Back in the Old Testament God told the Israelites
to gather stones and pile them together
as a reminder to the mighty acts He had performed on their
behalf.  He told them to tell the stories over and over and over
to their children and their children’s children…
preserving the memories of God’s faithfulness.

So we have a box in our home
that we call our Memorial Box. 
Our Memorial Box is filled with small trinkets
each serving to remind us of how God has
blessed us in ways that show us His faithfulness.
Like how He healed
how He protected
how He moved in ways we were dumbfounded by
or even 
how He provided supernaturally! 
I encourage everyone I know,
whether single or married to have a Memorial Box.
One of the most profound times in my
life was in 2009 
when Dw was in a hospital
over 1,000 miles from our kids and home
with a seemingly life-threatening undiagnosed illness…..
In that moment I was 
suddenly overcome with panic
and as fast as fear flooded my soul
a bazillion trinkets flashed before my eyes
as the Lord whispered,
“Remember the things in your Memorial Box?  
I have never left you.  I have no intention of 
ditching you now.”

Instantly peace like I’m not sure I have ever experienced 
before flooded my soul.
I cannot ever emphasize the importance of a
Memorial Box and remembering!!
And an added bonus – 
our kids love hearing the stories over and over and over
and yours will too.
This is a short, sweet story…
But again, just how the Lord works….
A couple of weeks before Christmas
I was talking to the Lord.
We had gathered some gifts for the kids’ Sunday School
teachers and so I just kind of mentioned to Him,
“I’m going to need gift bags.  Help me to find some 
that would work for not much money.”
That was the extent of it.
And the days passed and one day
days before Christmas
Liberty, Elizabeth, Jubilee
and I were at the doctor’s.
Jubilee had an appointment
and were back with the doctor when we came
out to the nearly empty waiting room to find a big pile of stuff
on Liberty’s lap.
I was perplexed.
Turning to her I questioned,
“What is THAT?”
Liberty answered,
“Mom, out of nowhere this lady appeared
from that door over there.  She had a pile of gift 
bags and stuff and asked me if we wanted any.
She told me that she was cleaning a closet and wanted to
get rid of it all.   She even said that if we wanted we could
take it all.  She just wanted it gone!”
I laughed right out loud.
Who would expect, ever in a million years,
that we would go for a doctor’s visit and come home
with a pile of brand new Christmas gift bags
and gift labels and tissue paper and ornament kits?

And although I only need FOUR gift bags
He provided a sweet boatload.
Only God.

Our provider.  


A gift bag will be placed in our Memorial Box 
to remind us of His provision.
“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”
Psalm 96:3

4 thoughts on “It’s The Crazy Little Things….

    1. Seriously Renee!! Who would ever guess that at the doctor's office God would meet our needs for gift bags?? He's so full of surprises!! To think that we were on His mind right then – wow!! Can't wait to see you!! xo

  1. Love It ! Up in the storeroom in heaven…memo arrives…Gift bags for Linny. Oh, there are some spare at the doctor's …coming right up! LOL
    Sandy in the UK

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