Pretty Stinkin’ Pleased With Herself

That little treasure of ours is up to more 
miraculous things!
Check her out!
Her progress continues to be spectacular!
Don’t you just love her smile?
Clearly, she is pretty stinkin’ pleased with herself
and why shouldn’t she be?
Another victory is underway!
As I was taking these pictures, we timed her…
Miss Ruby sat for a full 10 minutes – 
completely unsupported!
In fact she got an itch and was able to
maintain her balance and scratch her
little itch without losing her balance.

There was a very real concern for a long time when Ruby
came first home that Ruby might not ever
even be able to hold up her own head…
remember she has
Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy!
But look at this little chica!

Ruby’s life serves as a daily reminder
that Almighty God is always at work
as He is offers Hope to all, 
generously provides Healing and 
astounds even the greatest doubter!
Praise His name!

41 thoughts on “Pretty Stinkin’ Pleased With Herself

  1. I got so excited reading this & seeing those precious pics! I'm almost giddy & my heart is doing flip-flops!! Way to go Ruby girl!!!! You are gonna rock this world!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I cannot believe she can sit like that! She looks like such a big girl when she is sitting up like that 🙂 and she SO knows what she is doing, that cute little proud smile proves that!!

  3. This made me smile so big! You know that you can NEVER stop blogging… because watching these little treasures of yours defy all the odds is just too good of a story to ever stop reading! YEAH, Ruby!!

    1. I can never stop blogging? Well there have been more than a few days that I have thought about it…but you are right! I love giving God the credit – telling the stories of His faithfulness.

  4. I love all of your posts but I will freely admit Ruby updates are some of my favorites! She is such an amazing girl!! Good thing nobody ever told her that she's not supposed to be able to do ANY of this!! Her life definitely has a bigger purpose!!

  5. My pastor's wife did a series last summer for the women and encouraged us to seek God-sightings. I come to this page just for that! I always know I will see just what God is up to with Miss Ruby. 🙂

  6. Praise God!!!! How amazing! I am in awe of that sweet little Ruby! She absolutely should be stinkin' pleased with herself….INCREDIBLE!!! Can't wait to see what God has for her next. Thanks for sharing her with all of us.

    1. You remember that post?? It was so miraculous!! And look at her…She's so brave and courageous and God is so powerful! It has been an immeasurable joy to have a front row seat to the miracles!

  7. I always knew an itch felt so good scratched but THAT just takes it to a whole knew level! WOOT WOOT! Celebrating and thanking God with you!!!

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