Wait Till You Hear This!!

You are not gonna’ believe it!! 
And moms and dads you will want to share this story with 
your children and grandchildren – it’s that good! 
So let me back up just a bit in order to paint the picture of exactly 
how many pieces of the puzzle were moved about in order for 
Almighty God to accomplish His miraculous plan.
Seriously, I’m giddy!!
So listen to this….
About a year ago I met a young woman named Kim.  
We have several things in common, 
including we were both part of Hope Kids.  
Pretty cool.
This past Spring this last Spring/Summer Hope Kids 
had a luau.  Kim was there and introduced 
me to her sister, Gina.  Gina is also a Hope Kids mom.  
As many know, God had actually been stirring a 
young woman’s heart, since she was just six years old.  He stirred 
and stirred and stirred until that day, over 2 years ago, 
she packed her belongings 
and moved to the other side of the world.  
God fine-tuned the dreams He had planted in her heart 
to the point that she knew His whispers were to open a home 
for Special Needs Gems.  
Hence, The Gem Foundation was founded by her to care for the 
most vulnerable of orphans.  
And at the same time, a world-renowned ministry, with a 
impeccable reputation [named Watoto] had been praying for years 
for a special place to move their special needs treasures to.   
Watoto heard about the young woman who had recently moved
to Uganda to open a home for special needs Gems 
and they began to pursue her.  
They wanted to hear for themselves 
the dreams God had long-planted in her heart.  
After having coffee with her, they contacted her several
times and eventually they questioned,  
“We would like to partner with 
you and gift our special needs little ones to your ministry.
Are you willing?”

They then told her,

“You are the person we have been 
praying for for years!”
One of the precious ones who arrived from Watoto ministries 
was a little guy named Elisha, with a smile that will instantly melt your heart.
Elisha is severely medically fragile.  
A true little love-bug who being quite truthful,
completely stole 
this silver-haired mama’s heart the second I laid my eyes on him.

I mean, seriously….
look at him and his dashing smile!
Such personality!


One of Elisha’s many needs is the feeding peg he has in his belly.  
And believe it or not, Uganda has been unable to get the type of device he needs.
 So Elisha has had to go to Kenya for surgery for it or 
anytime there is a problem with it.

In fact, crazy as it may sound, 
there have been times when Kenya doesn’t 
even have one!! 

Recently, Elisha’s feeding device came out and Emma had to call Kenya 
to see if they had the device.  They did {which was miraculous}.  
Emma then had to to hire a driver to take the nurse and Elisha to Nairobi.  
They encountered a problem as they drove and were delayed on the 
road even longer.  It was a very tiring few days and all of that 
takes such a toll on Elisha’s fragile little being!  
With the lack of being able at times to even get the proper device we had been
asking the Lord for break through with this situation and to please 
make another way!!  Come on now – some thing had to give!!  

Elisha’s situation 

is too dangerous {in so many ways} to not be able to have 
his health remedied close to home!   
And wouldn’t you know that the God who made 
the entire universe 
and created Elisha was up to something good??  

Oh yes He was!

Something VERY good!
So a few days ago Gina, Kim’s sister, who I met at the luau almost a year 
ago messaged me and asked if I would want to take a folding 
wheelchair, an oxygen tank carrier and some medical supplies 
to The Gem Foundation?  I told her I would love to and if we didn’t 
get to take it all this trip, it eventually would get there.
Well Gina and I met up at a Hope Kids event and 
she loaded us up with some ‘sweet treat medical supplies’ 
for The Gem.
The next day as I was loading my suitcases, I looked at some 
medical supplies and thought, “Hmmm, not sure what that is, 
but there’s room so we’ll throw it in too.”  
I kinda’ figure that if God supplied it, it must be needed
or will be needed soon! 
My three enormous bags and two carry-ons flew our way to Africa 
{all by my lonesome again!!} and landed Thursday.  
The long drive back to The Gem was 
filled with such fun.  

After all – 
we’re about to have a #gemofawedding !!!
When we reached The Gem, I started dragging all the surprises
out that I know Emma misses….
Pumpkin pancake mix, 
Pumpkin scone mix,
Hazelnut coffee creamer,
 as well as a small jar of 
Frank’s Hot Sauce to make Buffalo wings! 
I was still pretty wound up and unzipping my huge duffel bag exclaimed, 
“Oh, I have some medical supplies too!”  I reached in and opening 
the box I showed Emmy. 

 She literally jumped up and ran to me, 

“Oh Mom!  
No way!  
No way!!  
Oh my gosh!! Mom!!
Seriously!!  I am sure this is the exact device 
that we can’t get here for Elisha!  
Mom, this is it!!  
This is what we 
have gone to Nairobi for, but Nairobi said they don’t even have 
one right now!  Mom – this is it! I’m sure of it.  
I can’t wait till the day nurse arrives in the morning!  
Mom – I just know it – this is it!” 

Emma continued to do a happy dance – squealing with joy!!
And you guessed it, B, the nurse arrived the next morning and 
confirmed this is the EXACT DEVICE Elisha uses.  
The exact one!  

I mean, the exact one!  

Not a hair difference. 

The one and only! 
And Gina sent – 
Not one….
Not two…

{Interestingly, three is the number in scripture which means ‘completion’}
And to think of all the circumstances the Lord arranged
over the years
to bring a very specific and much needed device to a 
precious little orphan Gem named Elisha. 
Our Gasp-giving God!
All praise and honor to the King of Kings!!
He is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
let the world know – 
God surely loves the orphan!!!

14 thoughts on “Wait Till You Hear This!!

  1. Oh wow! How wonderfully exciting! HE knows.
    When our friend started looking after abandoned babies in Ethiopia, we sent her some shoebox sized parcels. (This was before they became a NGO.) When I had been looking in the Chemists/pharmacists for things to put in the box she might need, I picked up a little bottle of 'gripe water'. (Wish I had known about it when my son was a colicky baby!) anyway. sure enough a day or two after the parcel arrived, they were given a wee one who cried and cried with stomach pain. And ta da! God had already provided the medicine for the job! and the wee little one was able to go to sleep properly for the first time!

    And hurrah for you toddling off to Uganda on your own again!
    God Bless,
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thank you for the "hurrah" for heading to Africa on my own again. God has been so good to me and done so much healing in my life!

      As for sending the "Gripe Water" {never heard of it} – such an encouraging reminder that He is ALWAYS at work!! His faithfulness reaches to the skies {Psalm 57:10}…

      Two things have happened that I want to blog about – they are *the most* incredible stories of my life – but they cannot be shared yet. Lord wiling, one day in the years to come. And God will get all the credit, honor and glory publicly.

      Thank you for sharing our joy Miss Sandy!

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing this! With tears in my eyes, after a very discouraging week – this is exactly what my tired soul needed to remind that He's got this!

    1. I am so grateful Lindy that the Lord used the story of His miraculous ways to encourage your soul. He is faithful. And He loves you oh-so-much. He definitely has your back, even when it doesn't feel like it. I pray at this moment you are sensing His liquid love enveloping your sweet soul.

  3. LOVE the stories of God working in your lives!! This one is amazing for sure! Thank you so much for sharing with us Linny! I haven't heard you say it in a while so I am going to: YIPEE JESUS!!!!!!

  4. Brought me to tears. I love you all and your faithful, selfless service to our King. He certainly reigns, caring for every detail. He says if we ask in His name, according to His will, He will do it. This is a beautiful example of His love for ALL people in ALL regions with ALL kinds of various needs. He deeply loves ALL of His precious, perfectly crafted children. Praise God! Expecting more miracles… 🙂

    1. Oh sweet friend, isn't it the most wonderful story?? He is so faithful! It boggles my brain how He set that all up – from the beginning of time! He is amazing and "amazing" sounds so boring compared to His majestic power!! I'm expecting more miracles with you!!

  5. I have chills right now. God is just so utterly amazing. The way be carefully orchestrated events just never ceases to blow me away!!

    Yesterday I was getting ready to put that wheelchair I told you about in the car. I realized that we had never repaired the footplate and was frantic because there was no way I was sending it damaged. I knew one bolt was missing and had already sent David to lowes for it. When he returned I realized it was missing a metal bar that holds the footplate up. There was no way to replace it other than going to the company and getting a new one. I prayed, walked out to the garage, looked in a bin by where the footplate was, and there the metal bar was! When I walked in I realized I was missing another bolt. Lowes was now closed and I didn't know what to do. I walked over to the drawer where I keep our keys and stuff, opened it up, and there was the exact bolt I was missing. I have no idea how it got in there since we don't bring our wheelchairs in the house, but there it was! Amazing!

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