God’s Supernatural Power Revealed!!

I just couldn’t wait to write this story.

So let’s dive right in….but please don’t skim – 
this story is just too good – each part of it!!

About five years ago I discovered that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  It was already 
quite advanced.  You guys also know how much I hate taking meds. I despise them.  
So when the doctor told me that I had to take a thyroid medicine I earnestly 
explained that I really didn’t like taking meds.   

He nodded his head as though he understood my concern.  Then he calmly told me, 

“It’s okay, you don’t have to take the medicine.  
{For that split second I sighed a little sigh of relief.} 
Then he continued, 
“You will die without it, but that’s up to you.”

Well doc, since you put it that way!!

I’ve been on Thyroid medicine ever since.  And I seriously could not 
believe how much better I felt!  Remarkable!

At the same time this same doctor discovered that I had a good-size nodule in my thyroid.  
They did a biopsy on it and could not determine if it was malignant or not.  
Some of the cells looked like they were and some did not.   We were living in Colorado 
at the time and this Endocrinologist was in Albuquerque.   

I remember sending the biopsy report to our dear friend Stuart {here in Phoenix} to read.  Stuart said, “You’re right.  They look kind of malignant, but they can’t tell for sure.”  

Not exactly what you want to hear, right?

So the plan was that we would re-biopsy in about six months, which we did.  The next biopsy
report came back that they were not malignant cells.  The next plan was to check by sonogram 
and re-biopsy every year.  

We moved to Arizona and the search began for a new Endocrinologist.  

Well would you not believe that I was referred to an Endocrinologist with the same 
last name as my maiden name – which is a very unusual name!!

I could not wait to meet her.  I actually took my high school diploma to show her my name.  
She was a total delight to meet and we laughed and talked like we had known each other for a lifetime.   It was wild!!

I came home and told Dw, “I honestly think we are distance cousins.  Our meeting reminded
me of stories where long lost siblings are reunited and they find all the things they have
in common!  Our connection is undeniable!”

We even joked that we just might really be distance cousins!!

I called my dad and asked him where his mom and dad had been raised in Poland and
we found that we were actually from the same area.  This doc grew up in Poland.
Anyway, she’s a pleasure to see each time I go for a visit.  We have spent much longer
than normal time at each visit as we talk about the craziest things!

Well anyway, Sweet Doctor-Probably-Is-Really-My-Distant-Cousin was very aware of the nodule
in my thyroid and has been keeping a close watch on it.  She felt that the best course of
 action was to watch it, continue to biopsy and if need be, eventually remove my thyroid.

Thankfully each biopsy has proven to been non-malignant since that initial “iffy” one.

And the nodule had not grown – – – 
well, until the last visit….

Sweet Cousin-Doctor measured it last time and found that it had grown.  Hmmm.

Now the plan was to re-check to see if it had grown yet again, biopsy it,  and if need be, remove it.

So a few months ago I whispered this to the Lord,

“I pray for others most of the time and rarely do I pray for me.   I just realized I can’t remember asking you just to heal my thyroid.  Silly me.  Forgive me.  Would you please just heal my thyroid and remove that nodule altogether?”  

After praying that prayer I remembered that I had heard something about Essential Oils and the Thyroid.  So I did a bit of digging and found that Lemongrass has been known to heal thyroid issues.

I ordered some Lemongrass and began to diligently put it on my neck in both the
morning and the evening.  Actually Lemongrass smells totally yummy!!  I even had a
sweet friend from church recently comment that she wanted to hug me because I
smelled so good.  {Added bonus, I love hugs!}

So the re-check/biopsy appointment was this past Friday.

Isaiah had a surgeon’s appointment right after my biopsy appointment so he was my riding buddy. We went to my appointment first and then would head to his surgeon appointment.

While taking my blood pressure, Sweet Cousin-Doctor poked her head in the door
and bubbled over,

“I just had to come see my Cousin!! {giggling}
 How are you?? It is soooooo good to see you!” 
She then came right over and hugged me!

Seriously, this doctor has to really be my cousin!!  You just can’t imagine how we click!

Then I was moved to the biopsy room.  Before long she appeared.  We visited for a bit.
Recently it had been a rough season for her and I had dropped off some things to cheer
her soul.  She was appreciative and mentioned it.  She asked about Ruby and the family and, of course, she talked to Isaiah whom she had met on a previous visit.

She then said that she would do the sonogram and then position it for the biopsy as planned.

Putting the goop on the sonogram probe she slid it over my thyroid.  Over and over, press
here, press there.  Then turning to her assistant she said, “Read me my notes from the last visit. Which side is the nodule on?”

The assistant said, “It’s on the right side.”

She looked perplexed and said,

“Sit up Linny.  Look at this! 
{pointing to the sonogram on the screen}
Your nodule – it’s gone! I can almost 
see where the top part of it was as a 
tiny edge of a shadow right there, but there is no 
nodule.  There is nothing to measure!
It’s gone!  I can’t do a biopsy on something
that isn’t even there.”  

Sweet Doctor-Probably-My-Cousin and I giggled and laughed and I praised the Lord and told her how I had been prayed 
and that I had been rubbing Lemongrass on it daily… 

Friends – 

Make no mistake – Almighty God completely removed the nodule that had been hanging around for at least FIVE years!

Was it the Lemongrass?  No one can know for sure – but this I do know – God made the Lemongrass, why wouldn’t He allow it 
to be used to heal??  

He can do it anyway He wants.  He created the Lemongrass.
He can use that if He wants!!

I am now asking Him to completely heal my thyroid of the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 

He gets all the credit – all the honor and all the glory.  

To God be the Glory Great Things He has Done!! 

19 thoughts on “God’s Supernatural Power Revealed!!

  1. I just had to share my own miracle story. 6 years ago I went through a stem cell transplant to heal my cancer. It was successful and the cancer was gone. In February of 2014, I had my gallbladder removed. At the post op visit, my spleen was enlarged. Immediately that surgeon sent me back to my oncologist. I went through a CT scan and had a positive PET scan. During the biopsy, they had a hard time getting the nodule. They did eventually get a little bit of it to determine that it was a reactive lymph node. I've been checked twice since then and it is still gone. Prior to the PET scan, we had our elders pray over me. We know that it was cancer and God chose to heal me without chemo this time.

    Now, we are going through the adoption process!

  2. Wonderful news Linny! Amazing testimony, friend. God is amazing! Thank you Jesus! He healed Joel's thyroid completely and we will stand with you asking for yours to be healed too.

  3. Hey Linny,
    I have some weird tissue on the right side of MY thyroid that we've been "watching" (ultrasound, biopsy, etc) for several years. I do believe I will start anointing that puppy with lemongrass oil every day now as I ask our sweet Savior to heal me! Praising God with you, my sister! He is GOOOOOOOOD!

  4. Oh Wow! How wonderful. I am so pleased for you.
    This is also interesting to me because 27 years ago I had a thyroidectomy…many of the symptoms I had/have(from Wikipedia) are similar to the kind you have, though I am not sure if I was ever told a particular name. Part of the thyroid remains, but I have been on synthetic thyroxine for the years since then …it is not easy to figure out how much to take out in relation to your level.

    The strange thing which prompts me to tell you all this, is the similarity with your situation. I had been unwell for sometime before I finally got a goitre and then they finally started taking me serious. The medication didn't control it and just the week before I got married they thought there was a nodule. We came back during the honeymoon week for them to check it again. But thought it could wait till I was under a doctor here. Anyway, once I got here, the local hospital actually had the top endocrinologist who vetoed the original American plan for doing the radioactive iodine. (Soooo Glad!) any way…
    To make a long story short. Do you think the lemongrass would benefit a partially-there thyroid? Sometimes I am sure things would be a lot better if I didn't have to rely on man-made thyroxine. And I think they like to keep your levels just shy of the right amount in case the remainder of the thyroid started to go haywire. (one girl who had an op when I did had to go back and have the rest removed.)
    I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try the lemongrass, would it? oh, and yes of course the Prayer!

    Love to hear your wonderful answers to prayer, Linny.
    Sandy in the UK

  5. Yipeee!!!!! This story rocks….so happy doing the happy dance. Love God and how He heals. I also love my oils. I broke my smallest toe last Sunday and I put oils on it and it feels so much better. Praying and putting more oils on so I am healed. Praying with you that all thyroid issues are gone.

  6. Wow – what an incredible story! Not only of your crazy finding and meeting Dr. Probably-Your-Sweet-Cousin, but also to the complete reduction of that nodule. WOOHOO!! God is awesome, isn't he?! *high fives!!

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