A Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal of the day…..

That comes with a money back guarantee…

If you can look at her pictures and not smile…

I mean, seriously.

Knowing what this sweet chica has been through…
and look at her now!
She even smirks!

And when she smirks – 

You KNOW she’s up to something…

Sooooooo was I right?

Could you look without smiling?

Her miracle continues.

Ruby brings out the joy in all who ‘meet’ her.

What a gift.

17 thoughts on “A Money Back Guarantee

    1. Thanks for the giggle! Hadn't figured oral surgery into the equation. But I guess you are disqualified from the Guarantee since your heart and mind were grinning. =) By the way, I just prayed that your recovery is smooth and speedy. I got dry sockets when I had mine out. The pain?? Oh me. I would rather have a dozen babies all on the same day, then endure that! Not.kidding. So praying yours is uneventful!

  1. A huge smile crossed my face when I saw these photos of sweet Ruby. I'm suffering from a chronic illness called Endometriosis and have had a rough day, but these photos put the smile back on my face. Thank you ☺

    1. I'm so sorry for your rough day. Years ago I had Endometriosis, not fun. I am thankful that Ruby's precious smile ministered to you. I pray God's peace and healing in your life sweet friend. xo

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