Pixilated Joy

That Ruby girlfriend woke me up a few hours ago.  I always try to guess what time it might be.  I thought it was probably around 5:30am.  She was pretty restless and feverish so I got up to get her a bottle of ice water {her favorite – brrrr!}.

It turns out it was 2:50am…

And then I instantly remembered – it’s Emma’s Introduction today.  I quick texted Emma and asked if there was a chance I could Skype her for a minute just to see her before it began…so I put Ruby on her monitor…and grabbed my laptop and ran into the closet…

The internet was really pixilated but the Lord graciously gave me a fairly clear glimpse at our beautiful missionary who founded The Gem Foundation...

Emma and Liberty {her maid of honor}
The staff greeted me with such joy, 
“Hi Mama!!  Hi Mama!  Hi Mama!” they shouted.

Josh and Emma receiving Daddy and Mom’s {via Skype} permission. 

Grateful beyond words for the privilege of the internet and Skype.

I was “there”!

They just posted this on Facebook – the un-pixilated version!!

Lastly, the other day I shared my personal perspective of our Emma being in
Africa for two years now.

And now she has shared the last two years from her vantage point.  It’s a powerful post…

Em On a Mission

5:07 am.  Climbing back into bed next to sweet Ruby – who is still awake and chatting.

3 thoughts on “Pixilated Joy

  1. What exactly is "introduction day?!?" Are they married now? Just curious. Looks like a special ceremony. So glad you could be a part of it….even if it was via Skype. I also think about the missionaries who have gone before us who didn't have such communication with their families, before internet!!! How incredibly hard that had to me!

  2. I googled Ugandan Introduction and found a blog where someone explained the ceremony their Christian friends had. What a fun day The Gem Foundation must have had! The couple look wonderful. I pray God will bless.
    So glad you got to be there in some way.
    Sandy in the UK

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