Saturday’s Test

We all have them.

The fears that are tucked away in our head…that if we allow them
to be pondered for very long we can become overwhelmed and even paralyzed.
The fears that must be ignored so we can focus on the faithfulness of God.

Personally, I cannot even give them any place in my head.  Or I will become fear-filled.
Especially as I parent a medically fragile little treasure because frankly, there can be
so many variables and uncertainties.

Like Ruby’s seizures.

They’re life-threatening.  We know this.  So they could make me fearful.  Let alone the reality of being somewhere out and about with no one to help.

If I “go there” it is easy to become worried and fearful.

For me, it’s this scenario:

“What if she has a seizure while I am out alone with the kids? And what if the
seizure won’t stop and she needs to go in the ambulance?  And then what if
there is no one around to take care of the rest of my littles, especially since
Liberty is in Africa?”

What if?

What if?

What if?


“What if Ruby has one when we are in rush hour traffic?”

I would begin to worry if I let the fears linger….because, no doubt, time is of the
essence in getting her seizure stopping med administered to her and I can’t do that
easily if I am in the midst of Phoenix traffic!

Remember what I wrote about last week?

And although it was a word from the Lord for a friend {Not What if? But What Is.}
and it wasn’t written to pertain to how I have wondered about Ruby and her seizures,
I was paying close attention to what the Lord was telling my friend, because it
applied to all of us.

Because in order to live by faith, we have to intentionally choose to not live in
the “What If?”.  We all must spend our moments focusing on Almighty God and
“What Is”….and He most definitely IS faithful! 

Our faithful God will provide for every single need 
we will ever have because of His deep love for us!!! 

So we have no need to worry – but put our trust in Him.

And Him alone. 

No doubt that can be easier said than done!

Well Saturday my faith was put to the test… 

and although I was physically shaking…..

I can say AGAIN with complete confidence and reassurance – 

He is true to His word and He is completely faithful!! 

How God orchestrated each detail was completely amazing – 
in fact His faithfulness made the yukky situation actually a beautiful time of watching Him provide each step of the way…

So on Friday night my sweet friend, Kimmy, texted me and asked if we were going
to be around the next day because her son had a game at the field near our home.

She wondered about coming over after and visiting for a bit and she also wondered
if she could bring us dinner.  I told her I would love her to come but we would
pass on the dinner.  She was being sweet because she knew it had been a difficult week.

Yes, it had been a long week, but I thought it would be good to “save” the dinner provision
for when we “really, really, really needed it”.

Well my friend Kimmy {being the beautiful yet albeit stubborn chica she is}
came and brought dinner anyway.  I laughed.  She is such a precious friend and
her love for me and my family is constantly such a blessing.  She brought me a
beautiful bouquet of tulips too!!

Kimmy and I talked while the kids played.  Dw was at our other home having an Open House
trying to sell it!

After Kimmy and her son left I stepped outside to where the kids were playing and
feeling the warm Phoenix sun I stepped back in the house and thought for a few seconds.

Hmmm.  Should I??

Why not?? Life is short!

So I stepped back out to where Elizabeth and Isaiah were playing and threw my hands
up in the air and emphatically exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!!  I seriously can’t believe it!  I can’t 
believe you guys didn’t tell me!”

Both Elizabeth and Isaiah looked at me completely perplexed and questioned,

“What mom?  What’s wrong?  We didn’t tell you what??”

Laughing, I answered, “That it was so beautiful we need to go to the pool!”

Of course, giddy glee followed as they ran inside to tell everyone else.

I gathered Ruby’s things and changed my clothes and we were on our way in minutes.

When we reached the pool we plopped our stuff down over at the far, far side of the pool.

Ruby had not had a nap yet and was acting a tad fussy….like she wanted to sleep,
so with the kids playing in front of me in the pool, I settled on a chaise lounge and snuggled
her close, gently rocking her.  I was relishing my precious baby girl who I still can’t
believe my glorious God entrusted my silver-haired self with.  I am just so stinkin’
smitten that I get to be her mommy!!!!

Cuddled closely and whispering of my deep love for her,  Ruby’s eyes grew heavy and
in only a few minutes she was sound asleep.  She even snored a couple of times.
I attempted to take a picture for my Instagram of her sleeping in my arms..her sweet
little lips looked so precious…but I am so not good at selfies!

In the midst of taking and deleting the selfies I felt something.  I stopped instantly and
looked at her and whispered, “Oh no Ruby, no seizure!  Uh-uh!  Please no! Oh Lord
please, Jesus!  No seizure!!”  And yes, in that instant Ruby began seizing and in a
matter of a second Ruby was having a complete grand mal seizure.

Here I was at the pool, no one I knew was around me, the littles were in swimming
and Ruby was having a grand mal seizure.   The gym desk, where someone capable of
helping sat, was at about the farthest point from the chaise lounge where Ruby and I
were sitting.

This was about as unnerving for this mama as I could imagine.

But our God is faithful!  

He had gone ahead of each need and already met it! 

Listen to this:

So as soon as Ruby’s seizure started I called, “Elizabeth, tell the kids, Ruby is having a seizure
and they need to get out of the pool.”  I did not want to have to watch them as I tended to Ruby’s needs.

They got out immediately and gathering close, they began to pray.

{My sweet treasures – oh how I love their devotion and love for their baby sister.}  

I was unsnapping the bottom of Ruby’s sunsuit and my precious friend Lynne came to mind.
She lives just down the street from the pool.  She loves my kids and my kids love her.
I dialed her number praying that she would answer and be able to come be with my 5-pack
of treasures who now stood beside Ruby and I.  I reasoned that she would be able to
keep them until Dw could arrive.

She answered and I barely had to tell her what I needed, “I’ll be right there!”

I knew she meant it.

Next I dialed the 9-1-1 operator who answered and asked the location of my emergency.
I quietly told her that I was at the pool in my city, but I had no idea what the address was
and, for the life of me, there was no way I could even remember the street name out front.

The 9-1-1 operator was then asking if I could find someone who knew the address and
looking around again, there was no one even near where I was sitting with Ruby
and there was no way I was leaving Ruby to ask the desk guy.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a woman who had been sitting about 40 feet from me
came over and said, “Do you need some help?”  It was only the Lord that had moved
her to hear, because all of this was all going on very quietly without a lot of commotion
{at least not at lot of commotion yet}.

I explained to this sweet young woman that I needed the address of the gym/pool
for the 9-1-1 operator as my baby girl was having a seizure.  She also had no idea of the
address of the pool.  But she wondered aloud if I wanted her to go ask at
the gym desk?  I nodded and she took off in a sprint.  It was so sweet.

A total stranger who we didn’t know at all!

In no time the young man from the desk appeared with her.  He had ripped
the taped-on plastic address off the front desk phone and ran it to me.
He was such a help!

About that time a man suddenly appeared squatting in front of me.  He had his swim suit
on and questioned,  “Would you like me to go get my brother? He’s a doctor and he’s
working out in the gym?”

I told him that I didn’t want to bother his brother and then suddenly I recognized him.
It was my neighbor Jeff!!

I had only met him 2 or 3 times before…and in my daughter-is-having-a-life-threatening
-grand-mal-seizure-and-I-am-in-a-fog I asked, “Oh!! Are you my neighbor?”
{This kind man and his sweet wife live two houses down and they homeschool and
also have a large family!  How stinkin’ cool is that?}

My neighbor, Jeff, nodded and assured me it would be no problem to get his brother.
So off he went to get his brother, Ted, who suddenly was present and kneeling beside
Ruby and I.

It was such a beautiful thing to see this tender-hearted doctor who graciously stopped his
workout and ran to help a complete stranger.  My eyes well with tears – the Lord had 
been preparing each step, unbeknownst to me.

Talking softly, Dr. Ted, now gently tended to my precious seizing baby girl.
He was actually having some trouble finding her pulse and I was so relieved he
was there beside us!

Lynne arrived in minutes and I looked up in time to notice Jubilee throw her arms
around her when she arrived. I’m sure the littles were thankful to see their loving
friend – as was I!!

The seizure had now been going on for about 9 minutes and I was praying aloud,
calling on the Lord to please stop it.  The powerful meds had not worked as quickly
as I thought they should!

At about 10 minutes the seizure stopped and do you know what that sweet girl of ours did?

She immediately opened her eyes and upon seeing Dr. Ted right in front of her,
she gave him a giant smile!!

{Do you remember how that mean Eye Surgeon had taunted, 
“Your daughter will never see!”  Uh-huh.  God is healing her eyes completely!!!} 

Picture from a few weeks ago…but had to show-off her gorgeous smile.

Her smile when she saw Dr. Ted made me laugh – it was instantaneous and so huge!
I’m thinking she thought he was pretty special!!

At about the same time as the seizure stopped, the Paramedics and Rescue Squad arrived.

Each of them were so very kind!  A couple of them had actually been to our home for
Ruby’s last grand mal on December 26th, which made it a bit more comforting.

Ruby’s vital signs were checked over the next few minutes, it was determined that there
was no need to take her to the hospital.   Yippee Jesus!

In fact the paramedic actually said, “No need to even go home.  You can just enjoy your
time at the pool.”

And so we stayed.  

Ruby snuggled and the crowd that had now gathered heard 
much of her miraculous story and some saw her first picture. They marveled at the miracles the Lord has done in her life.  

And this silver-haired mama??

Well, I was emotionally spent.  When we finally did reach home I remembered the meal that
my friend Kimmy had brought over.  Me-oh-my!! The Lord had even met that “need” ahead of
time!  It was delicious!

Saturday evening I was overcome with powerful emotion at all the things the Lord had
orchestrated to assure that every single need was met.

And I say with boldness:

“Our God is completely trustworthy.  He will most definitely supply all of our needs, according to His riches in glory!  
Do not let fear and ‘What Ifs?’ rule your life. ”  
He will provide for each and every need.  
Philippians 4:19

28 thoughts on “Saturday’s Test

  1. Oh my goodness…Linny!

    My son with Spina Bifida has a shunt for hydrocephalus and has been getting horrid headaches for months now along with vomiting. Gatorade was keeping the headaches at bay but this last week it wasn't working…finally Friday my son had the worst headache of his life. He's on the potty doing his stuff and throwing a fit over the pain (while I felt so helpless because his team of Docs couldn't come up with anything either) and I look over and he's unresponsive. It wasn't your typical seizure…he went completely rigid and was unresponsive. His heart rate tanked and now we have two new friends (Neurology and Cardiology) to get to know….Most frightening thing ever to happen!

    1. Wow Jolene! How terrifying! I will be praying for your son and for wisdom for the doctors. How long did the seizure/whatever it was last? I couldn't imagine how scared you were. How old is your son?? I would love an update when you are able. Praying in AZ!

  2. Wow Linny that was beautiful. I needed to hear what God told you to tell your friend too. I needed to hear this story.

    My 12 year old son has knee surgery tomorrow and while not as scary as a seizure, he's really been wrestling with God in all this, and I've just plain been wrestling with the fact that my son is going in for surgery. I can tell him and encourage him to be positive and allow God in, but then when he's not looking I'm struggling, and it's an in and out surgery. So thankful for your words today.

    1. I am sorry your son has to have surgery but there is no doubt that God will be completely faithful tomorrow with you son. I would look for the opportunities around you to minister to others or share Christ during the surgery and after. God will use this time to His glory – our job is to be open to any opportunity He allows!! Squeeze every drop of opportunity out of tomorrow despite the bummer it is needed – He most certainly has a good plan in it…run with it!

  3. Is it possible to hate and love this story all at the same time?? I hate that you all had to go through it – hate that you keep having to go through it – but love all the good parts of it! So inspirational!

    Ruby has big things to do with her life, doesn't she? 🙂 Such an amazing girl!

    1. Ruby definitely has big things to do! God spared for so many reasons – we are forever grateful for His steadfast love!! Her life affirms the love that God has for the orphan!

  4. THANK YOU! I needed this tonight. After two years of grand mal seizures only at night, we were surprised by our first daytime grand mal seizure tonight since January 2013. As I sit at my computer to wait for the expected one to follow tonight, I read this and received a precious gift.

    P.S. We are adoptive parents too…6 older adoptees from China and number 7 is in process

    1. Oh, friend, I am so sorry. I have tried to find rhyme and reason to Ruby's seizures…but there has been none. I am grateful that our Saturday story ministered to you. Grand mal seizures are so scary – BUT GOD!

  5. Oh wow friend. I too have those fears. The exact ones. I have some irrational ones too, like that seizures only happen if my dishes aren't done so I better stay up and do them :p. But you are so right. We can't let fear run our lives. We have to run to God's promises instead. Call me any time and I am here in any emergency! So so thankful how God went ahead and so carefully

    1. You are a true friend Jamie!! I actually will put your number in my special place. I honestly don't think too clearly when things like this happen! Thank you. And the same goes for you. I am ready, willing and able if you need me. You have my number!! PS You need to bring the kids and come play.

  6. Silly comments… Sorry… So thankful he went ahead and so perfectly placed each person you would need around you, then even topped it all off with dinner. God is good, so good!

  7. Oh, I haven't been on here a few days because we had guests. But it is so dear of you to share your experiences here. You bless and encourage us through sharing what God does in your family.
    I am so glad God showed He was there in every step. Even to give you the idea to go to the pool where the doctor was going to be working out!
    Big Hugs,
    Sandy in the UK
    So special how your littles took responsibility for themselves, and immediately began to pray.

    1. It was such an amazing privilege to watch it unfold – He had worked behind the scenes with such perfection – as He always does! Of course, my adrenalin after crashed and I was spent – but wow – what a crash!

  8. Hi! My daughter, adopted from China, has grand mal seizures. We carry rescue meds to stop hers after 3 minutes. Is Ruby not able to use the rescue meds to stop them?

    1. We carry rescue meds with us as well. That's what I mention in the post. We administer immediately, no waiting. Her most recent seizure still didn't stop though until 10 min. The doze the med is dialed to is 4 times the dose the EMTs would give if they just showed up. Which translates to the fact that the meds are powerful and her seizures still do not want to stop. A couple of years ago she had a 30 min one…then a few minutes later another began..which with THREE meds in her from the ER doc…it didn't stop for 30 more minutes.

    2. So sorry her seizures are so strong! The scariest we've had was when I gave my daughter the rescue meds and the seizure stopped, but she had no pulse & wasn't breathing. I had to do CPR til the ambulance got there. We've had our share of rides in an ambulance with her. I hate seizures!

    3. Oh my gosh – no pulse!! See! That's what Dr. Ted was having trouble finding as well. I'm certain it's the rescue meds! Our neurologist asked, "Has Ruby had any trouble breathing after administering them?" Creeps me out. Thankful that the Lord is present help in time of need. And I'm with you – I HATE seizures too. My dad is an epileptic…and I really wouldn't have guessed I could do seizures as a mom – but you know how it goes – you love your little one and any "discomfort" is overlooked because of the deep love we have for our kids! Bless you my friend.

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