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After a little more than three years
I have finished 
Rescuing Ruby.
There are 16 chapters presently.
Even the Dedication page is done.
Now I just hope to read it through to Dw
and see what he thinks.
Funny how that thought makes me kind of queasy.
No one has read any part of it yet.
My prayer is that it can be published and we can 
take it on our cross country road trip this summer.
We have an invitation to speak in a church in 
Indianapolis.  There are some other possibilities and 
we are excited to explore those as well. 
Who knows, we may be near you and perhaps we
will get to hug your neck and you
will get to meet our pile of treasures! 
But for tonight, 
Dw, Princess Ruby and I are heading out for dinner
to celebrate that I am finally{!} finished!
{Dinner is compliments of our sweet friends K & M 
who sent me a birthday gift certificate 
to my favorite place!}.
And ya’ know friends,
as far as I’m concerned, 
this calls for a giant worldwide kind of celebration!
So do something fun
to celebrate – 
cause it’s done!
{Hey, that even rhymes!}

45 thoughts on “Celebrating!!

  1. Wow!! Huge congratulations!! I look forward to having a copy in my hands and perhaps organizing a tour out her in CA. Really! Would love it!! Have fun celebrating, my friend. (Working on an email to you, BTW)

    1. Miss Jen! While out to dinner last night, we were talking about this very thing! A cross country trip, then a trip up the California coast and a trip around Texas – for starters! Would love to hug your neck again and meet your added treasures!

    1. We will be speaking on Sunday July 12th in Indianapolis at both services at the church where dear friends of our attend. We are tickled to pieces to have this wonderful privilege! So mark your calendar!!

    2. Janet – we are overjoyed at the invitation and I'm sure you will not be surprised at this: It is an answer to prayers we have been during Bible study time with the kids! Invitations to speak so we could go across country!

    1. There are already people in UK, Poland and Holland who want to read it and there are people on every content who follow Ruby! Soooo I'm pretty sure it will go international! Which brings me to my knees – may God be glorified around the world through our precious treasure!

    1. Oh girlfriend!! If you have written a book, get it published!! I was researching tons yesterday about self-publishing {which is what I am going to do} and at a minimum publish it as an e-book!! Or on Amazon. DO IT!! We'll be cheering you on from Phoenix! DO IT!!

    1. I hope and pray! Blizzard again last night and possibly more Wed and then next Sun. Oh my! It is beautiful in the summer, though! We are close to the coast and beaches. <3

  2. Wow, that's awesome Linny!! Congratulations!! Or in Yiddish, mazel tov – which means BOTH congratulations and good luck. πŸ™‚ OR yasher ko-ach – may your strength grow even greater!

    Unfortunately Indianapolis is still about 1500 miles from us!

  3. Yay!!!! What an accomplishment! So excited for you and to see how many lives are impacted for the orphan once your book hits the shelves!!! If you end up anywhere in Massachusetts ever our adoption ministry ladies and I would absolutely LOVE to have you share at our church and it would be such a privileged to meet you! Anyway, I am just thrilled for you Linny! Congratulations! Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Wonderful news that you have finished the amazing story of Ruby and God's love for her in providing a forever family. I hope the book makes it here to Australia as I long to read it

  5. Yes yes yes!!!!! I will be spreading the word and reading it as soon as it becomes available. So many times telling the miracles of Ruby stories and now I can say read it for yourself. So stinking excited……love you…celebrating with you! You have to come to Florida.

    1. North Dakota is on the list. Not sure if it's this trip of not…as a young girl I spent some time in ND and I loved it. The miles of sunflowers left a lasting impression….as did the farm I stayed on. I loved it. Of course, I always wanted to marry a farmer, so I would dream of that while there.

  6. Doing the dance of joy for you!! Your sweet Ruby is already impacting lives. I can't even imagine how much encouragement and hope you give to people who are in a similar situation as you and DW. You are truly inspiring to so many of us!! I think you should put a pin on eastern Washington when making your travel plans!! πŸ™‚ God Bless you!!!!!

  7. If Iowa is on the list, we'd love to have you come to our church! My husband is the pastor at a Lutheran church in Fontanelle, Iowa. We have been in the process of bringing home our special needs son from the Philippines for the past 3 1/2 years. We just recently learned that we'll be traveling in the next 3 or so months to meet him and bring him home!!!! πŸ™‚ I have personally drawn such encouragement from you and have shared some of your stories in the work I do at the church. Congratulations on your book and God bless you!

  8. Wow! That's awesome news, Linn!! Congratulations!! I cannot wait to read it. I'm rejoicing & celebrating with you for what God is going to use your amazing testimony. Love & hugs to all of you from me!!

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