There are many, many people who don’t believe that there is a God.

There are others who believe that any form anyone wants to worship of god is God.  {This would be called a false god.}

There are many others who might believe there is a God but they really don’t believe He is actively involved in our lives.

And there are still others who just don’t know what to think.

I believe that one of my purposes in life and one of the primary reasons I was created {and you were too} is to tell the world {or at least anyone who will listen}not only that there is a God – but that He is a Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God!!

He IS the Mighty One.

He is the maker of Heaven and Earth.

He loved the world so much that He sent His only son to die on the cross.  His son’s name is Jesus. Jesus was raised from the dead and lives at the right hand of the Father.   His Holy Spirit is moving today and the triune God is at work around us every single day!

I also believe the inerrant word of God.  There is no compromising in His powerful word.

He shows His power, His healing might and His unending provision every single day.

Yes, I believe it!  I’ve lived it!  We’ve experienced it!

He is alive and He is actively involved in each of our lives!

He cares.

He moves.

He works miracles.

Friday we found out that we were the 
recipient of yet another one of His powerful miracles.

I am giggling and giddy.  I texted Emma, “Have Daddy call me now!”

It’s such an amazing thing that He has done that you will not want to miss tomorrow’s post.

I will tell the story, with all the juicy details that make the story that much more profound!

But in the meantime, Savannah and Graham are here to help the kids and I celebrate…

And we will celebrate again when Daddy and Liberty get home!!

A Memorial Box story that will cause all those wondering about God to shake their heads and say, “For real??”

He is mighty!  And His name is Jehovah!!

Stop by tomorrow!!

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