Okay, so I don’t do parties well.
Actually throwing a party makes me nervous.  
I’m not a Pinteresty kind of gal
and the whole thing intimidates me.
But, a few months ago I began to think about Dw’s 
upcoming birthday – his 
And it’s not every day 
my hunka hunka burnin’ love
 has such a monumental birthday!
I continually prayed for strength
as I dug in and asked the Lord this:
1.  Let this not just be a surprise party,
but a “SHOCK” party.
2.  Allow Dw to understand how loved he is by all who
are close to him.
I have to tell you all…
As soon as I returned from Emma’s wedding
I told the kids at home.
They were totally in to it!!
And promised to keep it a tight secret
{which they completely did}.
Saturday, unbeknownst to Dw,
while at the Hope Kids picnic Liberty, Graham
and Savannah were busy getting everything
that I had hidden away set out
and eventually letting guests in.
We live near a corner so friends
parked around the corner just past our home.
We were so sly!!
Having taken two cars to Bumblebee Ranch 
in case Nee needed to leave early,
Autumn, Everlly, Nehemiah and I headed for home just before 
Dw and the rest of the kids.
I couldn’t wait to see every one
and as far as I could tell the Bossman 
had absolutely no clue.
We ran in the door
and waited.
About 5 minutes later Dw and the kids pulled in…
while lifting Ruby’s wheelchair our, 
Dw happened to notice our sweet 
neighbor next door out and so he walked toward her
to see if she would come and 
check Nehemiah for appendicitis.
They stood talking in front of our home for a bit.
It was driving us folks inside crazy!!
I finally went out and said,
“Babe, you haven’t brought Ruby in!”
Not to worry,
Elijah was playing with Ruby with the van door open.
He explained to me that he was just seeing if our
neighbor would check Nehemiah.
He questioned, 
“Would you run in and get him?”
{Our neighbor is horribly allergic to dogs and can’t come in
so we would bring Nehemiah out.}
Nonchalantly I made him a deal, 
 “You run in and get Nehemiah 
and I’ll bring Ruby.”
He ran toward the door…
this man of mine does not walk.
Ever.  He runs.
Oh me!  I could hardly wait!
I grabbed Ruby in record time and ran behind
my unsuspecting love.
He’s never been slow, 
but he was booking it to the front door
and I managed to be close behind…
And as he threw open the door
about 50 friends 
He threw his arms up in the air and
they began to quake.
It was hysterical!!!
He then kind of fell.
Nope, he wasn’t surprised!
He was 

Our neighbor was watching with me from the back
 and she laughed and laughed!
Dw told me he had not one clue.
In fact at one point a few months back the thought
 crossed his mind like, 
“I wonder if Linny would have a surprise party 
for my 60th?”
He then reasoned, 
“Naaaaa…she hates throwing parties.”
And for the next couple of hours Dw enjoyed a 
sweet time of making memories with precious 
friends as they all talked and ate and 
laughed and enjoyed the time…

60 candles of course!!
And I threw in as he prepared to blow them out…
“If you can’t blow them all out, you do know that the
number that stay lit is the number of kids 
we have yet to bring home, right?

I may or may not have squealed loudly when 
he was not able to blow them all out.
Kimmy and Jennifer

Shelby and Stan

Dan {L} and Stuart {R}.
Dan, Stuart and I were all friends in our youth group
42 years ago.  I have had friendship with both,
but they had not seen each other in 42 years!!
Until Saturday.  
How fun is that??

We even had a pinata!! 
I have to say,

We have lived in many places.
We have had some precious friends
at different pastorates.

But we feel so very, very, very grateful 
that we live where we love
and the Lord has graciously brought us 
some of the sweetest friends in the whole
wide world to do life with!!
We then had a time where we gathered
around Dw and prayed over him.
Powerful prophetic words were spoken:
The best years of Dw’s life are ahead!
His most fruitful years are coming!
We are so excited that he’s 60
and thrilled that the Lord has spoken that this is
year of double blessing!!
After awhile and taking one look at this handsome son, 
I knew my partying time was done 
and this guy needed to head to the ER….
So very thankful that I get to do life with my love,
so very thankful that the Lord answered my prayers 
and Dw was completely shocked…
and so very, very thankful for all our precious friends…
So Happy Birthday Whitey!!

And by the way – 
My hubby is a total party guy
today is actually his birthday
if you were to wish him a Happy Birthday…
he’ll grin from ear to ear.
As we all know – 
60 is the new 40.
Actually, we have way, way, way 
too much to do 
to think otherwise!
Yippee Jesus!!
Autumn and Everlly came for a long week-end!!

Birthday Skyping with Emma, Josh and Little Man
while enjoying Cracker Barrel after
Nehemiah was released from the hospital
this morning!
My heart overflows.

14 thoughts on “SHOCKED!!

  1. Happy Birthday DW!! Looks like the party was a success! Blessings on the next 60 years!! We are right behind you! And yes, 60 is the new 40! Birthday HUGS from MN!

  2. Happy, happy day! So glad you got to celebrate your 60th in a big way! Kevin will be there in three years! You are absolutely right that 60 is the new 40. That means Kevin and I are still in our 30's! Ha, ha!!

  3. What a fun surprise for DW 60th birthday. I turned 60 in Feb and have had fun times with girlfriends that turned 60 as well. Am blogging about that hopefully this week! May have a beach party coming in May for another get together! All sweet sisters in Christ! Happy birthday to DW and may God continue to bless you as you work for the Lord through the rest of your life and may He continue to bless your marriage with Linny. Hugs and prayers!!!

  4. Birthday blessings to you, Dwight! "surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life(!) and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever." Psalm 23

  5. Happy Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do and the example you set of Father Love and of Christ loving his church! May God continue to bless you and yours!

  6. Happy 60th Birthday, Dw! May you continue to be surrounded by those you love!

    "May Yahweh bless you and protect you;
    may Yahweh make His face shine on you and be gracious to you;
    may Yahweh look with favor on you and give you peace."
    Numbers 6:24-26 (Holman Christian Standard)

    {This is not a translation that I normally use but I felt led to search for this version of the priestly blessing. Once I found it, I knew this was what I was looking for and what I was to share with you.} ~a former lurker from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  7. Oh how fun! My man is the 'not party' person. But is valued and respected by so many. I have a few more years to think how to get around that.
    Glad Nehemiah is out of hospital. Get well soon!
    Sand in the UK

  8. Happy birthday, Dw! I read here faithfully, and see what a wonderfully loving family you have. So how many candles were left burning? How many more children will you bring home? 🙂

  9. Oh no!! Nobody commented on this?? Well I will, then!! First off, LOVED the photos. Every single one made me smile, especially the ones of DW's surprise! I know it's a little late, but Happy Birthday DW!! God bless!

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